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Verbotener Abgrund

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Verbotener Abgrund

Post by Rachel Alucard on Thu Aug 18, 2011 10:53 pm

A well hidden underground-lair, which consists the most powerful and dangerous magic the Alucard family has to other. It is not easy to enter nor to descend in here... Only the heads of the family appear to be able to reach the farthest depths and making it back alive. Nobody knows what lethal traps and creatures were summoned to protect this place!

"It is harder then I expected."
Rachel returned from the dark gates, which were sealed off until recently. The giant chains rustled and closed the entrance as soon as the girl left. Her right sleeve was completely torn, underneath showed up a red and fleshy arm. Rachel panted as she walked down the corridor, away from this nightmare place!
"I have the impression that I was close.... yet I was unable to get even near the book!"
Her arm was but a chewed and lifeless limb. Several bones must have been broken, yet the only thing Rachel Alucard did was panting exhausted. Her expression was also a bit tired, something down there totally wore her out!
"I just need to rest for a bit..."
Saying so she returned to her chamber... even as a master of time-distortion-magic she was unsure about how long she was inside that dungeon.
"I hope Ragna didn't do anything stupid again.... on the contrary how high is the chance he did NOT do something stupid..."
Valkenhayn was nowhere to be seen. That had to mean he was still accompanying the Grim Reaper. Rachel sighed in relief. These had to be good news on their own.

---------> Exit (Embracing the Revenant Sire)
Rachel Alucard

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