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Temporary Hazama.

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Temporary Hazama.

Post by Guest on Thu Jun 09, 2011 6:53 pm

Due to the lacking activty of our regular Hazama player, our old Hazama has been put back into the role.

Reasons are as follows, for one, the quality of the posts Terumi makes is inferior to the ones of our old Hazama, for another, the activity is really lacking. Three days or more for one post is really pushing it for the main villan that should be all over the place. This isn´t a Hellsing RPG where Alucard posts once in a month.

Now, we HAVE to get the plot moveing if this forum is supposed to get moveing anywhere and Terumi is probably the best chance of doing so. For the meantime, old Hazama is back in place for the role. Her complaint about being pushed aside is just as valid as mine about the lacking activity.

Until its discussed with the staff, old Hazama stays as a temporary replacement for the role.


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