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Jerudo Reshiru

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Jerudo Reshiru

Post by Guest on Mon Aug 08, 2011 1:29 am

Name: Jerudo Reshiru

Gender: male

Age: 28

Race: umm...I think he's a human idk you look at the avi and you tell me.

Appearance: Most of Jerudo's face is covered by his thick and lengthy silver colored hair, most of his hair covers the left side of his face, only showing his right eye which is a light, scarlet red color. He wears a short sleeved, skin tight black muscle shirt but most of the time it is unable to be seen by Jerudo's gray and brown fur lined jacket, the insides of the jacket are a light beige color that runs all the way down to the middle of his shins. However the jacket is always unbuttoned, revealing some of the black shirt covering his chest. He wears a beige colored belt around his waist to keep his baggy black samurai like pants (kind of like what Ragna wears) from falling down, the belt is too long to straighten properly though so he keeps the belt banded together with a solid, stainless steel belt buckle in the shape of a butterfly. The beige belt has two pistol holsters, one on each side to store his black pistol which has a skull at the end of it, and his golden revolver on the other side. Lastly Jerudo wears black, steel toed shoes. Jerudo also wears black, finger less gloves.

Loyalty: Jerudo only follows his own orders....and his friend Tia Sullivan's xD

Personality: Most of the time Jerudo always loves to screw the rules and run in guns blazing out wanting to fight. He always finds self enjoyment when he pulls the triggers of his guns. Jerudo loves the rain as well and sometimes when he fights even against someone known as an enemy he sometimes compliments there strength sometimes saying that "You're very strong etc. The only times that Jerudo tends to act serious is when he knows that he could possibly die in a fight or if his best friend Tia is either in danger or needs his help, he wants to do anything to make sure his friend stays safe...even at the cost of his own life.

Weaponry: For his main weaponry Jerudo wields his two Ars Armagus class gun weapons, the first is his black gun which is named Yamigakure which is in the shape of a newtype pistol with a black tint finish with several silver parts and at the butt of the pistol there is the image of a silver skull mainly for looks but the skull can be used as a blunt object. This Ars utilizes the powers of darkness and by activating it Jerudo can use multiple darkness based gun attacks with his bullets, he can also fire regular bullets as well, the bullets ar created with the Ars Armagus itself. Then the second Ars Armagus gun Jerudo wields is a golden classic revolver like shape, its name is Hikarigakure which is the opposite of Yamigakure as it revolves around the power of light and can fire normal bullets or fire special light based bullet techniques. Just like the other pistol this one can create its own bullets.

Image of the guns are on my avi but heres a closer look.


Jerudo also wields a "secondary" weapon just in case of close combat Jerudo also wields a specialized combat knife, with knuckle holes to put his fingers through and to make sure he doesn't drop the knife. The knife has a special vibration feature to do more damage if it manages to stab into the foe for increased cutting power.

image of knife:


Light Manipulation: utilizing hikarigakure Jerudo can manipulate the power of light in the shapes of spheres of energy and beams of light, kind of like the light from the sun or from a hot desk lamp Jerudo's light shots have high temperatures which most of the time can cause 3rd degree burns. Some attacks can even temporarily blind the foe for 1 post to.

Darkness Manipulation: Utlizing Yamigakure Jerudo can manipulate the powers of darkness in the shapes of spheres of energy, beams, widespread shots and in one of his Distortion Drives, Dragon shaped energy blasts and even a blast in the shape of a skull. Jerudo's Darkness attacks are actually stronger than his light versions, however being stronger they don't really have secondary effects like how the Light style can blind or burn.

Skilled Marksmen: Utilizing his two Ars pistols Jerudo has great hand to eye coordination and practices on targets every day to keep his marksmen skills at there prime. He can land head shots easily.

high Armagus levels: Utilizing two Ars Armagus at once it is apparent that Jerudo has a high Armagus level, though obviously not as high as a Murakumos actually no where near that level.

Drive: Shell Shocker: Jerudo charges up energy in his pistols and creates bullets inside of his guns, this may seem stupid or useless but Jerudo doesn't have normal bullets to constantly reload is gun he must create them himself with his Ars.

Distortion Drive: Darkness Shure Shock: Utilizing Yamigakure Jerudo forms eight bullets in the pistol which he enhances with a load of darkness energy thanks to his Ars and fires one shot at a time like a powerful cannon. Each shot is a large beam of electrical darkness energy that when they hit a solid object including the foe they release a small explosion of darkness, damaging the foe even more.

Distortion Drive: Angelic Rush: Utilizing his light pistol Jerudo charges energy and fires a tunneling beam of bright light, the light is at a high temperature and can deal third degree burns to the foe and by looking at the bright light can also temporarily blind the foe for three posts leaving them wide open for attacks.

Distortion Drive: Shell Break Release: Jerudo temporarily activates his Ars true potential, he can now use his guns special techniques freely without charging energy for a total of 5 posts before going back to normal again.

Astral Heat: Reshiru Blast Shot Style: Light Enveloping Darkness: Jerudo makes two normal bullets and shoots at the foes feet, making sure they can't move. After that Jerudo charges up energy into both of his guns, after charging he'll trip the foe then kick them several times upwards into the sky, while in the air Jerudo will spin in place, firing a rapid fire assault of explosive light bullets and corrosive darkness bullets (which are basically 2nd degree burns...) after getting shot for a total of 100 times 50 bullets from each gun) Jerudo will move to the side to let the foe fall on the ground, as they fall back to the ground Jerudo will take his Trench Knife and jam it deep into the targets chest area.

End of Abilities.

History: when Jerudo was first born his family knew of the potential that was born along with the young boy. So at the age of four Jerudo's parents gave him the two Ars Armagus weapons Yamigakure and Hikarigakure right after he recieved the two weapons his father took him and forced him to strenuous training, both physically to keep his body fit for long battles and marksmanship to give him the best range and usage of his gun like weapons. After the several years of intense, physical training Jerudo was finally able to leave and work alongside on his own, his parents had hoped for him to become a Vigilante but Jerudo wanted to just be a rouge like the way he wanted to.

However being a rouge was tough for he didn't have any food or money to sustain himself so for a living Jerudo robbed banks so he could get money to buy food and extra clothing and supplies for himself. All of this was going smoothly except for one time where the NOL finally got involved and were about to arrest Jerudo but it was thanks to a woman with a strange gun that helped him escape, after the events of the robbery the girl turned out to be named Tia Sullivan, and despite there major differences in personality Jerudo and Tia eventually worked along side one another and even traveled with each other, it seemed that the two became good friends if you'd like to call it that. Along with Tia Jerudo breaks into NOL bases mainly for the fun of firing his guns, but also to assist the famous criminal Ragna The Bloodedge who was also fighting against the NOL so he and Tia could distract the NOL for Ragna to get the drop on them, and to give them payback for ceasing his bank robbing days. However despite this Jerudo never tries to "Kill" anyone he fights even if its the likes of the NOL, because even though he likes to have fun he doesn't find any self enjoyment when it comes to taking the life of another whether it be for protection or for self gain. If Jerudo actually happens to kill someone whether friend or foe and by accident he will give them a prayer to send them on to the afterlife and asking for forgiveness.

RP sample: I heard Jin Kisaragi RPs like me cause I am Hazama. ....wait o.o


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Re: Jerudo Reshiru

Post by Guest on Thu Aug 11, 2011 11:12 pm

Finished and ready for checking....


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Re: Jerudo Reshiru

Post by Guest on Thu Aug 11, 2011 11:28 pm

Its fine for me. The bitching about the abilities pissed me off, but you guys were good to each other eventually, so...

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Re: Jerudo Reshiru

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Fri Aug 12, 2011 2:07 am

If my understanding is correct, the light attacks are basically thermal based and the darkness attacks are essentially concussive. Based on that I'm fine with it.


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Re: Jerudo Reshiru

Post by Tron on Fri Aug 12, 2011 11:17 am

Hum...even though you raged like hell, you still took care about the most important stuff~

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Alrighty, another sheet done..

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Re: Jerudo Reshiru

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