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Post by Guest on Fri Jun 18, 2010 12:42 am

Relira yawned aloud as the door to her house creaked open. She stumbled as she removed her shoes and walked inside. Silence greeted her as she walked along the wooden planks, creaking as her feet fell onto them. She walked up the stairs and into her room, noticing, as always, that it was devoid of life. She found it hard to get used to, even after a year. She left her town for Kagutsuchi a year ago after her fellow villagers tried to kill her, and even after she was able to live in a house due to the kindness of a stranger, she found it hard to adapt to never seeing her mother's face again. To make matters worse, the original tenant of the house had disappeared, leaving the house in her hands.

She gave a long, drawn out sigh, as she opened the cupboard, taking out the futon and laying it on the floor. She undressed herself, then bathed and changed into a long, white bath robe. She watched the outside world move, thinking. She had already been a vigilante for half a year, yet she never thought it would ever be this tiring. Turning to look at the wanted poster sitting silently on her desk, she reached her hand out to it and it started to float in the air towards her extended arm. She grasped it tightly, the man's face on the poster distinct in the sunlight.

Ragna the bloodedge... I know I probably can't beat him now... but eventually I will. Hopefully, at least. She placed it on the tatami floor, then fell asleep.


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Re: Resting

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 19, 2010 12:44 am

Relira yawned loudly as she arose from her slumber, scratching her head and blinking at the wall groggily. She shook herself awake and go out of bed, keeping the futon and clambering into the bathroom.

"Kya!" She cried as she slipped on a soap bar and wiped out on the floor. Sigh... I really... really hate mornings.

"Alefact, do you eat?"

"...What?" Was Alefact's confused reply to Relira's sudden question.

"I mean... I know your a nox and all. But you can talk, you can think... But yet you can't eat, can't sleep, can't use the bathroom..."


"W-Well, it's nothing really. Just mere speculating on my part. Just wondering if it were possible for a nox to have feelings."

"... Yo-You're a strange one."

"That's what they used to tell me back in my village." Relira commented, biting off a corner of her rice ball. "Anyway... it's about time I turn in my contract. Off to the Library!" With that, she skipped out of the house, and out of sight.

Ronin Gai ---> NOL headquarters.


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