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Mu (μ-12)

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Mu (μ-12)

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 14, 2010 2:28 pm

Name: Mu (μ-12) aka Noel Vermillion aka the Kusanagi Unit

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Race: Formerly human now unknown.

Appearance: Outside of combat Mu's appearence is similar to Nu's consisting of arm length fingerless white gloves, a two tailed white cloak-like object, thigh high socks studded with a large blue gem, a tight fitting leotard type piece of clothing exposing her stomach and back. This piece is primarily white with black and gold accents as well as blue gems matching those on her socks and gloves. She wears a blue headpiece which covers her forehead and ears and has forward pointing horns similar to Hakumen's.

Mu's Murakumo form is similar to that of Nu's and Lambda's but far more revealing. Rather than a full body suit, Mu's stomach, back, and buttocks are left bare. she wears a gold piece or armor akin to a thong and a partial blue bodysuit travelling up her sides and eventually covering her arms. The top portion of her breasts and collar is covered by a black and white cut away version of her NOL uniform complete with red tie. Large white and blue pauldrons with red "eye" sit on her shoulders and house her Azure Grimoire. Blue armblades accented with white and gold sections are attached to her forearms and standard white Murakumo leg blades cover her legs entirely.

Loyalty: Hazama

Personality: Hazama's brainwashing has left completely changed, her memories of her life have faded and while powerful images or dejavu overtakes her from time to time, she is unable to retake control of herself due to a combination of the Murakumo transformation and Hazama's dark powers. She is essentially a machine blindly loyal to her new master and his obsession with the destruction of the Master Unit and the world at large. When she does display emotion it is generally disdain as she has been reeducated to believe the world is filled with lies and horrible people.

Weaponry: Along with the standard Murakumo arm blades, leg blades, and 8 telekinetically controlly floating blades, Mu can use floating turret like devices capable of firing lasor blasts, shielding Mu from harm with a magnetic force field, or exploding like a grenade. These turrets can enter a liquid metal state and be absorbed back into Mu's armor should she decide to recall them or they become damaged. The maximum number of turrets that can be deployed at once is 8.

Abilities: Mu possesses extreme strength, speed, and reflexes well beyond human levels gained from her Murakumo armor. As the perfect Murakumo unit Mu's strength and speed are noticibly higher than those of her sister's. In addition to those powers, Mu is the user of the true Azure Grimoir which gives her a massive boost in power and speed making her abilities almost unrivaled. The Azure Grimoire supplies Mu with an infinite supply of energy which can be used to amplify her attacks or regenerate wounds quickly. The same liquid metal which forms her turrets can be condensed into the form of a broadsword identical to far larger one which forms the rest of her armor. This blade is the Kusanagi Sword intended to ultimately slay the Amaterasu Unit. Like Hakumen's sword it is targeted at nullifying regeneration powers.

Finally, like all Murakumo units, Mu has full telepathic control over the 8 swords which make up her "wings". These swords can be utilized in almost any way imaginable from rapid fire thrusts, to omnidirectional attacks, to high speed spins akin to a buzzsaw. Mu's Ultimate attack is known as Calamity Barrage. It consists of Mu rising high into the aire and raining down a hail of blades on her opponent pinning them to the ground and immobilizing them before calling down a massive broadsword to skewer them through the chest killing them.

((I know this is a little ridiculous but then again so is Mu))

History: Following the death of Nu and the break in the time loop, Hazama sought out Noel Vermillion to begin the final stage of his master plan. The green haired man defeated her and used his dark powers of hypnosis to systematically brainwash her until almost no trace of her former self remained. Noel was then permenantly fused with the Azure Grimoir creating her Murakumo armor and becoming the Kusanagi unit, the weapon capable of slaying the Master Unit Amaterasu. Mu now stands at Hazama's beck and call ready to follow his every order without question and crush all those who stand in the way of their goal to destroy this corrupt world once and for all.

RP sample: It's Hakumen, I'm not sure if I need another sample/sparring match but I'm happy to write one up if need be.


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Re: Mu (μ-12)

Post by Arakune on Mon Jun 14, 2010 4:44 pm

Arakune se l of appr va .

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Re: Mu (μ-12)

Post by Webmaster on Mon Jun 14, 2010 7:59 pm

Its okay, i guess. There are some parts i could still nitpick on, but its safe to say its up to standards.



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Re: Mu (μ-12)

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