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Rourke (minor WIP)

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Rourke (minor WIP)

Post by Guest on Thu Aug 19, 2010 1:48 am

Name: Rourke

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Race: Human (mechanically enhanced)

Appearance: A tall, slim individual with a body type similar to a that of a runner or possibly a lightweight boxer. His black hair is always kept neatly smoothed back and doesn’t reach far past the base of his skull. His face is mildly thin with slightly pronounced cheekbones and piercing gray eyes. He has a few tattoos adorning his body, the most commonly seen is a sun-like image on the palm of his left hand. He has many scars on his body from an explosive injury during the Ikaruga War and from his surgeries afterward.

Outside of his home at Sector Seven, Rourke typically wears a white suit with a light gray shirt and navy blue tie. The suit jacket is always double-breasted with the buttons varying depending on the occasion. Around the lab, he dispenses with the double-breasted jacket and goes for a standard white lab coat instead.

Loyalty: Sector Seven

Personality: He is a die-hard believer that the end always justifies the means, no matter the case. To him, seeing the world in terms of black and white is stupid and illogical as well as a hindrance to progress. Along with his generally cool and sometimes gentlemanly nature, Rourke is also a nihilist, as observed in his disregard for morality, especially concerning his work or other scientific work of Sector Seven.

A pair of retractable katar blades strapped to his forearms under his coat sleeve
The Overdrive Device - a special, compact machine meant to increase the user’s natural physical abilities. However, over-use can cause strain as the body begins struggling to keep up.

Abilities: Master Alchemist; adept close-combat fighter

History: Rourke led a good child life as the privileged son of a minor noble house. Though many, many options were available to him, scientific fields such as physics and chemistry always drew him in more than normal activities one observes in pre-teen and adolescent males. He enjoyed toying with concepts and simple projects regarding chemistry, but his true love for science began when he found a particular book in his father’s study. It was a book on the concepts, ideas, and philosophies of alchemy.

Rourke became fascinated by alchemy, the prospect of being able to create whole objects out of simple materials enthralled him and he began studying it in depth. His father, upon noticing his son’s interest, made sure the boy got the proper tutelage. In addition, Rourke also received some hand-to-hand training at his father’s order as a precaution for any unforeseen events. As it turned out, Rourke had a natural talent for alchemy as well as a near-genius intellect. A few years later, his talent became the interest of Sector Seven. This was just in time for him to have an unofficial part in the Ikaruga Civil War. During the war, he put his alchemical skills to use in a much more offensive way and also worked a special project at the orders of several higher ups within Sector Seven. However, his project backfired and the resulting explosion gravely injured the young alchemist. Seeing him as something not worth loosing, Rourke was recovered and rebuilt, his entire ribcage area replaced with a special machine, built by Kokonoe, called the Over Drive device. It was a machine that would increase his natural physical abilities when activated.

Back to full health, Rourke remains Sector Seven’s singular authority on the odd science of alchemy and spends a lot of his time working on various projects and trying new ideas. Only coming out of his routine when shouted upon by professor Kokonoe.

RP sample: (To be completed)


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Re: Rourke (minor WIP)

Post by Guest on Thu Aug 19, 2010 7:41 pm

I don`t quite see how Alchemy would fit to Blazblue. Especially as since its only discribed in one word, not WHAT sort of Alchemy he does.


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Re: Rourke (minor WIP)

Post by Guest on Thu Aug 19, 2010 9:56 pm

You'll have to forgive me not switching accounts for this.

They way I figure, alchemy fits in by providing a way to produce minerals needed for specific projects by transmuting the base elements into the mineral or by transmuting a more common compound with a very similar chemical and elemental make up either by using seither or a deviation of sorcery in the transmuting process. In fact, I think the best way to get my half maxing sense thought process across is to provide an example.

Take the tattoo on Rourke's palm that I specifically mention. It's designed to be able to be used as a transmuting catalyst for offense. The most common way I figure Rourke would use it would be activating the mark and using it to alter the oxygen and such in the air to combustible levels then create a spark to make fireball projectiles.

Or making chocolaty treats by simply having the needed ingredients for it, then just transmuting them into chocolate rather than going through the long preparation process.

I hope I've managed to get something across here.


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Re: Rourke (minor WIP)

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