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Danzukey D. Serlum

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Danzukey D. Serlum

Post by Guest on Sat Jan 01, 2011 4:32 am

Name: Danzukey Doragonia. Serlum

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Race: Human

Appearance: Danzukey has lengthy dark blond hair that reaches down to his chin, he has a light tan body color with large deep forest green eyes with black slitted pupils like a snakes or reptilians eyes. he has fanged canine teeth like a dragons fangs. He has a fit but a bit muscular body build up with thick forearms and a tough chest area, he doesn't have anything special like a six pack or anything but it's not obese either, just normal. His calfs are thick from constant training as well, he wears black steel toed shoes with black jean pants. The jeans have an even darker black dragon flower pattern sewned into the right leg of the jeans, he wears a black band and a gold buckle. He has clawed finger nails and toenails like talons, he wears black fingerless gloves over his hands.

He wears a thick short sleeve tiger's blood red colored cotton jacket with a golden dragon flower pattern imprinted almost everywhere around it. He doesn't wear an under shirt revealing his bare chest, he has japanese kanji which says "Savior of the Doragonia Family" burned into the area of his right hip with his own blood, where his chest is right where his heart is located is a tattoo of a demonic dragons skull burned into his chest also with his own blood, there's some japanese kanji circling the skull which says. "Awaken the beast from within, come out thou and hear the Doragonia cry, we are the saviors of the dragons kingdom come and repay us." He also carries a large sword sheath tied to his back for easy removal. Also he has one more sheath for a small dagger near his pants pocket in case he's disarmed, and a pistol holter on the right side of his pants pocket for long range combat.

Loyalty: The NOL

Personality: Danzukey has an up going personailty, he tends to be a great conversation starter and can make a discussion with almost everyone he meets. Even though he may be ordered important tasks since he works for the NOL he tends to always try to enjoy his work whether it's an assassination mission, or even a retrieval mission Danzukey always tries to find something to make his duties more fun and interesting. However if he is given to much trouble with someone he tends to act as serious as ever, especially if he's getting "bored" with his work. He also tends to have an uncommon interest in snakes and other reptilians for some reason and even thinks of them as "cute creatures" Where as other people would call them grotesque and disgusting. He also is interested in blades and weapons, consantly polishing his weapons and keeping them in tip top shape, even complimenting another persons weapons whether there friend or foe. Danzukey despises it when he sees someone pick on the weak or gang up on a weakling, but he tends to keep his opinions to himself for the mst part, instead just saying. "No matter how weak something is, trash is trash.....and somebody has to take it out."

Weaponry: He has a long serpent's sword he calls Orogaruga, a Nox Nyctores it's called a serpent's blade because it looks like a normal katana at first, which is good for normal sword combat but there is a small button in the hilt of the blade, when pressed the sword disconnects turning into a long metal cable whip with small blades encircling all around it attached to a swords hilt, like the thorns of a rose stem. If the button is clicked again the sword will transform back into it's normal katana form, Danzukey also has a small bladed dagger in case he's disarmed of Orogaruga and a small pistol for long range combat, for his pistol he has "Home made explosive shells" which explode on impact although he has a limited supply of ten explosive shots, when he runs out he's stuck with normal bullets til he has the time to make more explosive rounds.

Abilities: Danzukey's true abilities are sealed within the Cursed Tattoo on his chest where his heart is, the trick is the tattoo is actualy a curse only found in members of his family, it is a sacred and powerful curse that once put on an individual connects it's energy with the persons heart and soul. By placing his hand on the curse and chanting the words tattooed all around the mark Danzukey will sacrifice some of his own energy via soul to activate it's powers. Due to this Danzukey forbidded even himself of using the mark unless he was desperate or in a life or death situation, once the urse is activated tiger blood red colored dragons scales begin to coat Danzukey's entire body like a small armor coat. He adorns a pointed snout with two long horns protruding from the back of his skull as he grows a long spiked tail and two large wings as well. In this "Dragon" form he can fly, breath fire and his physical strength is increased to around three times his normal human strength, even in this form Danzukey is capable of human speech and can still wield his weapons as well. However if Danzukey relies to much on this form he'll lose most if not all of his soul to the curse giving him a dark, impure soul of evil to go rampage on everyone and anything. This is why if Danzukey feels major pain where his heart is, even if he isntdamaged he knows when to deactivate the curse because his soul is about to be devoured, overtime Danzukey's soul will slowly and gradually return to it's original self. Able to use his form multiple times.

History: Danzukey was a young boy who was born within the Serlum family, he was the son of the families king. He was also praised like a god because he was the families first son in years, he was treated to his every wish and was even trained in combat by his father himself, his father taught him all the skills he knew about sword fighting, hand to hand combat and even how to wield and use a gun. Then at the age of 13, the first signs of showing the graduation from a young boy to a teenager it was time for the family tradition to bear Danzukey with the families infamous cursed seal. It was a ritual full of severe and excrutiating pain, they tied Danzukey up to a giant marble tablet, with his own family taking some of hiw own blood and writing it in japanese kanji, burning the words "The Savior of the Doragonia Family, Danzukey" into where his right hip was located, the pain was excrutiating. Far to much for Danzukey to describe in words, he had to force himself just to talk about the painful event. Then to end the ceremony they took more of his blood and burned it into the shape of a devil dragons skull right where his heart was hidden beneath his skin and muscles. The pain was the same as the kanji burned in his right hip and with that the ceremony had ended. As Danzukey stood up his father gave him a red jacket with a golden dragon flower pattern sewned on it. The uniformal jacket of his family. A few days after the ceremony Danzukey had constant chest pains, from where his heart was located. Every time he felt it he screamed in agony holding his chest, where the mark lay singed into his skin for all eternity. He got scared thinking he was going to have a heart attack or stroke and started pleading to his parents for help, but his father nodded and told him that this pain was natural.

Danzukey was forced to suck it up and bear with the pain for the rest of those painful days, his father told him the pain would go away in two weeks for the cursed seal was still intertwining with his heart and soul, a truly painful process as Danzukey's chest pains grew even more severe throughout the days. Finally as the pain subsided his father made him resume his training, giving him the sacred sword of the Serlum family, a prized heirloom was what his father told him. It's name is Orogaruga a powerful serpent's blade weapon and a Nox Nyctores at that. Surely enough Danzukey completed all the training his father had to offer, he thought his father was just showing him Orogaruga the sword to give him a little history lesson of his past ancestors, but his father nodded and told him the weapon was his to keep. Think of it as a present to be the prince of the family, and soon to be king at that. But suddenly after a few days the family house hold was under attack by vigilantes, robbing the houses of there gold and valuables. Killing any family who stood in there way, eventually they all passed throug and invaded the main house, Danzukey watched his own father, mother and two sisters get murdered before his eyes, tears welded up as he cursed placing his hand over the mark that was burned into his chest. Chanting out words as his body turned into that of a dragon, the vigilantes screamed and fled with fear, but to no avail as Danzukey murdered every single one of them. As he reverted back to a human blood was all over him as he saw his father, slowly dying knowing it was to late. His final words were [i]"Danzukey..t...that form is, our families most powerful weapon. Use it to get back for our family. But use it wisely for over use will lead you to dar...k..ness."[/COLOR] As his father died Danzukey knew what those criminals were, vigilantes. The scum gave him shivers down his spine just talking about them, he decided to bring forth justice in this world by signing up and joining the NOL and is proud to serve them.

RP sample: As the day light sun began to disappear in the afternoon clouds the crowd couldn't cease it's cheering knowing this was the final event. The announcer rushed to the middle of the stadium as fast as she could with the microphone ear set attacked to her right ear, the bud that enhanced her voice was only a few centimeters away from her mouth. "Alright everybody this is what you all have been waiting for! It's time for the final battle between Danzaiken and the Sinnoh League Champion herself Cynthia!" The crowd grew wild as Danzaiken and Cynthia took there respective spots on the sides of the stadium standing up proud and tall, meanwhile at all the homes in all the regions. Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova were all tuned in on pay per view just to watch the spectacular. As the two combatants took out there Pokeballs they both gave each other that looked as if they were saying good luck to each other. " this match will be set on a six on six Pokemon bout! The loser will be decided when all six Pokemon of the respective trainer are unable to battle! Both trainers are allowed to substitute Pokemon and if Danzaiken wins he will become the new Sinnoh Leauge Champion! Ready? Set BEGIN!" "Good luck to you Danzaiken! Lucario! Let's show them our strength!" "The same to you Cynthia, Ononokus, stand by for battle!" As the blue and white fur coated fighting dog Lucario emerged from Cynthia's Pokeball that very rare Unova region dragon Pokemon Ononokus emerged from Danzaiken's Pokeball! It nearly was the size of four Lucario's standing on there tip toes on top of there heads!

"Lucario Dragon Pulse!" "Ononokus use Dragon Pulse as well!" Both :ucario and Ononokus formed a ball of shining green and white light in there mouths releasing the energy ball colliding and explosding each other, the obliteration caused a swirling storm of green sparkles around the batte field as if thi was a contest battle. "Then how about Close Combat Lucario!" "Ononokus use Double Chop non stop to counter Close Combat!" As Lucario darted towards Ononokus the dragons arms shined with dark purple light as they both exchanged blows with a series of slashes, punches and kicks the last attack was a collision of Ononokus' arm swing and Lucario's tail whip as they both crashed another explosion formed as both Pokemon emerged nearly unharmed, they both smirked at each other and growled as if they both wanted to have more fun. It was obvious that not only were the crowd and Cynthia and Danzaiken were having a good time, but so were there Pokemon. It was a great way to have fun and train at the same time and it was more fun training with Pokemon at the same strength level as them. "Why don't we use Aura Sphere Lucario!" As a ball of blue light formed in Lucario's hands his ears pointed straight up as he tossed the sphere at Ononokus as the dragon stood still. "Quick deflect it then attack with Flame thrower!" Right when the orb of aura was in Ononokus' face he took his hand and merely back handed it sending it straight into the sky as flames formed in his mouth releasing a burst stream of fire at Lucario who took a direct hit. His fur scorched and singed but he still stood on his hind legs, though limping just a little bit.

"Amazing Lucario! Lets go with Force Palm!" In what seemed like a flash Lucario disappeared then reappeared with his paw on the base of Ononokus' forehead as yellow energy formed a pulse of energy hit the dragon sending him slamming into the ground, his mere body weight shook the stadium as Ononokus slowly got back up to his feet. Grunting trying to ignore the pain. "Ononokus! Don't let your guard down for even a minute! Give yourself some distance by sending Lucario away with Double Chop!" Ononokus' arms shined with purple light as he tried to back hand Lucario away who simply dodged with grace, however he was forced return close to Cynthia in order to dodge every attack as Ononokus got back up to his feet. Roaring to allow Dan to let him continue his fight. "Lucario! Lets wrap this in the bag with Aura Sphere!" as Lucario started forming the orb he stopped, his eyes widened as he looked at Ononokus' aura, it was sky rocketing! With normal eyes a red energy aura was forming around him! His roars shook the ground with power and strength. "What's going on here! What is up with Ononokus!?" Danzaiken chuckled as he flipped his blond hair from his eyes. "This is Ononokus' ability Cynthia, it's called Rivalry and it looks like it's finally kicked in. You see Since both Ononokus and Lucario are males Rivalry is able to work! Rivalry raises a Pokemons attack power if battling another of the same gender! This is the kind of boost Ononokus needs! Now use Flame thrower!" As Ononokus fired the stream of flames, it was boosted with Rivalry's power and looked more like Blast Burn rather than Flame thrower. Cynthia would now allow herself to be intimidated. "Lucario counter with Aura Sphere!" As Lucario formed the orb of blue aura the flame stream was collided with the Aura Sphere in a beam struggle. However it only lasted for a few seconds as the Flame thrower over powered the sphere and made direct contact with Lucario. As the flames dispersed Lucario still stood, shaking in pain as he fell to the ground passed out.

"...L..Lucario is...unable to battle....the winner is Ononokus!" The crowd and Cynthia were in disbeleif! Lucario was....defeated! Ononokus turned to Danzaiken growling with a smile on his face. Was this the beginning of Danzaiken's victory? Or will Cynthia make a come back? "Roserade, bring us to victory!" As the Pokeball opened the bouqet armed Roserade emerged as if it was dancing. "Did you forget about my Ononokus' Flame thrower!? Let me remind you of it's power!" Due to Roserade being a female Ononokus' Rivalry ability wore off making his Flame thrower return to it's normal strength however, it was still extremley powerful especially for a Roserade. "Roserade dodge it then attack with Grass Whistle!" As Rserade swerved out of the flames path she picked out a leaf from her "mask" and started blowng on it like a whistle or instrument, the noise it made was calm and soothin as notes of music ran through Ononoks' ears making him drowsy and fall asleep. Cynthia grinned seeing her Grass Whstle connected. "All right Roserade! Attack with Petal Dance!" Roserade began spinning around gracefully like a ballerina as petals swirled around her like a tornado. She started darting towards the sleeping dragon as the petals slammed into Ononokus like a tornado damaging him but defensless for he was still asleep as he passed out still sleeping. "Ononokus is unable to battle! The winner is Roserade!" Danzaiken was a bit angry that his Unova region Pokemon was only strong enough to beat one of Cynthia's Pokemon but he was also not surprised at how strong her Pokemon were, she is the Sinnoh League Champion after all, Danzukey chuckled a bit as he took out his next Pokeball.

"Sazandora, dragon of the shadows I summon thee!" As the Pokeball opened a large blue and black scaled dragon with red feathers around his neck and two smaller heads as arms emerged roaring with a blood curdling scream. This dragon is also from the Unova region. "Don't underestimate this fellow, he's said to be one of the strongest dragons ever found in the Unova region! Lets show her why! Sazandora attack with Dragon Rush!" Sazandora formed his body as close to a missile as possible as he darted in the sky at Roserade at mach speed swirling with blue light. Roserade's Petal Dance was still into play as she dashed at Sazandora with a flurry of petals running behind her, the attacks clashed but Sazandora was shown to be superior as Roserade was sent flying to the wall. As she got up she looked dazed, Petal Dance was gone but the recoil effects were now into action, Roserade was confused! Danzaiken smirked knowung this was his time to shine! "Sazandora, first send Roserade in the air with Hyper Voice!" Sazandora darted to the Roserade lifting her up then firing her in the air with a voice so loud it created a shockwave. "Good! Next send her up higher with Dragon breath!" Sazandora released a stream of flame energy at Roserade which hit on mark also sending her in the air a bt more as Sazandora appeared behind her. "End this scene with Dragon Rush!" Sazandora swirled with a blue light smashing into the back of Roserade sending her crashing in the ground forming a large crater passed out. Again the referee was stunned.

"R....Roserade is unable to battle! Sazandora is the victor!" Sazandora released a loud roar as Cynthia returned Roserade to her Pokeball. "You were excellent Roserade. Take a rest while you come on out Togekiss!" As the Pokeball opened a large bird like Pokemon with a red blue and white body emerged singing gracefully as she landed tip toed on the ground. "All right Sazandora don't give the enemy a second to rest! Use Dragon Pulse!" "Togekiss Air Slash!" As Sazandora fired a sphere of green light at Togekiss she fired a blade of air at Sazandora, the two attacks collided exploding into green glittering sparks all out the stadium. "Togekiss Aura Sphere!" Togekiss still had a smile on her face as she formed a sphere of bright blue light tossing it at Sazandora. "Sazandora Aura Sphere is impossible to dodge! Just counter with Dragon Pulse!" Sazandora fired another sphere of green light exploding the two into green and blue sparks. "Togekiss, Aura Sphere non stop!" "Continue to counter with Dragon Pulse!" Every few seconds Sazandora formed a sphere of green light as Togekiss continued to form spheres of blue light firing them at each other every time colliding sending forth a swirling typhoon of green and blue sparks, this spark show looked like it could be in a contest battle at the Grand Festival! After several minutes of collisions Togekiss stopped smiling as she couldn't form an Aura Sphere! Sazandora gave a surprising shriek as he couldn't form any more Dragon Pulses! "It seems your Sazandora ran out of Poke Power usage for Dragon Pulse Dan" "Same with your Togekiss' Aura Sphere Cynthia, no matter Sazandora go with Dragon Breath!" Sazandora stopped trying to form another Dragon Pulse and fired a stream of flame energy at Togekiss. "Counter with Ari Slash then let's go with Extreme Speed!" As the Dragon breath was slashed through with a blade of air Togekiss darted for Sazandora steadily increasing speed to where she was nothing more than a flash of light, tackling into Sazandora mutiple times before returning to Cynthia. Sazandora however never fell off to the ground, he continued to stay in mid air.

"Sazandora never give up! Keep fighting til you faint use Dragon Rush!" "Togekiss wrap this up with Sky Attack!"[COLOR] As Sazandora shined with swirling blue light Togekiss swirled with a white light darting towards each other tackling head first, causing a major explosion releasing white and blue sparks into the air as both combatants were injured, but ultimately Togekiss fell to the floor fainted. "Togekiss is unable to battle! Sazandora is the winner!" Cynthia smirked noticing Danzaiken's power as she returned Togekiss to her Pokeball taking out another one. " Come on out Milotic!" The giant serpent like beautiful creature Milotic emerged from the Poke ball, she sounded as if she was singing with a beautiful voice. "Sazandora! Let's make this a three in a row win with Dragon Breath!" Sazandora fired another beam of flame energy at Milotic. "Milotic! Dodge then use Aqua Ring!" Milotic slithered around like a giant snake dodging the blast as swirling rings of water began enveloping her, then disappeared. "Next use Ice Beam!" Milotic formed a sphere of blue ice in her mouth which fired bolts of ice energy at Sazandora. "Crap quick use Dragon Breath on the ground below you then use Dragon Rush!" Sazandora tilted his head downwards firing another beam of fire energy which forcefully populsed himself upwards, dodging the Ice Beam. He quickly took a missile stance and dashed downwards swirling with blue light crashing into Milotic who shook her head ignoring the damage.

Suddenly the rings of water returned and started healing Milotic! Even though it was only a little bit of health recovery every bit would help in this fight. "Excellent use of Ice Beam! But that won't work on use twice! Use Ice Beam then Twister!" Again Milotic fired another beam of ice energy at Sazandora. "Sazandora! Use Dragon Breath once more to propel yourself upwards!" Sazandora did the same command and dodged the Ice Beam, however the Twister began forming a cyclone of wind and started tearing up against Sazandora! Falling to the ground passed out. "True Ice type attacks are super effective against dragon types, however dragon types like the move Twister are super effective against there own type as well!" The Aqua Ring returned slightly healing Milotic from damage as Danzaiken returned Sazandora to his Pokeball taking out another one. "Alright Crimgan we need you to bring us victory!" As the Pokeball opened another Unova Region dragon Pokemon emerged! It had a blue and yellow body with a red scaled skull roaring for battle. "Crimgan! Attack with Dragon Claw!" "Take the hit and attack with Ice Beam!" As Crimgan's claws shined with a green light on of them slashed across Milotic as she wrapped her tail around his arm preventing escape as the Ice Beam landed as critical hit fainting him! "Crimgan is unable to battle! The winner is Milotic!" Danzaiken angrily returned Crimgan to his Pokeball taking out one more. "All right Dragonite it's time to shine!" A large bright yellow dragon emerged from the Pokeball crying to fight. "Use Ice Beam now!" As the beam of ice fired Dragonite gracefully dodged it with her speed. "Thunder!" As the clouds thickened and turned black Dragonite released energy into the air which released itself as a bolt of electricity down onto Milotic! She fell passed out as Dragonite stayed afloat. "Dragonite is unable to battle! The winner is Dragonite!" The crowd continued to cheer throughought the whole match as Cynthia returned her Milotic taking out another Pokeball, this one had an eerie feel to Danzaiken as he laid his eyes on it.

"Spiritomb, let's end this now!" As the Pokeball emerged it....was just a rock, suddenly a crack in the rock occured and a purple spectre emerged from the stone like a swirling spiral of purple and green energy, it gave an eerie shreek. " Dragonite! Attack with Dragon Claw!" Dragonite dashed towards Spiritomb with claws shining with a green light as Spiritomb still showed an evil smirk on his face. " Spiritomb, Hypnosis!" Spiritomb shrieked releasing sound waves which hit Dragonite, she fell to the floor snoring she was asleep! Spiritomb was only a few inches away from her also! " Spiritomb! Use Dark Pulse!" Spiritomb fired a beam of black rings at Dragonite, sending her flying and still asleep. "Dragonite wake up now!" Despite his yelling Dragonite still lay asleep. "End it with Dream Eater!" Orbs of glowing yellow and green light were leaving Dragonite's body and swirling into the spectre of Spiritomb eating her dreams as she passed out from the damage. "Dragonite is unable to battle! The winner is Spiritomb!" Dan returned Dragonite to her Pokeball knowing the scores were tied each with two Pokemon left. "Kingdra! Come on out!" The large sea horse dragon Kingdra appeared, however instead of blue his scales were purple it was a shiny Kingdra!" " Spiritomb, Dark Pulse!" "Kingdra, dodge it then use Dragon Pulse!" Kingdra hopped up dodging the black ring beam firing a sphere of green light damaging Spiritomb sending him flying, he began to use telekinesis to stay afloat in mid air. "With that speed it's no doubt Hypnosis will miss, Spiritomb keep it up with more Dark Pulses!" Every few seconds Spiritomb fired beams of black rings at Kingdra. "Kingdra, use Hydro Pump!" Kingdra fired a giant swirling spiral of water from his mouth which collided with the Dark Pulses, bursting through them landing a critical hit on Spiritomb! As he fell back to the ground he slowly got up panting heavily. Cynthia knew what to do. "Im sorry Im making you do this Spiritomb you mind using Memento for me?" Spiritomb turned to Cynthia and nodded as Kingdra darted to him Spiritomb started glowing with purple light, then fell unconcious. " Spiritomb is unable to battle! The winner is Kingdra!" Cynthia smiled returning her Spiritomb taking out her final Pokeball. "Garchomp, my fearless warrior let's GO!' As she tossed the Pokeball a large land shark like Pokemon emerged turning her head to Cynthia. "Garchomp, see that Kingdra? Don't worry about it Spiritomb hit it with Memento so he should be easy." Garchomp nodded as Danzaiken couldn't hear what they were whispering about.

"Kingdra! Ice Beam!" Kingdra fired a beam of ice at Garchomp who took the hit! However he didn't look like he even took any damage and both Dan and Kingdra were surprised. "What happend? Garchomp is a dragon and ground type, that should do more than enough damage to end this!" Cynthia chuckled a bit realizing he didn't know what she did. "Remember when Spiritomb fainted when your Kingdra dashed towards him? Well I made him use Memento, it's a move that instantly makes the user faint, but in return it greatly decreases your Special Attack power so Ice Beam isn't that strong against my Garchomp! Enough talk, Garchomp use Crunch!" Garchomp with his amazing speed darted towards Kingdra chomping him with large sharp fangs, he let go allowing Kingdra to fall on the floor fainted. "Kingdra is unable to battle! The winner is Garchomp!" It was down to the last string, Dan and Cynthia were down to there final Pokemon! However Dan smirked. "Well...this will be a ironic ending to a battle now won't it? Garchomp, stand by for battle!" As the Pokeball released a white light the same land shark emerged from it growling at Cynthia's Garchomp! "What a nice ending to a great battle I say, Garchomp! Dragon Claw!" "Garchomp counter then attack with Dragon Claw as well!" Both of the two Garchomp's claws shined with a green light as they gave each other close quarter combat claw slashes, payying attacks and trying to land hits but unsuccesful as they hopped back to there respectful trainers.

"Use Dragon Rush!" "Dragon Rush as well Garchomp!" This time both Garchomp's were swirled up in blue light as they slammed and collided into each other heads first sending them both flying into the wall badly damaged. They both slowly got up. " Garchomp use Crunch!" Garchomp dashed to Dan's Garchomp and sank his teeth into his shoulder! Garchomp screamed in pain as Danzaiken's voice got through to him. "Garchomp use Dragon Claw!" Garchomp's green light claw slashed across Garchomp's neck! He felt extreme pain hopping back to Cynthia as Dan's Garchomp stood up. "Garchomp it's time for one of our strongest attacks! Use Draco Meteor!" "Garchomp we have no choice, counter with Draco Meteor!" Both Garchomps stood still as they were covered in orange light which formed a ball that fired into the sky out o there mouths, the ball exploded into a series of falling meteors which were falling into a storm. Crashing down onto the entire battle field, both Garchomps were hit directly and badly! Both fell to the ground covered in bruises as they stood up weakened. Everyone knew this battle was coming to a close. "Garchomp please! We have to go with this final attack Giga Impact!" "Garchomp, lets show them why we are the champions of Sinnoh! Use Giga Impact!" Both dragons were encased in a ball of swirling purple and orange light as they slammed into each other, colliding and fightingh each other for a few minutes until the ultimate explosion into a humongous spiraling storm of purple energy flowed out of the stadium like a hurricane. As the smoke cleared both dragons were standing tall panting heavily, they both could fall at any minute! Danzaiken's Garchomp fell to one knee struggling to stand again as Cynthia's Garchomp smirked, then went wide eyed. As he slowly fell to the floor passed out.

" C...C...Cy..thia's Garchomp is unable to battle! The winner is Danzaiken's Garchomp! Danzaiken will be crowned Sinnoh's new Champion!" The crowd went wild as Cynthia sadly walked over to Garchomp but still showed a smile to him. Tears ran down her face as she looked at him. "Garchomp, you did great please take a long rest." "Cynthia, are you crying because you lost your title as champion?" Danzaiken said to Cynthia as he returned his Garchomp to his Pokeball. Cynthia wiped her tears. "No no no not because of that, I was crying because I got to witness the crowning of a new chapion!" Danzaiken released all of his Pokemon from there Pokeballs as Cynthia and her grandfather and grandmother stood tall with the announcer of the league. "Here it is folks! The crowning of our new champion Danzaiken and his Pokemon!" Cynthia's grandfather stuck championship ribbons on the right side of Danzaiken's Pokemon which contained Garchomp, Sazandora and Ononokus as her grandmother placed ribbons on the left side of his Pokemon which were Crimgan, Dragonite, and Kingdra. As Cynthia stepped up and patched a ribbon on Danzaiken's shirt as she then gave him a black cape with a image of him and his Pokemon, all holding up the championship title high painted with a tiger's blood red color as Danzaiken took it and fitted it over his neck. "You were great Danzaiken, now tell me....what are you going to do now? You have approximatley 12 months until you are two return her to Sinnoh and continue to defend your title as champion."

"To find my father......and master Lance the Champion of Johto,to challenge him and defeat him, I will also defeat the rest of the champions!" Cynthia smiled and nodded as Lariato, Jackie and Jerirudo all stood by him agreeing that they would accompany him on his journey. "Dan...please allow me to accompany you on your journey! I want to become even stronger, so I can rematch you and get my title back!" Danzaiken nodded and agreed to Cynthia's request as the cermemony ended Danzaiken along with Jackie, Jerirudo, Lariato and Cynthia were all at the exit of the stadium with bags packed walking to the nearest airport. "The first championship on my list is...none other than my father Lance, champion of Johto."


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Re: Danzukey D. Serlum

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I'm really hoping this forum revives.

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Re: Danzukey D. Serlum

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Do you happen to know what happened to the sites activity? When I joined here and beinng no one was online for awhile I thought this site was dead or a new site was made but I couldn't find the link.


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Re: Danzukey D. Serlum

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