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Absent this weekend (3th June - 5th June 2011)

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Absent this weekend (3th June - 5th June 2011)

Post by Rachel Alucard on Fri Jun 03, 2011 11:09 am

"My, my. I made a grave mistake in my calculations. Here I was all eager to post with my little rebel and new minion, yet it slipped my mind I am unable to do so for the following two days!

In the case that I am unavailable at the time to discuss further proceedings and your unpatience of waiting for my noble self... just ignore my post and continue as if nothing happened. Sadly that means Arakune has to wait as well until I am back again on sunday noon (German time). I hope this slight mistake can be compensated with a small apology and maybe a cup of tea~"

"Also I am not the type to just assume a mistake by my noble self, but if you feel like I posted in the wrong topic, feel free to move it to where it belongs. Although I pretty much believe 'Information & Announcements' is the right section.... this is an announcement after all!"

Rachel bows while she lifts the edges of her dress slightly.
Rachel Alucard

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Re: Absent this weekend (3th June - 5th June 2011)

Post by Tron on Sat Jun 04, 2011 6:37 am

I'll have to join the absence. Starting Today I won't be online till sunday evening.

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