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Kazuma Kval

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Kazuma Kval

Post by Guest on Sun Jun 12, 2011 12:53 am

(This is the owner of Hazama, applying for this account. Just in case I ever need to be Kazuma or something in-story, which is unlikely right now though.)

Name: Kazuma Kval

Gender: Male (technically, deceased)

Age: 17(-ish)

Race: Human (Artificially created)

Appearance: Average height for his age, short green hair though just long enough to cover his eyes. Has (assumeably) yellow iris'. Wears a Mages' Guild uniform (plain white shirt, trimmed with gold and black-cuffs, with plain black trousers, and a black, gold-trimmed cloak).

Loyalty: Terumi (formerly, the Magic Guild)

Personality: Quiet, usually. Dislikes going outside, or running, or any kind of physical activiety. Prefers spending time alone, likes to read.

(After being influenced by Terumi, he loses part of his sanity and becomes much more frantic and impulsive).

Weaponry: No physical weaponry.

Abilities: Basic magic/mage abilities. Not a competent fighter at all (cannot hold his own in a physical fight).

History: (basically here comes the plot of the Phase Shift novel... LOL)
Kazuma cannot remember anything prior to seven years- during most of those years, he travelled parts of the world with Relius Clover, then settled into the Magic Guild. He suffered from vivid hallucination, which he believes where connected to his missing memories.

Kazuma gets attacked a lot- once by Jubei's brother, Tomonori, and when he wakes up in his room, Yuuki Terumi is sitting there, who told him about the Azure, and told him to, basically, find information about it. Terumi half treats him like a close friend, half like a stranger/someone he doesn't care about; Kazuma felt that he might be connected to his memories, and he couldn't tell whether he wanted to regain his memories or if it was best to keep them lost. He was friends with Trinity (the Six Hero now residing in Platinum the Trinity).

As he searched for more and more information on the Azure, and had more encounters with Terumi, he slowly began going insane; ending up in him pushing Trinity down the stairs, at one point. Him and Terumi end up "merging" bodies , the combination creating the "Hazama" body (or, at least, something similar). It's afterwards revealed that Kazuma's body was created for Terumi (by Relius), so he could merge with it and become a whole. Terumi takes full control of the body from there-on out, whilst (assumabley, at least) Kazuma lies dormant.

RP sample: (Please use any post on the Hazama account as an RP sample.)


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Re: Kazuma Kval

Post by Bang Shishigami on Sun Jun 12, 2011 1:03 am

I see no problems here. While I'm sure it was necessary to create a secondary account and sheet so soon I can definitely understand a desire to be prepared. Good work as always Hazama.


Bang Shishigami

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Re: Kazuma Kval

Post by Tron on Sun Jun 12, 2011 7:20 am

Hm, okay I guess.

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Re: Kazuma Kval

Post by Webmaster on Sun Jun 12, 2011 9:21 am

I... i still don´t know for sure why Kazuma would be needed, seeing how Terumi took him over and most likely isn´t going to let him go again.. but sure, why not.
It has all the important plotpoints from Phase Shift 1 and discribes Kazuma´s character okay. And i doubt anyone else is going to want to play a socially awkward nerd, so...

Approval from me. Locked dropped approved, but Group coloring is going to have to wait until he´s actually in the story...


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Re: Kazuma Kval

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