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The Imperial Bunker

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Re: The Imperial Bunker

Post by Relius Clover on Tue Oct 18, 2011 7:13 am

Without losing his trademark composure, Relius brushed off the insulting behavior of the female werewolf. She was not a member of the NOL for power nor belief in it's cause (however false it may be). She had allied herself with them solely to pursue her own hatred of the Alucard family which was satisfactory. As for the Omoikane Unit, her blind allegiance was not a life or death matter. If she did in fact defect then she could simply be killed. Turning his back to the departing trio, he decided to put his focus into far more important matters. "I have no further interest in all this. I leave things entirely in your hands Hazama."

========> EXIT
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Re: The Imperial Bunker

Post by Guest on Wed Oct 19, 2011 2:04 am

Hazama snickered wildly as everybody left The Imperial Bunker, he was now all by himself and could pretty do whatever the hell he wanted to (even though he shouldn't for he could get into some trouble.) The green haired man snickered a bit as he slowly walked out of the bunker as a few low ranking officers stood before him and gave him a salute for respect.

"Captain Hazama sir!"

The man simply tilted his hat to show a sign of respect to the two as he walked out of the fortress. Then he began to wildly think of what to do to pass time.

"Hmm...let's see now....What can I do? Maybe I could try and finish off old H man!...Nah I just had a play time with him and he;s starting to get pretty boring now that the old age is hitting him....I'm definately not going after that damn cat cause he's just so god damn irritating. It will be hell trying to find the shitty vampire and the old mutt is always up her ass as well.....OH! Now I know let's see what good old Rags is doing! He's a thorn in my side and I can say to benefit everyone that without him in this world our plans will run much more smoothly!"

Hazama simply snickered.



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