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Throw me a message if I'm needed!

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Throw me a message if I'm needed!

Post by Guest on Thu Jul 07, 2011 1:06 am

I hate to do this, but my life is pretty hectic right now, and I can't check the RP much. If I'm needed in the RP, please throw me a PM and I'll post!

I really like the people here sooo I kinda don't want to just up and leave, or something. ]:
So if Hazama/Terumi is needed in the RP, send me a PM and I'll reply asap.

The reason I'm having to do this, is because my college are putting a ton of pressure on me about applying to University (for the Americans here, college and Uni are different in the UK. After our equivalent to high school, we can go to college (or drop out of education), and after college (2~3 years) we go to University), so I have to focus on writing things like personal statements, working on an art portfolio and actually getting better at art (trying to get into Illustration... but I doubt I will).

Sorry if I'm being inconvenient for the forum and everyone, but I'mma try my best to stay active ; n;


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