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Ragna´s dear sister, the Imperator Librarius done

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Ragna´s dear sister, the Imperator Librarius done

Post by Webmaster on Thu Jun 23, 2011 7:17 pm

I know Tron wanted to make her, but we need her now, so i´m going to apply for her... temporaryly.
The role can still be applied for, and Tron can still make her sheet. If anyone is approved, i´m giving the role over to him or her.

Imperator Librarius

Does that leave any question to you?



Saya is a small, slightly frail looking woman in her early adulthood, with her fair share of curves, but not much mass. Her purple hair is abnormally long and must be restrained at all times, otherwise it hangs onto the ground. However, its neatly trimmed at the tips, allowing it to look presentable. Her crimson eyes without pupils are the telltale signs of the influence of Nine`s magic, however she doesn´t seem to be controlled at all. On her chest, she has the tattoo of the Murakumo Project, like any of her clones, because her weak and frail human body had to be replaced in the past.

Her robes are an incredibly sophisticated array of various skirts, dresses and sleeves, all in the style of a japanese Kimono, with a brass crown that bears the symbol of the NOL on it on her head. Nobody has ever seen what lies underneath the first two layers of clothing, and due to the length of the skirt, its impossible to tell without getting killed.

The Imperial Code as well as Terumi and Relius for they have made her what she is now.

Saya is cold, calculateing, almost menaceing, very much unlike the innocent little girl from the past. Her sole purpose seems to be destruction, pain and death, and all she strives for is the destruction of the world and to bring her brothers ultimate suffering. Although she seems to share Terumi`s ideals in a way, she´s disgusted by the way he takes them as a form of entertainment and not as a virtue. Some say her birthsign was the death of a young star, and she behaves like it.

A Nox Nyctores weapon named Arcus Abyssus: Mephisto. It was custom made for her when she was made Imperator Librarius and is crafted in the same way as the traditional Nox weapons were, by fuseing hundreds of human souls into an inanimate object, a pair of pistols similar to Bolverk in this case. Its powers, however, are vastly different from Bolverk, more powerful, but also more sophisticated. Mephisto can fire beams of energy, like Take Mikazushi, which can penetrate the realm of the Boundary and kill targets within it, such as Amaterasu, who was destroyed after Saya learned its location through the Eye. Otherwise, it functions much like a rapid-fire pistol, with the bullets behaveing like a spay of acid that has been lit on fire. If it hits armor, the bullet will slowly eat through it, and if it hits flesh, it burns through even faster. The dark red flames can also be put out on command by the user, allowing the weapon to be used for torture acts.

Saya´s abilities are, unlike her weapon, very much standard for a human being. Her only difference from the normal crowd is, for one, her Life Link with Relius Clover, to prevent the death of either important member of the NOL, her incredibly high Ars Magus Applitude and Boundary Resistance and finally, her willpower. Saya has been able to bend Terumi to her will, which is something even Nine couldn´t accomplish. She has forced Nine herself under her wings by breaking her will, and she can control the madness of Relius without a problem. Through her will, the frail structure of the Library is as strong as ever, even with Ragna`s continous attacks.

Saya`s story begins in a basket, in front of the church Caelica used to live in, together with her two brothers. She was raised as an orphan together with them... but ever since arriveing there, a dark voice inside her head started to talk to her. When she was alone, it comforted her, when she was with Ragna, it scared her. It didn´t like Ragna... or Jin, one bit.
One day, when playing in the woods, she stumbled across a strange sword, which called out to her... Saya took it, then returned home, only to have it summon her to be given to her brother Jin.
At that point, the dark voice inside her screamed and giggled in madness, causeing Saya to faint, and Jin took off to kill his parent, burn the church and cripple Ragna...

Fifteen years later, Saya ruled the NOL with an iron grasp, uncareing for law and order, only interested in destroying the world as people knew it. Her voice had gotten a name, Terumi, and her brother Jin had sided against her by now, but her determination and will was unbroken. She would defeat Amaterasu and all its subsystems, she would destroy this false world and gain acess to the true world behind what people knew. Relius, Terumi and Phantom followed her orders blindly, executeing her commands with slave precision, and her will drove her ever forward... to kill Ragna and Jin, to overthrow the system, to destroy the world.


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Re: Ragna´s dear sister, the Imperator Librarius done

Post by Guest on Thu Jun 23, 2011 10:13 pm

It is done.
(Sorry for the rather short biography, but its just a temporary role and we practically know nothing of Saya`s past.)


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Re: Ragna´s dear sister, the Imperator Librarius done

Post by Relius Clover on Fri Jun 24, 2011 2:17 pm

Bang/Ragna here, too lazy to switch accounts.


Relius Clover

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Re: Ragna´s dear sister, the Imperator Librarius done

Post by Torakaka on Sun Jun 26, 2011 8:53 am

Hm, seems a little godmod, but it fits for this character.



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Re: Ragna´s dear sister, the Imperator Librarius done

Post by Tron on Wed Jun 29, 2011 5:54 pm

Yupyup, Saya alright. (I'll just try to ignore the rapefestival you'll initate~)

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Re: Ragna´s dear sister, the Imperator Librarius done

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