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Kinjou Kaninar, the Honorable Beastkin

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Kinjou Kaninar, the Honorable Beastkin

Post by Kageo-kaka on Wed Jun 15, 2011 10:09 pm

Name: Kinjou Kaninar

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Race: Beastkin (Kinkajou)

Appearance: As a Kinkajou Beastkin, his skin holds a soft brown tawny coat, with his ears and tail both sharing the soft color shade of his body. Having a decent musculature, his body appears still lean and powerful; with visible definition of his form. His eyes are iridescent green and reflect in light the same shade, his hair is a chestnut brown shade and back-length.

He wears a light blue vest with blank bands criss-crossing into the blue, openly so the tattoo of a two plain black-ink dueling dragons biting at one another's necks. wearing black martial arts pants with a golden belt, wearing black socks inside of light blue sandals with golden bands around the ankle region.

Loyalty: To freedom and justice

Personality: Kind, Open, Honor-bound, and compassionate seem to be his main traits. Kinjou is a beastkin known to for his easy going nature, offering his helpful hand to those who needs it, known for his respect to all combatants, even those who might be less skilled; he honors any combat by becoming a more serious natured individual when its required. The transformation is into a moderately cool-headed fighter who attempts to remain aware of all surroundings with a target(s) in focus. Taking his chances, his strict code with his life style has him currently set as a freelance agent/bounty hunter living in the Orient town with his parents in a small home; loving the nature of life as it has coem to him.

Weaponry: Huang-Long Ji (Yellow Dragon Halberd)

Abilities: Mastery of Kaninar Spearmanship(Explained Below), Huang-Long Ji (Expert practitioner), Taeken's Iron Kick Expert to Master practitioner(Explained Below), Ki'an Spiritual expansion expert(Explained Below), Ji'an Spiritual expansion practitioner (Explained Below), Honed[strength, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes, senses, awareness of surroundings] (Explained Below), Prehensile Tail combat mastery(Explained Below), etc.

Huang-Long Ji(Expert Practitioner)- A mysterious weapon passed down through the Kaninar family-tree for 3 generations. In reality it is a resonating weapon which allows the basic focus of energy through its polearm base and blade-edge, increasing hardness, sharpness, and even allowing for small projections through the blade's tip. The statement of 'expert practitioner' has been gained through a steady practice of 20 years with this spear's basic form(Normal spearmanship practiced in Ancient china, notes of which are kept by his family), extremely diligent practice with the traditional weapon of his family has allowing him a practiced hand with the weapon.

Mastery of Kaninar Spearmanship- Simply a mastery of the Kaninar's family spearmanship, in both its basic forms and several advanced forms: specializing in leaping thrusts, evasive parries, and spinning thrusts. The awkward form of the style makes it only preferred in specific zones of combat (urban areas with buildings(evasive parries/leaping thrusts), narrow spaces (leaping thrusts), or wide spaces (spinning thrusts/evasive parries/leaping thrusts). Of which are all used within respect to Kinjou's situation at hand.

Taeken's Iron Kick expert to master practitioner- Little more than a hand-to-hand combat for that was chosen by Kinjou when he was 7, a form specializing in powerful combinations with the feet, knees, and the torso itself utilized as a weapon. While there are some sub-degree combinations involving the elbows, fists, and shoulders: they are practiced to a lesser degree. However conditioning for the body is kept even, to ensure that the few upperbody skills are utilized to the greatest potential.

Prenhensile tail combat mastery- As stated, it is the ability for Kinjou to utilize his lengthy tail (which is naturally his body's length) to some minor degree. It is often used as a surprise blow from around the point of his waist. The tail may be used as a short-length whip, despite the dangers of it being sliced or well cut; leaving the risk entirely to Kinjou's decision to use it. While a decent weapon (if unarmed), it is still his flesh and blood tail and may well be plucked straight from his form if either sliced or cut.

Honed Attributes: [strength, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes, senses, awareness of surroundings]- In an attempt to utilize his natural beastkin strength, Kinjou has trained his body extensively and rigorously. Throwing his body at the elements whenever not training on his own, Kinjou has attempted to gain access to the true strength his people are said to have. This has allowed him access to inner-strength and a steady increase in the already impressive abilities of the beastkin tribe. (And of course, not saying he's super invincible, just that he's pushed himself as far as he could ^^).

Ki'an Spiritual expansion expert- The Ki'an Spiritual expansion is the form of 'expression of one's will/intent' or projection of one's inner-energies into the physical plane. This is a skill that is employed by Kinjou with moderate success, as a serious practitioner of this art; Kinjou is able to successfully cast rounded orbs of energy from the ends of either of his feet. Generally the projectiles are whipped out as a small corkscrew-shaped blast a little larger than Kinjou's foot. Taking about 20-40 seconds for Kinjou to mass the energy in either one of his feet, while in combat this skill must be focused from about 40-80/1 minute and 20 seconds seconds due to the focus on the battle at hand.

Ji'an Spiritual expansion expert The Ji'an Spiritual expansion is little more then applying the 'expression of one's will/intent' or projection through the Huang-Long Ji's polearm form. Often appearing as the form of a circular blade-shape energy shot/projectile; it is casted through the blade's edge or the rounded ball end on the back of the pole; requiring anywhere from 1-3 minutes to charge the necessary energy into weapon before it may be fired. Allowing this to be effective, but limited use in combat.

End Abilities Section


History: The Kaninar family is known to hail from outside of the 13th Heiarchical city, Kagastuchi originally. Spending these days once he was old enough, Kinjou immediately jumped into the world of martial arts; enjoying the invigorating challenge of learning something new every day of his life. The young kinkajou beastkin hopped at every chance he received to continue his practices; absorbing knowledge of martial arts like a sponge. Young Kinjou aged quickly, and by the age of 15 had already become engrossed in the family's main martial arts forms: The Kaninar Spear, Taeken's Iron Kick, and the Ki'an/Ji'an spiritual expansion practices. While poor the family still managed to make end's meet with Kinjou's father in position as a lowly NOL officer.

Suffering from discrimination on a regular basis, both father and son persisted in their duties to life and the family name: perserverence through suffering, and honor being respected and revered as common sources of their inner-vitality. It was through his training and his father's calm tutelage that Kinjou maintained an upbeat look towards life and into his young adulthood. Once at the age of 21, Kinjou decided that it was time his father retired from his duties as a NOL officer. Since holding the low-time position well before Kinjou's birth, he decided to take the duties of a bounty hunter; acting carefully when making his decisions, Kinjou has managed something of a steady income for the household. Leaving his father free to open up a small gym with some savings in Orient Town; with the bulk of income coming from Kinjou's duties. He presently still resides with both of his parents, and continues his life as a dutiful son; unaware of the vast changes occurring in the 13th Heirarchical city.

RP sample: "Greet you combatant, you must be the bounty known as 'the Crimson Knuckle', I have come to take you in. Since you will not surrender, then allow us to skip the small talk; I will defeat you and bring you in." no sooner had his words finished, had the kinkajou beastkin found himself leaping to the side of the street to avoid the wide haymaker aimed for his face.

Spying the damage of the crushed stone beneath the man's gloved fingers, Kinjou focused on his stance. Watching him carefully, noting that his right foot forward favored a left punch. It left him to guess that this combatant's fists were both enhanced by some unknown means; though he imagined the 'Crimson knuckle' came from the blood of his opponents. This would be a tense situation to say the very least, he'd have no choice but to disable this man before bringing him in. Life was as he thought it to be: never simple and often taken at a curve.

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Re: Kinjou Kaninar, the Honorable Beastkin

Post by Torakaka on Thu Jun 16, 2011 5:29 pm

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Re: Kinjou Kaninar, the Honorable Beastkin

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Thu Jun 16, 2011 8:34 pm


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Re: Kinjou Kaninar, the Honorable Beastkin

Post by Tron on Mon Jun 20, 2011 12:05 am


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Re: Kinjou Kaninar, the Honorable Beastkin

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