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Yuki :3 Ready for voteing

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Yuki :3 Ready for voteing

Post by Webmaster on Sat Jul 16, 2011 7:04 pm

Post number 1900! Woot!

Mucro Algesco: Yukianesa

Normally genderless, but can appear as a woman.

93 years

Nox Nyctores


Yuki has a blue tinted skin, red eyes and naturally white hair. Her body is curvy and smooth, no real edges to be found, unlike the real weapon.
She always wears kimonos, often times they are short cut. Sometimes she also wears stockings, but only for teaseing.
Her hair is held together by two clips, formed like a set of iceicles.
Something unique are her shoes, plumps made of solid ice, but not transperant, her feet only faintly shimmer through.
Her skin is cool and smooth as ice, but she can warm up if she feels like it.

Jin Kisaragi

Yukianesa is a bitchy, stubborn woman who thinks that she can bend anyone to her will, doesn´t like to be ordered around and certainly doesn´t want to be her master´s slave.
However, she´s been very lonely as since she only once had a master before Jin and thus is very attached to him, holds him close and won`t let anyone hurt him if she can help it. This doesn´t lead to monogamy however, as her nature, being a snow woman, is attracting other males to be her slaves.


Yuki bears the same abilities as her weapon form, being able to manipulate the dampness of the air and freeze it into solid ice, form it, and then use it as a weapon.
Of course, she has a much better knowledge of this and can form even abstract shapes, such as beating sticks, swords, scythes, even chairs, furniture and cars.
Her humaniod form is immortal, but vanishes if the sword is damaged or destroyed.

Yukianesa was crafted by the great witch in 2107 in order to be a weapon to defend against the Black Beast. Seven thousand souls went into a lifeless block of steel, and it was lowered into the cauldron to be forged by the dark power itself. Afterwards, Nine casted her magic upon it to seal the power of the Black Beast inside its very core, never letting it out again and useing it to strike against the beast, as it could not repell something that was its own matter.
The weapon as given to Hiyuki Nebuwan, mayor of the nearby town, as the Black Beast approached it.. if the six heroes would fall, he was supposed to kill the monster once and for all.... he was a brave man, and a strong willed one. Yukianesa easily gave up to him and gave him her power, but not for long.
Nebuwan died an untimely death, despite the fact that the Beast had been defeated, a heavy doseage of Seithr came thier way and killed the entire population of the town down to a few members. Yukianesa was left behind, forgotten for nearly a hundred years..
...until Terumi Yuuki retrieved it, under request of his new Master Saya, who then gave it to Jin.
Mad and enraged, Jin used the blade and tried to murder his brother, but Yukianesa could not stand this and controlled him in order to prevent it... in the end, only his arm was cut off, and the confused Jin fled with Terumi...
Yukianesa´s fate had taken a different turn from that point on, as she was being rejected by him for years, then suddenly picked up again to battle the Ikarugan rebellion..
This time, Yukianesa could not resist any longer and had to slaughter dozens of people... furious about being abused like this, she decided to take control over Jin and use him to spill the blood of the one that caused all this: Ragna the Bloodedge. If he would´ve died, if she wouldn´t have intervened, Jin might`ve been normal.. or at least not forced to kill these people.
Eventually, Yukianesa´s control was broken up by the intervention of Rachel Alucard, which caused her to completely reject Jin, makeing him unable to draw her until further notice... in the time of his greatest need, when confronted with his childhood friend, however, his noble intentions and strong will summoned her forth, lending him strength one more time...
Now that Jin had been freed from Yukianesa´s intentions to kill Ragna by Caelica, she can`t take it any longer. She demands an explaination from him... and more.

RP sample:
I don´t think thats necessary.

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Re: Yuki :3 Ready for voteing

Post by Tron on Sat Jul 16, 2011 10:40 pm

I sooo know where this is going <.<

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U happy now? Dx

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Re: Yuki :3 Ready for voteing

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Sat Jul 16, 2011 11:45 pm


Ragna the Bloodedge
Ragna the Bloodedge

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Re: Yuki :3 Ready for voteing

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 31, 2011 6:09 pm

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I don't remember us allowing Nox spirits, and I'm really not game.


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Re: Yuki :3 Ready for voteing

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