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Post by RJ41 on Sat Aug 13, 2011 1:55 pm

Name: RJ-41 (aka Robo-Jin number 41 or #41 for a shortcut)
Gender: Robot / Claims male
Age: Unknown, but well above the hundred years
Race: Robot.
Appearance: Despite his complete unit name, RJ is not a Jin Kisaragi impersonator, having been fabricated over a hundred years before Jin's birth. He looks like a human made of green-ish metal. Despite his height (178 cm), he weighs 208 kg because of him being made of iron. He has slightly reddish blonde hair, and eyes looking like old cars' headlights. He wears a long black coat with golden trimmings, and gold-coloured shirt and trousers, with black boots.

Loyalty: Himself. Fellow vigilantes if he feels like it. NOL if they care.
Personality: RJ-41 is a cold, emotionless and calculating robot, acting like the robot he is. He behaves oddly for unaccustomed people, because he is not constructed to social life. He is more pertinent as a vigilante. He values his mission over everything and never listens to his enemies' reasoning, doing only what his restrictive programming ordered him to do: struggle against 'evil', which for him is 'crime' at the moment, though he has programs to determine other things as evil.
Weaponry: An electricity-infused long sword linked to his battery. This sword is able to use electricity to throw current projectiles.
Abilities: With use of his electricity-related abilities, RJ-41 is able to use electric discharges as attacks. Though his battery is similar to an Ars, his attacks are in no way related to it.
Drive: Wechselstrom: Allows to paralyse opponents for a second if they are hit by the attacks. However this requires energy from his dynamo batteries.
Distortion Drive: Rasant: RJ rushes to the opponent very fast sword-first, with his sword electrifying the opponent for several hits.
Distortion Drive: Weiss-linie: RJ charges electricity into his arm and "throws" an electric beam in the shape of a white line.
Distortion Drive: Stromkraft: RJ overcharges his sword and pokes forward with it.
Astral Heat: Blitz Kreuz: RJ rises to the sky and falls quickly, cleaving everything in front of him with a descending sword strike. As he rises his sword through the opponent, the electricity "explodes" in a cross formation.
History: RJ-41 is, as his name says, the forty-first robot fabricated by an industrial tycoon to have his own army of robots sworn to fight evil. However, this person's project (not to mention his body and his possessions) were burned to the ground by the Black Beast. Though, one subject managed to remain complete: #41. Though it was completely inert during more than 100 years, it was repaired during an excavation by unknown benefactors, who implanted RJ #41 a seithr battery, functioning in a way similar to Ars Magus. However, by the time RJ-41 regained full use of his functions, all members of the expedition died of extreme seithr exposure. RJ-41 wandered for a while and entered Kagutsuchi, ending up fighting crime as a vigilante, and setting up new protocols for his new "employment".
RP sample: As he advanced to his next target, the robot known as RJ-41 stepped forward, his metal boots making a peculiar noise crushing the pebble under them. He stopped next to the criminal that was facing him. "YOU_WILL_NOT_GO_AWAY", the robot said at the punk, who just grinned and puffed in mockery. A robot wants to kill me? Hah!
As his enemy seemed to get in a sort of strange battle pose, the automaton backed up his first words. "RESISTING_IS_POINTLESS" But the black-clad ragtag seemed to attack, using a metal bar for an attack on the robot, who simply caught it with his hand, and electrocuted him through his own bar. "I_TOLD_YOU. HOISTED_BY_YOUR_OWN_PETARD.", the robot said to his unconscious opponent.


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Post by Guest on Sat Aug 13, 2011 11:39 pm






Its okay, i guess. Its... unususal, but i have nothing against it.

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Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Sat Aug 13, 2011 11:44 pm

Fine by me.


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