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Kilik Miyazuki (WIP)

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Kilik Miyazuki (WIP)

Post by Guest on Thu Dec 16, 2010 6:19 am

Sup, I'm new around here and here's a go at my character.

Name: Kilik Miyazuki

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Race: Human

Appearance: Kilik is five feet and nine inches tall. He weighs one hundred and twenty pounds. He has brown hair and black eyes. He also has three tattooes on his arms and torso. He has a falcon tattooed on his chest with a capital T tattooed on his arms. He also has a X tattooed on his back.

Kilik wears a basic NOL officer uniform. He has modified the jacket of it into a separate piece of clothing. He wears a NOL colored shirt with his uniform. He carries his katanas on his back. He also has a earring in his right ear. The earring is star shaped and is a deep black.

Loyalty: Novus Orbis Librarium

Personality: Kilik is kind and talkative to others. He is also very chivalrous. When in combat he sometimes lets his anger get the best of him. He is sometimes a bit of a prankster and would play pranks on his friends. He also acts like a gentleman around women. Kilik also is a determined friend that helps his friends when they need it.

Weaponry: A pair of twin katanas named Sayourinmaru

Abilities: Minor control of fire.
Flame slash- A close ranged attack that causes the users weapon to light up with weak flames. This attack does minor damage to the user also.

History: Kilik was born twenty-two years ago. He lived with his parents until he joined the Military academy. He joined the academy at the age of thirteen. He made lots of friends at the academy due to his kind nature. He also became physically and mentally strong while he was at the academy. He graduated from the academy with great grades and was commissioned into service of the NOL during the war with Ikaruga at the age of eighteen.

Kilik served as a soldier in the war and was sent in with a group of soldiers into the capital of the country. He seeped the streets with other NOL operatives while another operative dealt with the enemies' leader. He did what he was told in the war and murdered a few innocents during their sweep. Kilik began to doubt the NOL when he returned from Ikaruga. He was recently assigned to complete a task at the thirteenth hierarchial city of Kagutsuchi.

RP sample:


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