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Hakumen, the White Knight

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Hakumen, the White Knight

Post by Hakumen on Sat Jun 11, 2011 1:14 am

Name: Hakumen

Gender: Male


Race: (Previously Human), Currently Unknown

Appearance: Hakumen follows a rather unique blend of cyborg and samurai. He wears semi-heavy white armor and a muscular body suit with a large collar and the traditional hakama present, ballooning pants common in samurai. His long bright blue hair is tied at the mane. All armored sections feature fully-functional crimson eyes with slit pupils. These eyes are not as much of an intimidation as much as the mask he wears; a completely white, two horned helmet with no features or visor, appearing to have no face at all, a feature that paralyzes even Ragna in fear.

Loyalty: Himself, Partial Loyalty to Rachel Alucard

Personality: Pragmatic, Focused, Logical, Loyal to the cause of justice, Hakumen often comes off as the cold end of justice, clearly meaning to destroy anything that might mean to corrupt the path of peace or justice. However he is not without compassion, having a soft spot for Tsubaki and wishing to protect the lives of the innocent; Hakumen is quick to slay any he finds disrupting the path of justice. Holding a distaste for the Kaka tribe leaves any who fall before his path treated with a cold disposition. He is also known to use the term 'Grimalkin' whenever speaking ill of someone who has earned his scorn.

Weaponry: Nox Nyctores- Ookami

Abilities: Expert to Master Swordsman, Expert to Master wielder of Nox Nyctores: Ookami(Explained Below), Wielder of the Nox Nyctores: Ookami, Current Owner of the Sankishin Unit: Susano'o(Explained Below), Enhanced [strength, speed, agility, stamina, durability, reflexes, awareness of surroundings], Great Combat Experience/Knowledge (Explained Below), Long Range Energy Slash Distortion(Explained Below)

Expert to Master Wielder of Nox Nyctores: Ookami- Being the wielder of the Nox Nyctorest means that Hakumen is not only able to withstand the emotional issues which come with wield the weapons; employing Ookami for its purpose of destroying all who oppose justice. With the special weapon in question, a devotion to his cause that keeps him from being affected while in combat. This making Hakumen one of the Expert if not master wielder of the Nox Nyctores within his hold.

Wielder of the Nox Nyctores: Ookami- His weapon of choice is Nox Nyctores, Ookami, a nodachi with an odd blunt tip in place of a sharp point. The sword is attached to a sheath on his back with a slot to allow him to draw the sword without straining his arm due to its long length. Hakumen repeatedly claims that despite its cursed nature, it is a weapon meant to destroy evil, hinting that it may have holy properties. It apparently possesses the ability to negate ars magus as well. Hakumen's Drive, Zanshin, allows him to project energy barriers that repel enemy attacks and allow him to effectively counter advances towards him. Ookami's given ability to negate the high healing factors of such beings as Ragna and Arakune allow him to deal fatal damage; where as otherwise it might be considered impossible or extremely difficult otherwise.

Wielder of the Sankishin Unit: Susano'o- The armor, Sankishin Susano'o, bestows him with incredible fighting prowess, allowing him to tap into incredible reserves of energy, thus enabling him to fight for prolonged periods of time without rest and to increase his own strength. The various eyes adorned all over the armor suggest that they are for sight enhancement as the helmet features no visor.

Long-Range Energy Slash Distortion- Something that appears to be one of the gifted abilities of the Ookami is the generation of distorted space whenever Hakumen slashes a projectile aimed in his direction. The gift of prediction through his battle experience allowed Hakumen to counter projectiles with a degree of success, allowing him to turn the option of long-range combat against him into a losing battle.

End Abilities

History: Known as the Legendary 'Silver Knight' who guided the Six Heroes to their victory against the Black Beast during the First War of Magic. Hakumen later warned humanity about changing their evil ways; and to his misfortune was sealed away in 'The Edge' of the Boundary for 90 years. His sealing as a result of Terumi's attempt to kill both himself and Jubei, disregarding the vile spirit's wishes; Hakumen saw to it that the two were sealed together while leaving Jubei to ecape. He is later freed from his prison by Kokonoe. He is later subject to her whims for a time, before later again being imprisoned by one of her traps. It is a short time before he is freed from the bonds which hold him by a former comrade, Rachel Alucard.

While attempting to protect the Amaterasu Unit, Hakumen recounts his past, what actions he'd taken that brought him to this phase in his life. It was his time as his past self, Jin Kisaragi and following both his brother, Ragna the Bloodedge and Nu-13 that altered his fate forever. Leaping into the past, meeting Rachel Alucard, and having his soul fused to the Sankishin, Susano'o: and from this time onward, he would be known as Hakumen.

Continuing his mission Hakumen trekked forth, in an attempt to put a stop to Terumi and the plans of the Library; however with a twist of occurring events, Hakumen is unable to prevent the destruction of the Master Unit, Amaterasu. With memories still fresh in Hakumen's mind; including the very way he was 'born' into his current state; further fuels his desire to see the future uncorrupted and guide's his blade whenever in action. Now with a new goal in mind, he must face off with NOL's plans and put a stop to Terumi once and for all.

RP sample: "The time has come for all who bar the path of justice to find themselves in a final end, No longer shall YOU block the road to the true salvation, come...I am your opponent!" As the White Knight drew Ookami his gaze could be felt, even with no eyes upon the future victim before him; one could tell that his blade would find the answer; was this target worthy of survival?

""I am the white void. I am the cold steel. I am the just sword. With blade in hand shall I reap the sins of this world, and cleanse it in the fires of destruction! I am Hakumen. The end has come!" with his catchphrase spoken, the foolish target before his eyes would soon shudder and fall; devoured by the white void.

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Re: Hakumen, the White Knight

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Sat Jun 11, 2011 2:05 am

Looks pretty good so far man, but speaking as the forum's last Haku I'm going to nitpick a few things. I don't mean to seem like an ass, I just want to make sure you produce the best possible Hakumen sheet you can. First, while the Ookami can negate Ars Magus, don't forget that it can also negate healing factors like the ones Ragna and Arakune have. Second, I would suggest including is long range energy cut distortion in his list of abilities. I can't remember the name off hand but it's pretty much his only ranged feat so I think it deserves mentioning. Third, in the personality section he's a bit of a racist (mildly at least) against kaka. Supposedly grimalkin is an offensive term but he uses it alot. Not huge but it's a side of his character worth mentioning. Lastly, I'd like you to beef up the bio a bit. Include Jin following Ragna and Nu back in time and his transformation into Haku. Also, it's revealed that Terumi sealed Haku in the Edge during an attempt to get rid of him and Jubei. However, Haku dragged Terumi in with him and Jubei escaped. It's little things like that that can really make this app of yours sparkle.

Sorry again if I seem overly critical but I know you can rise to meet my expectations. ~Row row fight tha powa~

EDIT: Nicely done. RP sample could be a touch longer but your other characters have already been approved so it all looks good to me.


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Re: Hakumen, the White Knight

Post by Tron on Sun Jun 12, 2011 7:18 am

Yes, I approve.

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Disapprovals: 00

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Re: Hakumen, the White Knight

Post by Webmaster on Sun Jun 12, 2011 9:31 am

Also note that Hakumen can cut through time with Ookami if he desires to.

Approval from me.

Locked, dropped, approved, colored... although i really wanted to color him in silver.


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Re: Hakumen, the White Knight

Post by Sponsored content

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