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Almaz [WIP]

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Almaz [WIP]

Post by Guest on Sun Jun 12, 2011 7:29 pm

Name: Almaz

Gender: Female

Age: 26 -28

Race: Human

Appearance: Standing at 168 cm, Almaz is neither the tallest nor the shortest woman you'll ever see. With no real visible unusual traits, she blends into crowds and is easy to be forgotten, her hair being a normal chest nut brown and her eyes hazel. Her skin is fair, with a healthy tone that fits well with the rib-long slightly curly brown hair, which she wears however fits the occasion. Though not very skilled at hair dressing, she knows how to do different kinds of braids, a ponytail and a bun. Nothing more is seen as necessary, and thus nothing more is learned.

Her limbs long and flexible, she is built for agility and short outbursts of speed rather than strenght and stamina. Her arms are, if one is to follow the 'normal' human anatomy, slightly longer than they should be. Her lingers seems like they have been stretched, long an lanky as they are. Her waist is slim, and boobs a normal B-cup, hips femininely shaped and butt nearly flat.

Usually sticking to neutral colors, such as brown and dirty green, Almaz tends to want to blend in with crowds. Thus she doesn't wear very flashy stuff, unly stuff like comfortable hoodies and cargo pants, brown leather boots with nearly no heel and an occasional jacket. She does however still posses a jacket from her old outfit, which is of black fabric covered in silvery zippers and buttons.

Loyalty: None at the moment

Personality: Having lost a couple of years off her memory, Almaz now treasures it like nothing else. Thus, she has been obsessed with stuff like jigsaw pussles and building models, things that are said to improve the memory, ever since she realized that there were years and moments missing in her memory. And thus, as a result of years of training, she has now worked herself into a state in which she cannot forget. Numbers, names, colors, textures, faces, as long as they are written down she is capable of memorizing and remembering them for a very long time.

Emotions are also to be remembered, though Almaz has found that they alter the situation in our memories. And thus, she has too learned to dampen her emotions. Not erase them, but take the edge off. Make them seem distant. All for the sake of remembering, of course. And as a direct result of that, she finds herself wih a difficulty to forgive, as she can always remember what happened and how she felt.

Not having any special likes, except maybe Lillies and Vanilla icecream, she has a couple of dislikes. She does not like spicey nor sour foods, and hates un-fluffy pillows with a passion. Gossip is unimportant, anyone that's shorter than 130 cm or tller than 240 cm is scary and fur tickles.

Before she realized that some of her memory was missing, having lived with it pretty much her entire life, she used to be a lievly individual who lived her life to the fullest. Traveling and experiencing was her faviourite things to do, speed was awesome and new people were always to be welcomed. Fighting gave her a thrill in life and Metal was her love, living on the edge. Now, classical music and doing the same routine every day was her life. Nothing more, nothing less. Maybe the occasional visit to some nearby town, but that's pretty much it.

Weaponry: (Note that Armagus all have one name, Nox Nyctores have two and Imitation Phenomenon Weapons have none at all. Also note that Nox class weapons are RARE.)

Abilities: (No godmodding. Period.)

History: (Two paragraphs at the least.)

RP sample: (Here you show us how you can rp. An alternative option is to spar someone in an out of RP fight on this site and post the link to it here. This mainly applies to players unknown to us and doesn´t have to be long, but should be at least a paragraph in length. For all others, its optional, although highly recommended for those who apply for important canon characters.).


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