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The Beastkin Gym by the wayside

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The Beastkin Gym by the wayside

Post by Kinjou Kaninar on Mon Jun 20, 2011 1:26 am

Situated in the south east of Orient Town, the quaint little gym stood, holding a banner that was written in Japanese, clearly stating in open ease 'The Kaninar Family Martial Arts Gym'; with postings below of what was offered. There was no finer a place for Kinjou to visit whenever not at home or on the job. While the young bounty hunter made sure that he took the time to support his father's gym as much as he provided for the household. Raised in the traditional sense of combat and a warrior's way to life: he was a child brought up by humility, honor, and regarded as a good son. Never one to allow his mood to be brushed by negative notions, he seemed to be a decent fellow. While certainly not seen as a normal vision, the Beastkin were normally accepted with rough bias at times, it was no different in this case now. Even though the Kaninar family had become more respected since joining the community some few years ago, his father had steady students and a steady schedule with training; Kinjou was all too happy to see his father remaining sharp.

Even now as the fresh beads of sweat from training swept down his brow, while he took a light face towel and brushed the sweat away; he felt honored to have had his father teach him all that help him. Those same skills and disciplines allowed him to survive each time he went to claim a bounty. But he could take no chances with that, Kinjou's 'mastery' as it were, was simply over the core forms and maneuvers within the complex style of spearmanship and Taeken's kick. His father had been many levels above him, while retired from his NOL duties, he was no less a dangerous combatant; Kinjou found that his father was capable of throwing him around whenever they practiced. "Is there anything you need before I go father?" still on occasion he seemed to worry more about his father's well being than the elder thought he should.

With a soft chuckle, the middle aged Beastkin shook his head and offered his son a toothy grin. "Only that you have a good time and be safe son, the heavens know your mother would kill me if you were hurt. She'd say 'oh you didn't train him hard enough!' or 'And you demanded that you be left to train him and look what happened?!'. You know, loving your mother can be quite a challenge sometimes." this being a soft laugh shared between father and son for a moment.

Kinjou couldn't agree more in that light, she was a wonderful mother, but overly protective at time of her 'little taily' as she called him now and then. Kinjou was humored by the nickname; as it was simply suited to their kind, as they differed. Though there was no need for him to dwell too hard on memories, his life was ready to move ahead and thanking his father one last time for the training of the day; he headed outside into the early evening. Ready to take on the night, refreshing his mind and body with a fresh shower and able-bodied meditation he headed off. Taking a step out of the gym, it always seemed like a new world every time he stepped about its focus.

"Kagatsuchi...what is happening? Things have been going a bit haywire...something tells me I'll be falling into this...hard. No matter, I am prepared so let whatever it is come." as if challenging it to come to him, with the bejewelled spear attached at his back, he headed off likely first to go find a meal. Anything would be wonderful after such hard work, oblivious to anything that was not directly in his focus; Kinjou stepped into the semi-crowded street on the lookout for a good place to grab a bite.

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