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Rho Digamma, ROCs you (Retro Obsolete Cyborg) Style.

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Rho Digamma, ROCs you (Retro Obsolete Cyborg) Style.

Post by Rho Digamma on Wed Jun 08, 2011 5:47 am

Name: Rho Digamma

Gender: Male

Age: Forgotten

Race: Cyborg

Appearance: Having back length blue hair, silver irises, and a set of wavy marks under his eyes, Rho's body-type is best described as lean built, well sculpted, modified to point so that his body was able to inhabit such weapons that it still possesses modern-day. His body is very durable, enhanced further by the nanites inside of his flesh. His choice of attire is the old gray bodysuit that was worn upon his dumping, it has since been 'knit' into something of a second skin by the nanites and though removable; is subject to modification at the will of the nanites which inhabit it's metallic thread strands.

Loyalty: Himself

Personality: Soft-spoken, Emotionless at times, driven, and loyal to the one who revived him. Rho shows a compromising nature that allows him to take the full brunt of the one who had since rescued him from NOL's cruelty experiments in the lab. Given the knowledge of who had freed him was not known, Rho's mind has only done what it must to survive the tie to such.

Weaponry: Plasma-Phase Guantlets

Abilities: : Mastery of Plasma generation(Explained Below), Tang Soo Doo master practitioner(explained below), Plasma-shunting Phase Gauntlet mastery(Explained Below), Plasma Manipulation Practitioner: Geometric Shapes (Explained Below), Modified Ars Magus: Happa Banryoku/[Explosive Blast Brute Force] generation (Explained Below), Cyborg-Enhanced[strength, speed, agility, durability, stamina, reflexes, and awareness of surroundings], Enhanced regeneration [via nanites]

Abilities List:

Tang Soo Doo Master practitioner: Before death, Rho Digamma's body had been a master hand-to-hand combatant through the style known as Tang Soo Doo. A form which ultilizes both upper and lower body locomotion in order to generate power, using the lower torso in a rather exotic form of powerful knees, kicks, and strengthening the entire body by hitting each individual point against a hardened surface. With the muscle memories freshly extracted by the nanites when repairing his body, this allows Rho Digamma the full use of something that he has never consciously used for close range combat.

Mastery of Plasma Generation: Through the use of the Plasma-fusion generators, powered by his body's physical activities, Rho is capable of generating plasma that is then briefly stored within the guantlets for future use. With a limit to the storing period, Rho has about 12 hours before he must shunt the plasma or risk overheating his body and requiring at least 6 hours to repair his skin from overexposure to plasma.

Plasma-shunting Phase Guantlet mastery: Little more than a mastery of the understanding of his custom (obsolete) Phase Guantlets and their use when using the weapons either in battle or for some other menial task. This mastery allows Rho to maintain use of the plasma as long as possible before releasing it from the guantlets.

Plasma Manipulation Practitioner[Geometric Shapes]: Using the Plasma stored within the guantlets, Rho is capable of shifting the physical appearance of the projectile that he might create. With a fondness for geometric shapes of either basic or complex forms, depending upon his 'artistic' mood when in combat; Rho might generate anything from nameless polygon shapes to something in shapes of: Pyramid, Cube, Rectangular, Prism-shape at best. While the shapes vary the dimensions cannot pass a certain size and are limited to no bigger than his physical frame. The energy is in itself so unstable, that the shape cannot be held for more than 2 minutes before naturally dispersing.

The artistic aspect that was mentioned below would be such a mood as Rho's mind not focused entirely on rage or anger, allowing him to use his faculties for a calmer approach to battle. With only the limited chance of this occuring in battle left to a mere 15%, given the amount of bitter rage and resentment towards science and humanity that built up in him during this period. (basically a low chance, but may be possible depending upon the opponent).

Regeneration: An ability that can be expected due to the nature of the nanites any their upkeep of the body. While the body is capable of moderate levels of regeneration(example- able to close a small gash on the arm within 15 minutes of it being opened), the limitations are seen clearly upon Rho's entering battle mode. As the abilities are seriously inhibited, the regeneration is only at its best if Rho is no longer in battle or at rest; allowing the nanites access to his energy supply in order to power the repair operations. During battle he would be capable of limited regen (example: a sliced limb (less vital healing slightly faster) such as an arm would take 20 minutes to start closing), but nothing that allows any viable gains. It is at its best if Rho is defeated or flees battle with heavy damage.

At which the facilities of the healing run at a 80% capacity, leavin him in a death-like state in order to best heal the body; a process that takes anywhere from 36 to 72 hours. At which Rho's then corpse/shell is entirely vulnerable to destruction, capture, or whatever may yet happen.

Modified Ars Magus- Happa Banryoku/[Explosive Blast Brute Force] generation: Originally designed to be essentially a large explosive that would be used to damage the Black Beast, this ancient Ars Magus was later scrapped and ditched for the superior projects and ideas which followed this desperate period. During his period of inactivity, Rho's body was subject to the whims of those nanites within his form. When they came to the decision to revive the cyborg, they went to work modifying the ancient Ars Magus into something of a potent weapon for the obsolete cyborg's use.

Despite being outdated heavily, the Happa Banryoku is capable of generating powerful bursts of destructive concussive forces throughout the limbs of Rho Digamma's form. However as this weapon was designed to be a bomb, the use of it is not without its dangers. As the constant use of this device generates instabilites within Rho's flesh and causes a rapid breakdown (in short he bleeds) with each use, it is known to grow substantially worse. With limited ranging anywhere from 5-10 times before the damage becomes enough that Rho's limb will be disabled by the nanites for the repairs. Leaving him vulnerable if the job is not complete before then.

End Abilities List

History: Very little is known about the human life of Rho Digamma, as it was guessed that he was some poor sap who tried to stand up to the Black Beast to protect someone important to him; only to fall like anyone else who tried without the power to do so. His lifeless body was picked up and used by the scientists of the age to come up with a weapon capable of harming the Black Beast. In their desperation, they'd tacked the body up with cybernetics and prepared to awaken him; the point became moot when they realized they only needed the shell to move to the Black Beast and engage it.

Thus began one of many desperate ideas born of the ill failed attempts to stop the Black Beast prior to this point; the idea of which was to take the current technology with the Ars Magus and create a powerful explosive blast. With the force of an unstable form of Plasma and the energy created by the combustion of the cybernetic shell; they felt the plan would be a success. As the scientists went to work constructing the Ars Magus, what little that remains within the memory of the Nanites installed inside of Digamma's brain (in order to pilot the body to the Black Beast); was that at some point the entire plan was scrapped and the useless shell dumped. After the period of 80+ years had passed, Digamma awakened somewhere within the Sheol Gate; stunned to the fact that he was once again moving.

A very confused Rho comes to terms with his sudden functionality, immediately seeking out raw materials by instinct, he grabbed a nearby piece of scrap metal and proceeded to devour it. While the metal's texture was horrible to his tastes, he felt oddly sated by the small meal. At some point a deal was stricken, as long as Rho provided the Nanites within his body with susistence and some raw materials; they would see to the functionality of his reawakened body. This strange symbiosis continues as Rho balances his personal bitterness towards scientists, authority, and even Humanity to a degree while trying to find a point for his existence.

RP sample: As Rho stepped into the Orient Town district, his silver orbs gazed up at the sunlight with a small smile; this was one of the reasons why he still moved. "To see the sunrise and the sunset..." as if this was the only reason that he still breathed the air of heavenly existence, a mere moment of happiness that temporarily hid his existing hatred from him. That other source that pushed him to attack the government troops and outposts whenever he had the chance. This form...this NOL had to fall, without reason or rhyme, he was suddenly committed to destroying the current face of sheer authority; with no other reason other than his burning hatred of those who had seen his body as a tool and used it.

"All of you will pay, I care not if time's passing has buried those responsible...this current world will be free, and it will be done my burning passion to crush the government alive." with nothing backing his reasoning, the tainted Cyborg stepped forth and began to seek food; feeling his body and those nanites within him craving sustenance.

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Rho Digamma

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Re: Rho Digamma, ROCs you (Retro Obsolete Cyborg) Style.

Post by Tron on Wed Jun 08, 2011 12:23 pm

It looks almost okay. Yet I do want some clarification/changes on your abilities.

The Plasma Manipulation Practitioner abilities says that you can create shapes based on geometry. But this basically means that you could create any possible shape there is, which could be abused heavily as your characters 'artistic mood' is a very loose term. I'd like you to limit the shapes to the basic structures you've mentioned or you might pick some more complex structures but limit it only to them.

I'd also like a bit more explanation on your regeneration ability, just to know how strong the healing effect is.

Edit: Alright, I think the way you fixed things is acceptable. Therefore...

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Re: Rho Digamma, ROCs you (Retro Obsolete Cyborg) Style.

Post by Arakune on Wed Jun 08, 2011 5:09 pm

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Re: Rho Digamma, ROCs you (Retro Obsolete Cyborg) Style.

Post by Bang Shishigami on Thu Jun 09, 2011 3:53 am

If there's one thing BANG SHISHIGAMI, champion of purse puppies everywhere, knows; it's how to be a man. And mark my words mechanical man beast, real men don't read words...they read a man's soul! That being said I would be little more than a frightened school girl unable to find a girlfriend if I turned away a worthy challenger such as this. EVERY MAN NEEDS A GIRLFRIEND! And so I...what was I doing again? Oh well, if it slipped the iron bear trap that is my mind it must be of no importance.

English translation: Good work dude. We could use the antagonists.


Bang Shishigami

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Re: Rho Digamma, ROCs you (Retro Obsolete Cyborg) Style.

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