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Kageo-kaka, Experiment Extraordinaire!

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Kageo-kaka, Experiment Extraordinaire!

Post by Kageo-kaka on Wed Jun 01, 2011 6:15 pm

Name: Kageo-kaka

Gender: Male

Age: 16-18 (Debatable, but he's a teenager xD)

Race: Modified Kaka

Appearance: Wearing a large oversized coat like the majority of his tribe, Kageo's body is mostly hidden by the oversized coat his body is light and slender, packing only what muscle is possible in a form his thin. His hair is tied in one long ponytail down the back, color revealed to be a light shade of blue. His body is a host of various markings and scars, all are assumed to be apart of the experiments in his past. Having a select few 'entry ports' at which battle data, memories, and other personal data may be retrieved from: Back of the Neck, one on his mid-back, the last at the base of his tail.

His eyes are a soft green in shade hidden in the shadow of his hood, bearing a demonic cat grin as is common amongst the Kaka tribe, He wears long boots up to his knees also matching the Caerulean tint and has a snowy blue-white tail with spots. Along his claws are strange markings, as it is imagined that these are little more than results of the old experiments, each set of his claws are known to hold a blue tint to their metallic appearance.

Loyalty: Sector 7, Kaka Tribe

Personality: A complexity of curiosity, love for surprises, and taste for battle make for an odd mix; yet he exists as this form without much thought. With his heart set on finding out why he exists, he had laid it all on the line once leaving the Kaka Village Kageo-kaka found that his livid existence was one of many in a very large world. While often outgoing and wild to looking on things, he is still often quiet though polite; his subdued behavior is due to the fact that he knew from birth: he is a sealed weapon. Weapons cannot talk or have personality and yet he does, this leading to an intriguing clash within his own heart; his life is often an intriguing bounce.

Weaponry: Claws, Yari-Great Spear

Abilities: (Just a little note: I've kept Kageo balanced and despite the lengthy list I have, his skills are sub-par and barely allowing him to contend with any canon characters ^^. I've taken care for him to remain weaker than a canon character, though allowing him the chance to escape with his life :3. If any questions are had about the skills (mostly created after extensive research of BlazBlue's wonderful universe literature!), please ask. As most are modified or entirely fanon in existence.)

Above-average intellegence, Innovative combat thinker, Inherent knowledge & Application of Seithr in attacks, Artifice Core Defense system (explained below), Second-natured Artifice Core Defense (explained below), Expert practitioner of R.C.T.(Retractable Claw Tactics), Kaka[speed, agility, reflexes, mobility, awareness of surroundings], Expert Metal Worker/Weapon Smith(learned by trade), Master practitioner of the Yari-Great Spear("Nihongo") Master Artifice Core Weapon (explained below), Artifice Core Resonance [Shiki-Hayai Battle Form] Expert practitioner (explained below), Seithr Resonance [Kigi-Hayai Battle Form] Expert practitioner (explained below)

:-Artifice Core-granted abilities-: Enhanced durability (due to Nanobot reinforcing natural fibers), Enhanced threshold of pain, Enhanced Physiology (Healing, stamina, cognitive application(thinking & problem solving), and other biotic gains), Caeruleus Energy generation (translation performed by the Cores for combat purposes)

Ability section

Artifice Core Project "Sealed Weapon "Kagennotsuki", Waning Moon

The project started at an unknown date, being the last of several fetuses that had adapted to the exposure to Seithr and accepted the Artifice Cores into the embryo, these sources of energy by which fed on the solar element and stored the force in chambers which took point in the embryo at the joints. This device generates its own sustistence for the body and absorbs the light by point; eliminating half of the need for the Weapon's required eating times. The cores translate the bulk of the solar energy into a force that mimics the energy of Azure; though far less efficient the energy dubbed "Caeruleus" for its similar properties, though which the levels of power are far beneath hoped for levels.

Despite the failure to produce great power, with the creation of a Artifice Resonance Machination otherwise dubbed the ARM System to boost strength once this device synced with the sealed weapon Kagennotsuki; output is estimated to double in strength. This device was developed further into a weapon containing an Master Artifice Core otherwise known as M.A.C.; which allows the living weapon to achieve tremendous levels of power when in focus for brief periods. In all the failure was used to further research down the line and allowed greater success to come in the form of the eventual final successor to this outdated program, known as the Idea Engine.

---- Terms ----

:Artifice Cores: Mysterious devices developed at some point during the "Black War" in an attempt to turn the tides against the Black Beast, these devices were created and casually abandoned for the more successful Ars Armagus weapons. What little is known about the Artifice Cores are that they are empowered by constantly absorbing several naturally occuring energies(as listed, but not limited to): Solar power, Seithr, Wind force, Hydro pressure(blood pressure in the body), Geothermal energy (from surrounding sources), electricity(in small amounts from man-made sources), Lightning (through a lightning rod exhaust[man-made controlled port used to harness the natural energy from storms]), Steam (when in saunas or stricken by external sources of heat), Excess body sources: [bio-eletricity, heat energy, energy exchanges in the body]

Despite the potential of these miniature dynamo cores, the fact that they are of a bio-mechanical nature: requiring living organic flesh in order to function is what made them ultimately a failure. As the human body is incapable of surviving direct contact with the surface of a core (the body fights it as if an infection, causing great sickness to the test victims). While abandoned early on, the cores appear to function within contact of members of the Beast-men nature and the engineered Kaka tribe. The Artifice Core naturally resonates with the Kaka tribe (it is believed due to their genetic make-up directly coming from Jubei of the Six Heroes) and are not rejected by the body. As the contrary points out in Kageo, the artifice cores are not only accepted by his body but there are noted artifice nanobots going through the bloodstream and improving Kageo's overall health. A unique system of symbiosis exists and has been extensively studied by Sector Seven.

:Master Artifice Core: An oversized Artifice Core designed to conduct the energy reserves of lesser Artifice Cores when in contact or proximity of lesser cores. It's powersource is a looping energy value based of the azure directly, easily more powerful than "Caeruleus energy" is considered extremely unstable and thusly contained within the weapon, this power has been labeled "Aiiro Enmu/Indigo Blue Haze". As a self-sustaining energy value, it stores all energy reserves throughout the weapon form and is constantly expelled in different energy forms while in battle. The energy is known to react mysteriously with Kageo's body whenever in use, the way it reacts with his body is unknown, as it is not debilitating or enhancing in any records collected from Kageo's nervous system.

:Artifice Resonance Machination "ARM": The reasonance that takes place either unconscious battle efforts or actions taken by Kageo in order to awaken each artifice core within and have them meet syncronized resonance while in combat, allowing Kageo to perform better in combat in many ways: Faster thinking, smoother reaction, increased skill, powerful techniques used in combination.
Building an aura around him, the ARM sequence has been recorded by the colors of the aura surrounding Kageo as it continues to build, when it peaks, and as the energy levels fluctuate. The color patterns are recorded from weakest to strongest: soft red, orange, yellow, cerulean, navy, blue-white. Fluctuations are recorded to constantly vary during battle as the resonance is never completely stable.

:Artifice Core Defense System: A system developed by Sector Seven scientists to protect the experimental success of the Artifice Core Project, this system utilizes the natural instincts & senses of the Kaka and enhances them with the energy sources stored within the Artifice Cores and the M.A.C. ARM Weapon "Kagennotsuki", the Waning Moon. The modification of power to Kageo's body are overall marginal, however not without risk. As the embrace of this power can cause a breakdown of his tissues, making it easy for him to be damage. While employable for up to 10 minutes, the longer the use the more danger is employs. The cooldown for this skill is noted to be 8 hours, requiring full undisturbed sleep to allow its optimal functionality.

Secondary Core Defense: A sub-system developed by Sector Seven scientists to support the Artifice Core Defense System; it is based off of his lymbic system(lower brain)'s most basic function of self-preservation is used to enhance awareness and reflexes under stress, the system kicks in the instant that Kageo has been pushed to the brink (sustaining 30% damage to his body), as a safety measure this system uses everything at its disposal to ensure that Kageo survives: stealing any necessary energy from the body's systems to increase output in battle, finding means to restore any lost energies, and escape (if defeating the opponent is not a possibility).

Housing the bulk of stored energy (excess energy collected from the heart's constant's pumping of blood), the mode known as Kakusei Mamorikon or "Awakened Defense Condition"; which in life-threatening situations automatically resonates with the constant mode or form and supports it such raw energy that Kageo's body will require up to 18 hours of straight rest after immediate use. Exposure to this heavy energy is known to threaten permanent nervous system damage (sustained use beyond 20 minutes), thusly this system is under the heaviest lock and key within the sub-conscious.

:Wings of Feather Defense:

The last recorded emergency system developed by Sector Seven. It allow the ability of flight is possible for a maximum of 2 minutes, using the full reserves of the Secondary Core Defense to use; forming pure feathered-energy wings and can safely allow Kageo to survive falls greater than his physical durability might be capable of enduring.

*:Battle Forms:*

Two states using external energies in order to gain access to a greater form of power and abilities, both are carefully recorded and power outputs measured by Sector Seven, they are as follows:

Artifice Core Resonance [Shiki-Hayai Battle Form]- A boost gained from resonance with the cores through his body, Kageo is granted a small boost of strength, increasing his general attributes for a maximum of 3-5 minutes before losing its charge.
The cooldown for this battle form is known to be 2 hours, as the core resonance temporarily weakens the core's ability to function, inhibiting natural repairs on the system and preventing further use.

Seithr Resonance [Kigi-Hayai Battle Form]- A form granted by absorbing small amounts of seithr from the surrounding space, that allows Kageo a greater ability to heal and empower the strength of his claws overall. Lasting a maximum of 3-5 minutes before the danger of his body overheating from the amount of energy gathered. With a danger unto itself, this form's cooldown is noted to be 4 hours, as then the body must make use of all excess seithr not used in battle; either disposing of it or making use of the energy in some other form.

Ability Section End

History: Born though multiple manipulations to a Kaka young, Kageo-kaka is considered to be the only success of those engineered through the obsolete process revived under Kokonoe's supervision. An attempt to make use of the seemingly useless experiment, Kageo's birth and acceptance of the artifice cores into his body (his body had not rejected them) made the first important stage a complete success. After recording all necessary data(Core acceptance), as his development continued under controlled laboratory conditions, the child was exposed to several energy values on an intravenous level (constantly connected to tubes); he was also trained to respond to combat situations. Various uses of the Artifice cores and their powers were noted throughout the test, as it seemed even without given word on how to use the cores implanted, Kageo naturally adapted to the cores on his own. With the second phase completed (combat adaption), Kokonoe's leadership lead the young Kaka to be raised under ideal conditions at which the powers, when trained properly, could react by second nature as to protect the subject even when he was unaware.

As this persisted until his maturity, Kageo grew into a surprisingly calm intellectual who could maintain regular conversation. Due to his mostly combative upbringing, he sub-consciously seeks out assignments of a threatening standard in order to maintain some sense of sanity. While released (but still under the watchful eye of Sector Seven), Kageo immediately moved into the Kaka Village and took to the efforts of earning funds to move the Kaka tribe to a better environment. It is unknown when, but at some point Kageo's knack for collecting 'pretty shiny things' (metal fragments), he is taught about the basics of metal crafting and as a hobby has started crafting small weapons from his ever growing collection of fragments; slowly but steadily improving his skill as a metal worker.

As of modern day, Kageo is a regular victim of 'Terrible needle time' as he calls it, when subject to his 'regressive feline dialect' (so its called by the psychologist who regularly analyzes him) on occasion. This in true form is merely the imperative Data collection being performed by Kokonoe after each success or failure in battle when out on his vigilante assignments. He is casually suckered into showing up with false promises of different kinds, which include but are not limited to: A new book to read, the new tuna-flavored candy, rare metal fragments, the promise of a new method to take data from him. While deceptively intelligent in his own right, Kageo is constantly forgetting these regularly painful sessions that he has with Kokonoe, likely due to his crush on her. It is unknown as to whether she is aware or not of the school-boy crush (or whether she cares), as it has little affect on her demeanor towards the data collection. It has been known that she has needed to have Kageo retrieved by Tager in the past whenever he fled such necessary sessions.

RP sample:

*As Kageo-kaka took stride, bearing his mission in mind was simply to spy upon the activities of the library, he rubbed his head with a little yawn.* "Certainly Kokonoe wouldn't mind if I took a nap, right? Just a small one..." *this said as he yawned and leapt onto the small rooftop of the building nearest him, a small his eyes closed, he settled into a quick rest; almost entirely forgetting his mission at hand.*

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Re: Kageo-kaka, Experiment Extraordinaire!

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:28 pm

This is a very detailed and well thought out sheet. I'm seriously impressed by the effort you put in so far. However, there are a few points that I'd like a bit of clarification on and depending on that I may ask for a small edit or two. As for the clarifications, I'd just like you to include time limits in terms of posts as well as cool dowm times for each of your combat forms. Second, I had to do a double take at the lines;

"This system allows Kageo's body to react at the instant an attack is enacted upon him(be it hidden or while he's unconscious). This artificial 7th Sense alerts him when he's active and allows his body to avoid damage (if and when possible). While effective as a primary defense system used to supplement his own training and skills, it is only estimated to have a 75% effectiveness rate in his defense should he be unconscious."

While I appreciate you balancing this ability with the 75% evasion rate, I'm still uncomfortable with the idea of being able to dodge a hidden attack or one enacted while you're unconscious. Not sure if you're a fan of Full Metal Alchemist but there's a character in it with an ability called the Ultimate Eye. It allows him to percieve the best way to avoid any attack. However, even it has limits as it cannot predict things it can't see such as sneak attacks. Now I only use that as an example but to be perfectly frank I'd prefer if you removed that little ability entirely. Outside of that, while your OC has quite the arsenal of tricks, as you said they're all very well balanced and I have no real objections to any of them in particular.
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Re: Kageo-kaka, Experiment Extraordinaire!

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Thu Jun 02, 2011 6:37 pm

After our discussion in the cbox I'm confident you'll do fine.


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Re: Kageo-kaka, Experiment Extraordinaire!

Post by Arakune on Thu Jun 02, 2011 6:38 pm



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Re: Kageo-kaka, Experiment Extraordinaire!

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