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Death/ Bill Door

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Death/ Bill Door

Post by Torakaka on Thu Jun 02, 2011 8:34 pm

There is no justice; There is only Me.

Name: Death. Uses the human guise of Bill Door when the needs arise.

Gender: He is a skeleton, but thinks of himself as male.

Age: ???

Race: Ethereal Being.

Appearance: Death is an eight-foot-tall skeleton with perfect white bones and eyes that seem to glow brightly with pure whiteness. His face is a permanent grin - it is hard for skeletons to make other emotional expressions.

For clothing, Death dons a dark purple cloak of shadows, making only his face, hands and feet visible when he is wearing it. There is a strap attached to his back, designed to carry his scythe.

Loyalty: Formerly to Takemagahara, but since their deletion he has relied on himself.

Personality: Although created to have no emotions, he could not help but absorb some human feelings during his years 'visiting' humans - he is eager to learn things, but is blissfully ignorant of humanity's many emotions. Death cannot experience 'happiness', per se, but only because he puts many things down to the statement of 'They do not understand the workings of the universe - I do not need to understand their emotions'.
When in conversation, Death tends to misunderstand metaphors or misuse figures of speech. He rarely experiences conversation, and is often not well-received with those that do talk to him; he did come to collect their souls, after all.
Death's voice could be described as 'like a coffin lid sliding shut'.

Although not experiencing 'hate', he does bear grudges for those who cheat death - a person of special mention being Terumi Yuuki, who should technically be dead. Despite this grudge, he is inable to act against the green-haired fiend. He does, however, wait eagerly for the day that someone fells him.

Death's only feelings of 'appreciation' go towards his pet horse, Binky, who is not a skeletal steed or a fiery stallion, but a regular immortal horse that he needs to feed and groom regularly. He also owns a raven named Quoth, which is often nearby wherever Death is.

Weaponry: Death owns the sharpest scythe in existance. Its sharpness, in fact, extends far beyond the blade - it is capable of cu/tting word/s in/to sma/ll chun/ks l/ike t/hi/s, or simply cutting into the human soul.

Abilities: Both Death and his horse Binky can travel through space at an extraordinary speed - since they both exist outside time, they can simply pop out of the river of time - so to speak - and dive back in a little further along.
In Death's house - in the same 'location' as Halloween Requiem, but not the same realm - he owns hourglasses that tell the lifespan of every living being. He is able to touch these and travel directly to the person in question.

Death is capable of appearing to a single person, or many people at once.

Death can transport a soul onto the next life either automatically or manually - he teleports the soul to a vast, seemingly-endless desert and either tells them to find their afterlife on the other side, or walks with them part of the way.

History: Death is a product of the Takemagahara in a bid to regulate human life more efficiently. Death the force existed far before the Takemagahara, but Death the personification was produced afterwards.
After the deletion of Takemagahara, Death continues to do his job as before, but with no one to tell him when he goes wrong.

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Re: Death/ Bill Door

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 04, 2011 7:33 am

I am SO not willing to allow the personification of Death as a character on the forum. Espcially not a fan character personification of death.

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Re: Death/ Bill Door

Post by Webmaster on Sat Jun 04, 2011 9:05 am

Personally, i don´t share the same hatred as Ziggy does, but i just can`t see this happening. Why would Takamagahara have a specific entity for death? If it worked without Death before, why create him? Plus, it goes against the laws of robotics that they would create something that kills humans.

Aside from that, the history is patheticly short. His abilities could lead to some serious godmod. His personality is good and detailed, but that doesn´t change the fact that he could just appear anywhere he wants and kill anyone he desires without resistance.
Plus, which is even more fatal, he doesn`t fit into the Blazblue Universe. He was created for the Diskworld, which is so full of drugs that a funny death is a given. But here, characters don`t have funny deaths. They get stabbed, get laughed at by Terumi and then die.

So, whats the point?

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Re: Death/ Bill Door

Post by Sponsored content

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