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Post by Guest on Thu Jun 17, 2010 1:30 am

Name: Kokonoe

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Race: Catgirl

Appearance: Kokonoe appears as a fairly young adult catgirl with a slim build. She has pink hair which she keeps tied in a specialized style consisting of a long ponytail backing up longer tufts resembling large cat ears which tend to overshadow her actual animal-like ears, which fade into white at the tip. Her attire consists of an altered, scientist version of the usual Kaka jacket with a white coloration. A hole at the lower base provides room for her twin, cat-like tails.

The over-sized sleeves are cut at the sides to make it easier for her arms to slide in and out of them. She wears a pair of red short-sleeved pants with a black belt adorned by a large cat bell. The attire is completed with a pair of white shoes with no vamp, allowing her to take them off almost reflexively as her render shows her barefoot.

Loyalty: Sector Seven [read:SCIENCE!]

Personality: Kokonoe’s personality seems pretty basic on the surface. Most of the time she acts cranky and impatient, with a very short attention span. Underneath her exterior of “I’M NOT GETTING DEFENSIVE,” is a hatred seeded very deep. Her hatred is for Hazama/Terumi, for he killed her mother and her aunt. She also dislikes Hakumen, but she puts up with him only because she needs the Susanoo Unit to take her revenge on Terumi, but she can’t figure out how to separate Hakumen from it. She dreams up ways of killing Terumi/Hazama for funsies.

Weaponry: Clipboards and other scientist-y things. Chemical bombs, her insane intellect and mad skills with science.

Abilities: Genius IQ, amazing abilities with science, good strategist and an excellent detective. She has heightened senses due to her part-cat nature. She has ture talent for magic, but prefers science.

History: Kokonoe grew up a happy child with an analytical mind. She loved both her parents, but especially loved her mother, Nine. She and her father, Jubei got along well, though. She loved learning magic from her mother, but she also loved science. One day, everything changed.

Her father was out doing something or other, she’s forgotten now everything but the pain and anger she feels towards him. A man came to the house, someone she vaguely knew as one of the Six like her mother and father. Terumi... They (Her mother, her aunt and her) had sat down to have tea...It was a blur from there. She just remembers feeling hot blood splash on her face, and running as fast as she could and hiding...

She hated her father for not being there to save her mother and her aunt. If her father had been there, he could have saved them, she knew he could...Their relationship was strained after that. After her mother’s death she rejected magic, something that reminded her of her mother, and embraced science.

Soon after she moved out she found her way to Sector Seven. They immediately saw her genius and put her to work in a high-ranking position. She saved Iron Tager and created Lambda sometime in her workings there, as well as taught Litchi, whom she considers a friend. She sometimes goes down to Litchi’s clinic to help out.

RP sample: Hakumen says this is not required.


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Re: Kokonoe

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Thu Jun 17, 2010 2:30 am

Looks good Koko, and yes I did say you could skip the samples because Kokonoe never really fights and I have seen you rp before so I trust you will be able to keep her IC in terms of personality. Just remember, SCIENCE!!!!!


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Re: Kokonoe

Post by Webmaster on Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:19 am

Nicely done Kokonoe. Sure its shorter than the other ones due to the non-fighting position and you being new to all this, but hey, i like it.

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Re: Kokonoe

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