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Jubei, The One-Eyed Lotus

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Jubei, The One-Eyed Lotus

Post by Kageo-kaka on Wed Jun 29, 2011 4:14 am

Name: Jubei/Mitsuyoshi

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Race: Beastman- Cat

Appearance: Jubei is a short, cat who wears a jacket similar to the Kaka clan's jacket. His swords are attached by a strap and rest behind him, and the lower back of his jacket has a cut in the centre, with his two tails poking out. Having one eye His fur is a combination of white with patches of dark fur above both of his eyes, his two tails also share the same color. His jacket is an orange color, lined with black along connecting seams. Along his shoulder and connected around his back is sheath of his Nox Nyctores, Musashi. The weapon by which is a collection of two Kodachis, with white handles and gray/steel tone blades.

Loyalty: Himself, Six Heroes

Personality: Jubei is a fairly laid back individual, who is known often for traveling. Never a person to take things too seriously unless the situation calls for it. Jubei is known for being kind and open to many a thing. While keeping a low profile most times, he is known to openly greet people he knows, treating them with a casual attitude. Jubei has no attachments to those honorifics or titles such as 'strongest being in the world' or 'One-Eyed Lotus', both of which describe the imposing nature that he can have. This coming only in the instants of danger or people meaning him harm.

Weaponry: Nox Nyctores- Musashi

Abilities: Enhanced [strength, speed, agility, stamina, durability, reflexes, awareness of surroundings], Great Combat Experience/Knowledge, Unique Ability: Sekkigan (Explained Below), Wielder of the Nox Nyctores: Musashi, Master practitioner of Swordplay/Swordsmanship(Explained Below), Beast-man(Cat) nature & instincts (Explained Below)

Wielder of the Nox Nyctores: Musashi- As a powerful weapon well beyond any standard Ars, the Nox Nyctores Musashi is known to have chosen Jubei as its master; a sign of his skilled hand at handling the ars themselves. Further defining the proof of his strong will is the fact that Jubei shows no visible disturbance whenever wielding Musashi; showing his great mental fortitude and control over his emotions this way.

Master practitioner of Swordplay/Swordsmanship- As a powerful individual who employs the regular use of Musashi, a pair of Kodachi, it can be implied that Jubei is both a seasoned and skilled warrior when in the use of swordplay. With the ease at which he executes attacks and defends himself from attackers, the cat has proven to be extremely formiddable with his great power. A further testament to this fact would be the general fact that he was the master of another potential swordsman, Ragna the Bloodedge who acknowledges him as his master.

Great Combat Knowledge- As expected of one of the Six Heroes, Jubei is a warrior of great knowledge and experience. Having done battle with the powerful monster, the Black Beast and having survived the conflict as well. While being the greatest of his exploits, it is not the extent of his experience, as he has faced numerous obstacles within his lifetimes and has developed a well figured sense for battle through this knowledge.

Unique Ability Sekkigan- is a particular ability that allows Jubei to slice through time and space, this skill is something that is only in particular moments, employed by his sealed-eyed/eye patch, it only serves further as a testament to his being potentially the 'strongest being alive' on the planet.

Enhanced [strength, speed, agility, stamina, durability, reflexes, awareness of surroundings]- As one of the Six Heroes, it can be clearly implied that not only is Jubei well trained, but also built stronger than most warriors being one of the six who faced and ultimately defeated the Black Beast. A testament to his stamina and durability would have to be his noted contact with the Phantom; with whom he is not only able to survive the encounter but also relay well the experience of it to Hakumen. When doing so he mentioned that it wasn't so bad, though he was in no shape to do serious battle; Jubei was more than physically capable.

Beast-man(Cat) nature & instincts- Just a particular method of saying that Jubei, as his appearance suggests, is a cat and shares general nature and instinct with the felines of the household variety. However, his intellect and refined forms of control allow him to act in the way he sees fit and not give into such natures at an inappropriate time.

Jubei's powers, or at least the extent of them, have never been shown within the series thus far. However his status as one of the Six Heroes makes him to be exceptionally powerful. Claimed by several, amongst them being Hakumen, as the strongest creature alive, it is implied that Jubei is nigh-undefeatable in combat as none have dared to engage in battle against him. His training to Ragna seems to attest to a great power. He wields the Nox Nyctores, Musashi. With it, he seemed to be able to cleave the shell of darkness the Phantom had surrounded Lambda by during her fight with Nu. Nothing more is known about it. As Jubei's mental faculties do not appear at all to be effected by the weapon in any way, it is indicated that his mind is very resilient.

End Abilities

History: Jubei of the Six Heroes, also previously known as Mitsuyoshi holds a life of great mystery. With few facts presently known; there are a few accounts that can be verified. One being that he not only knew the mysterious warrior 'Bloodedge' but was rescued by him. While little is known about his family tree, Jubei is known to have had a brother by name of Tomonori. And having been close to one of his fellow Six Heroes, Nine also known as Konoe A. Mercury, the two had established a close relationship and at some point ended up very close; as husband and wife. The resulting union had given him a beautiful daughter, who bore resembelence to her mother with features of her father as well; by name of Kokonoe. This was short-lived as the traitor amongst the heroes, Terumi Yuuki would betray several members of the group. Attempting to do away with them all, Terumi managed to murder Nine, Kill Trinity, and after a failed attempt to be rid of Hakumen and Jubei; ended up trapped within the boundary for some time.

While at present Jubei holds a strained relationship at best with his daughter, but this seems to be a fitting regard for his present status. At large now, Terumi's escape has reached Jubei's notice and with worry at the hope for the future, Jubei did his part both raising and training Ragna the rest of the way; knowing that it was time for the kid to take point and show his skills to the world. Jubei, like Hakumen are out to stop Terumi's mad goals and have been putting on the pressure, seeking out the traitor with the purpose of exterminating him.

RP sample: As Jubei looked up from the grass where he'd been resting, his single eye made contact with someone that he'd never thought he'd find out here. While slowly rising, unsure of what his reaction should be at point; so he stood and paid her full attention with his good eye. "Never thought I'd catch you out here..., surely you didn't come jus' to see me. I reckon you have a better reason that ya don't wanna talk about. We can jus' stand here, until you feel like it." his tone not menacing, as much as careful.

It had been a really long time since he'd caught sight of her lovely features, the annoyed look that crossed her face, and the way her tails twitched in annoyance at his words. "It's still a pleasure to see you as always Kokonoe...I reckon, I missed your company." as the truth remained since she'd left him and gone off to be her own person; he couldn't help but feel the occasional tug at his heart while he traveled. Just like her mother, she don't know what she does to me The hero laughed, it was easily one of the better times in his life, left at ease to meet up with his daughter.

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Re: Jubei, The One-Eyed Lotus

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Thu Jun 30, 2011 2:27 am

Looks good to me. Just be careful, you're building up quite the arsenal of characters here.


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Re: Jubei, The One-Eyed Lotus

Post by Webmaster on Fri Jul 01, 2011 8:47 pm

As little as we know about Jubei, i can deal with this. He´s the most powerful being in the BB universe, next to Nine, Bloodedge and Terumi.

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Re: Jubei, The One-Eyed Lotus

Post by Torakaka on Sat Jul 02, 2011 10:22 pm

Alrighty, we need a Jubei anyways.

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Re: Jubei, The One-Eyed Lotus

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