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Caelica Mercury DONE

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Caelica Mercury DONE

Post by Webmaster on Tue May 31, 2011 6:41 pm

Caelica Anastasia Mercury


120 (Died at the age of 19)

Deceased Human

Caelica is a small, brown haired girl, 155cm tall, weighing 47kg. She has the blood type B+.
Being of japanese origin, she`s rather pale and small, but not frail. Her body is curvy enough to please, haveing C-cup breasts and smooth, long legs. Her Azure Grimiore is hidden deep inside her and thus does not surface anywhere on her body.
She wears the normal uniform of lower members of the Mage Association, which is inspired by a school uniform with a white, delicate blouse, a black skirt with golden lineing and high socks. Like her sister, she wears black thongs and bras. When travelling, a black cloak with golden lineing is hooked onto her blouse.

Loyal to Jubei, Nine, Ragna and Kokonoe. Otherwise not affilated.

Caelica is gentle, naive and soft hearted. She believes in the good, and that its what makes people what they are.
She loves her sister a lot, seeing how she`s the only family member she has left, and likes Jubei just as much for she feels he really was made for her. For Ragna, she has some romantic feelings, although she knows that they´ll never become fullfilled because the Ragna she ones loved died for all of humanity.
Despite the Azure Grimiore and its corrupting effect, nothing seems to break Caelica`s spirit and her beliefs.

Ancient Katana:

The pride of a witch makes her refuse to use Ars Magus, but as since its dangerous to go around without a weapon at times like these, Caelica carries an old Katana sword with her, despite haveing had no training with weapons like these ever in her life. The weapon is old, obviously worn from various wars, but its blade is strong and still somewhat sharp. This sword apperantly was the first sword of Mitsuyoshi, still carrying the unbreakable will and spirit of the beastkin within its soul.
Naturally, its only a regular sword without any Ars Magus powers, but like the Blood Scythe, it can tap into the power of the Azure and use it for more powerful attacks.

Caelica`s magic is restricted to healing alone, although that she can do quite well, better than any healing ars or doctor could ever hope to accomplish. Serious wounds and even severed limbs can be healed in a matter of minutes, although it cannot heal one from the corruption of the boundary, as she was unable to heal Ragna`s arm in the past.
Her body is a fake imitation of her old one, created by useing the same technique that once created Kazuma, a nearly immortal, very tough body which uses an imitation of the Azure as heart. As such, her very lifesource is the power of the boundary, and like Hazama and Ragna, she too can harness that power to leech life off others, as she cannot heal herself.
As discribed above, her Katana can also use the power of the Azure for various attacks.

Special ability: Healing Hand
Caelica heals others via magic. It works over a short distance and takes up to five posts for major damage.

Special ability: Life Leech
When her Azure is activated, Caelica heals her own wounds by sucking out the life of those nearby. A circle of purple runes surrounding her indicates the range of this ability.

Drive: Legend
Powered by her Azure, Caelica unleashes a sword slash that steals life and weakens opponents. Can be used for a varity of different slashes.

Distortion drive:
Supernatural Showdown
Magic and Azure at the same time make Caelica invincible for a short period of time, ten posts maximum. Dureing this time she cannot be harmed and can thus charge in at will without haveing to fear her death.

Caelica charges the sword up with energy of the Azure, then throws it at her opponent. The energy unleashes itself either when its nearby as a strike of "lightning", or if the sword stabs the enemy it causes massive damage inside him.

Astral Heat: Return of the Fallen
Upon activation, all damage recieved by Caelica is absorbed by the Azure and used as fuel for a powerful counter attack which happens three posts after its activation. The Azure unleashes an outburst of energy through her sword which automatically targets the enemy the damage came from, dealing 2-3 times the damage of the original attack.

Caelica was the little sister of Konoe Mercury, also known as Nine, and also a witch of the Mage`s Association. Unlike her, however, she wasn`t one of the top ten.
Whilest Konoe hated her father for his workoholic ways, Caelica loved him equally, even though she agreed that he should stop overworking himself. As the war broke loose and the Black Beast rampaged the world, she went out to go look for him.
There, she came across The Bloodedge as he was injuried and confused, healed him and decided to travel with him to find her father... soon enough, Mitsuyoshi, who would later be known as Jubei, joined them and they found the laboratory in shrambles with residue of the Black Beast there.
Throughout the war she was drawn to Bloodedge, but he knew it was nothing to last right from the start... after he died, Caelica build a church on the place where he was defeated, hopeing that he would come back one day... little did she know that Terumi lurked right around the corner, sliceing her throat when she least expected it.

Through Relius Clovers efforts to create more effective soldiers than the regular NOL troops, she was ressurected in an imitation of her own body which was fueled by a similiar power that Terumi´s body used to stay alive.
Her soul was there, confused, but clear about the fact that she did not want to serve the NOL. On the first possible chance of escapeing, she fled, running back to the church she built to hide there..
For almost eighty years, she could stay there, but eventually she had to result to a woman who came across her and who was willing to help to look after Ragna, Jin and Saya so that they wouldn´t notice that thier guardian did not age.
Then she fled, into the woods, eaten up by the guilt of leaveing them behind, especially after the church was burned down, but soon enough, she could smile again as she saw Ragna´s face on a wanted poster, looking like a dumbass.

RP sample: (Here you show us how you can rp. An alternative option is to spar someone in an out of RP fight on this site and post the link to it here.)


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Re: Caelica Mercury DONE

Post by Arakune on Thu Jun 02, 2011 2:01 pm

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Re: Caelica Mercury DONE

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Thu Jun 02, 2011 5:14 pm


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Re: Caelica Mercury DONE

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