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Tia Suvillian Done

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Tia Suvillian Done

Post by Guest on Mon Aug 08, 2011 4:34 pm

Tia Suvillan





Tia is a tall, slender and strong woman with long blonde hair and red eyes. Her face has sharp features, and her eyes look cold, but her red eyes make it seem hot at the same time, as well. A special construction of holster goes across her entire torso, straps and slings going around many curves of her body and holding the heavy guns in place securely. Above that, she wears black shorts and a long, white coat with tattered ends. She also wears black shooting gloves and a white cowboy hat with combat boots. (Not the ones in the pic.)


Unlike her partner, Tia Suvillian is a calm, controlled and calculateing person, with a cold aura and a lack of words. She rather thinks her part rather than talk too much about it, and is rather annoyed at people who do talk more than they should. All this coldness aside, and the fact that she would murder for just about any reason, she´s not a bad person. She can be kind, merciful and share with others, evidence that she could´ve been different if the circumstances would`ve allowed it. Naturally, she cares for Jerudo as much as he cares for her, and would take a bullet for him, just like he would do it vice versa.


HELLION Gunblade

Tia`s main weapon of choice is the Hellion Bladegun, a .500 S&W Magnum Ars Armagus in the shape of a break action revolver. Upon insertation, the bullets become enchanted with an Ars that makes them explode on impact and damage non-human creatures with the fire damage of the explosion. Its a rapid fireing weapon with medium accuracy and it features a blade underneath the barrel, which isn´t welded on, but instead part of the barel itself. It holds six shots in the cylinder and only fires in double action due to the lack of a hammer.
Twenty rounds, along with four speedloaders for a quick reload, are all on the belt she holsters it on.

UZI Custom SMG

Aside from the Hellion, Tia carries a custom made and designed copy of the UZI sub machine gun, completely made out of ceramics molded onto fibreglass in a subatomic reconstruction of the matter. (Because its the future and ceramics can be combined with fibreglass.) Aside from the unsusal hard material, the paintings on the weapon and magazine are the only odd thing about it, makeing it look like a piece of chinaware. It fires modern caseless 9mm rounds in a controllable rate of fire or in single shots, with 40 rounds in every magazine. Due to the weight of the weapon, Tia only carries it when the need for this sort of firepower is apperant, but in Kagutsuchi, thats a constant given.
Tia carries two spare magazines for this weapon.

.454 Casull Custom

Tia`s third and final weapon, a long barreled semiautomatic handgun, chambered in .454 Casull caliber with six plus one bullets in the magazine. Its long, heavy slide and barrel make it extremely accurate and not at all as recoil intensive as the Hellion. It can be fired with one hand, given the strength to hold twelve pounds of steel in the air. It can shoot farther and more accurate than the human eye can see. Two spare magazines are carried here, as well, and its holstered on the left side of the belt with the grip faceing the front, allowing for a cross draw.

Tia has been shooting guns for 20 years now, ever since she`s lost her parents and home, becomeing an expert marksman and tactician, killer and mass murderer. Aside from her pinpoint accuracy, rapidly fast reloads and quick dodgeing motions however there is nothing much to say about her abilities. She´s a normal human with very little Ars Magus applitude, but high agility, consitution, strength and speed.


Tia never speaks to anyone about her history and origin, keeping it a secret even from her closest friends.
From what is known, she originally comes from a noble family, hence the name, whom were helping the Ikaruga federation through financial means, eventually leading to a strike force of the NOLSI to assassinate them. Forseeing this accident, her mother told Tia to hide in the closet, which the snipers didn`t see, leading to her being the only survivor.
After being orphaned for a couple of years, finishing school and spending two years at the Millitary Acadamy, she left it due to her finding out about the whereabouts of her parent´s deaths. From that point on, she vanished into the underground for the next few years.
Shortly after Ragna the Bloodedge´s conquest becomeing public, Tia re-appeared, wielding the gun of her father in hand and storming the local NOL branch of Kazamotsu, then leaveing the country without another word.

Through a series of events involveing a bank robbery, an incident in a restaurant involving a man believed to be the Bloodedge himself and Tia´s attempt to attack the Wadasumi branch of the NOL, she met up with Jerudo, took him along and provided cover for his bank robbery, then giving him shelter. The two were souls of the same wavelength, although with different personalities and motives, they went along quite well and soon were seen together, going from town to town, guns blazeing... one just for the action, the other to support Ragna the Bloodedge through distracting the main forces of the NOL away from him.

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Re: Tia Suvillian Done

Post by Tron on Thu Aug 11, 2011 5:25 pm

Uhm, seems a bit inconsistent. If she's been using guns for 25 years, then she started at the age of 3 o.o
Also, gun usage and noble family don't really fit together if she really started that early~

Other than that, I think I'm fine with it o:

Alrighty, I guess I can vote now :3

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Re: Tia Suvillian Done

Post by Guest on Thu Aug 11, 2011 5:58 pm




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Re: Tia Suvillian Done

Post by Webmaster on Fri Aug 12, 2011 6:08 pm

Due to Arakune being demodded, this is approved by the other two admins alone.

Locked, dropped, approved


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Re: Tia Suvillian Done

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