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Michel {WIP}

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Michel {WIP}

Post by Guest on Tue Oct 18, 2011 2:42 am

Name: Michel Miles

Nickname 'Gunmetal Hound'

Gender: Male.

Age: Being a Cyborg he no longer ages, but he appears to have been around 23-27 when the transformation took place.

Race: Cyborg

Appearance: Michel is a man standing at around 5'8 and weighs about 250 lbs of steel, organic organs, and flesh melded to machine. He is skinny and muscular at the same time, his tense and tight body has not a speck of flab on it, like an pro Athletes body just barely making the weight class, thin yet strong, tense and ready to move at a moments notice, covered in tight artificial cream colored skin with very distinct features such as a full six-pack and very defined muscles. Michel's eyes are a dark green color but also turn bright red when a target is seen, and begin to glow a greenish-red when he switched to night vision, along with short spiky, sandy Blond hair. Michel dresses a bit strangely, probably due to his childhood, he dresses in the same manner as a priest.

He wears A long baggy Cassock that he keeps buttoned down to his waist with a white t-shirt underneath, from the waist below the cassock flows out freely, the tail of the it has a long slit down the middle which billows out like a cape during rapid movement or when hit by a strong breeze, with a long white cloth about 6 feet long draped over his shoulders behind his neck having a red cross on each end. He also wears white gloves that also have a red cross on each one. On the shoulders of the Cassock are metal shoulder pads that also carry a red cross on them, and under the left one he has a badge representing Fenrir. Michel wears a harness on his back where he carries the swords in. He also wears a chain that's 2 feet long with a metal cross hanging from it, decorated with red gems and rubies with a second chain hanging down from his side pocket. He wears two belts around his waist with large buckets on them, and wears black cargo pants with multiple pockets and straps on the legs, white socks and Black combat boots. Inside his Cassock he hides his two .50 caliber pistols kept in 2 gun holsters placed on the back of his waist, keeping them hidden quite well from the eyes of the people around him until he draws them.
The harness for his sword.

Loyalty: Very loyal to Sector Seven.

Personality: Michel works with an unemotional, relentless efficiency and his functions are mostly limited to combat situations. He tends to use expressions much like a computer might, such as asking for a "status report" to assess someone's physical status and responding to questions with "negative" or "positive." Despite his mechanical nature, he has had moments where he appears to display concern for others, a sense of humor, and annoyance. Michel always keeps a straight face, no matter what is going on around him, since he is incapable of showing most emotions but he does express annoyance and humor through the way he speaks. To that end, he is often extremely inflexible with his orders and often carries them out without regard to situational variances. He is also very monotone. He is very calm and poised, even during battle, because of his cyborg status he does not seem to possess any more emotion than a machine would be expected to.

However, he does have a human brain stem, and has been seen to make decisions that could be deemed as illogical on a few occasions – Aside from these extremely rare minor displays, Michel is in all ways a perfect machine. He will follow orders with a precision and without hesitation or objection like no human could, with no real emotions to hinder his judgment unless he really feels it's necessary to go against his orders, and his actions are always irrefutably logical. He does not follow the usual human pattern of tact, and will bluntly speak of things other people may use euphemism for. He has a tendency of leaping into action, sometimes without a direct order, thinking that he is meant to do so. With that, he can cause trouble as well as chaos, while maintaining a calm glance at the sight. He will point out the things your obviously trying to hide, if he doesn't like you then he will tell you, the works. This straight forward attitude and bluntness often offends people and annoys them. He also has a strange habit of reciting Bible passages while in battle, though this rarely if ever happens, and he only does it when he is about to go for a finishing blow on an enemy.

St. Catharine & St. Teresa -

Both are approximately 39cm (16 in) in length and a weight of 16kg (35lbs), both are black carbon steel gunmetal construction. One of them has a bright red cross on both sides of the barrel, with the long end of the cross running down the barrel with the top of the cross near the handle, the other has a silver cross placed on it the same way as the red cross. There unique design makes it seem as both of them don't have a pistol slide, however, a part of the crosses are the slide and only moves minimal distance compared to other guns and is decorated with a Red cross similar to the one on Michel's gloves at the bottom of the grip by a long silver chain. Compared to the grip of the gun, the barrel seems a bit over sized for the gun itself. It also has a targeting beam on the bottom on the large barrel which is located just below the chamber and since its built into the barrel, it looks as if the gun has two barrels stacked on top of each other. They both fire armor piercing .50 Caliber bullets with five clips that hold ten bullets each.

Fusion blades -

The fusion swords are composed of six separate swords that can be assembled into a single large sword. The fusion swords in their various states of combination serve as Michels primary weapon after his guns are no longer in use. Barring the First Sword, the individual swords are not named, but they otherwise can be distinguished by their distinctive appearances and functions. The fusion sword consists of one main blade, the First Sword, one hollow blade that serves as the front edge, two identical (but asymmetrically opposite) blades that form the back, and two identical (also asymmetrically opposite) smaller blades that attach to the sides.

In addition, Michel wears a harness on his back where he carries the swords in. Michel is always shown with all six swords in the holster on his back. It is also possible that, given the need to carry all six blades, the two back blades and the two crest blades (Which mirror one another in each given pair).

Main sword:
The main blade, given the nickname of First Sword, resembles an exaggerated two-handed sword in its shape and appearance, though Michel usually wields it with only one hand, invariably his right one, despite its apparent size and weight. It consists of a long hilt wrapped in a red material, a distinctively large handguard which the other swords can be locked into, a wide length of blade, and an equally long but thinner length ending in a point. The main blade is the only sword among the six that is double-sided.

The main blade has two forms. In the first, the appearance is as described above, with the blade appearing to be one solid length of metal except for the transition between the wide and thin halves. In the second, the blade is pulled in two lengthwise; the edges are locked apart and the sword's complex inner portion is visible.

Hollow blade:
The hollow blade does not have an inner core as expected for a sword. Rather, it is essentially (though not exactly) a thick sheet of metal folded in a V-shape when looked from above, the edge of the sword being the bottom point of the "V", with its lower one-third of its length wrapping around a red double-hilt. The hollow blade is locked onto the main blade's front edge, where it snugly covers the entire edge of the main blade, and its own edge serves as the striking point for the assembled sword. It is this addition that turns the completed construct from a symmetric shape to the distinctive Buster Sword appearance. The hollow blade, while not Michel's primary bladed weapon, it is still perfectly capable of serving as such when Michel was deprived of the main blade in the battle. Despite its lack of an inner core, it is strong and sturdy enough to deflect and block bullets from smaller handguns and physical attacks. After regaining the main blade, Michel can use the hollow blade as an off-hand weapon. He can also eject the hollow blade from the completed blade as an off-hand weapon during a fight.

Back Blades:
The back blades are identical long swords, mirror images of each other, with one straight edge and one saw-toothed edge, with a long black hilt for each. The two swords are attached to the main blade's back, on both sides of the main blade's back edge, with the saw-teeth pointed forward toward the hollow blade. The addition of these two swords completes the fusion sword. One is used as an off-hand weapon to complement the connected main and hollow blades; the blade's saw-tooth edge is the striking edge. The other blade has a rather smoother and sharper edge, unlike its counter part with the saw-toothed edge, and is mostly carried on his back in the harness until needed to complete the full sized weapon.

Side Blades:
The side blades are identical, mirror image dagger-like swords, though they are still quite long. They are single-edged, with a gear-like mechanism between the hilt and the blade that allows them to fold up like a switchblade. It is in this folded form that the two side blades are locked onto the two sides of the assembled sword, with their edges turned forward toward the main blade at the sword's front. In addition, one of the two blades can be quickly ejected from the assembly if needed, providing Michel with a needed off-hand weapon incase his other swords are knocked out of reach. As part of the assembled fusion sword, the side blades do not appear to have any vital function like the rest of the swords, possibly only adding extra mass, and therefore force, to strikes, and providing a decorative appearance. The side blades may also possess some sort of locking mechanism designed to hold the other blades in place, or be meant to cover the hilts of the other blades to the same effect. It is also entirely possible the blades are merely for convenience so as to provide an efficient secondary weapon without compromising the assembled constructs strength.

All the swords + combinations and Final sword once all are combined.

As mentioned before, with the locking of the five auxiliary blades into the main blade as detailed in the diagram. The completed assembly bears no such slots as the individual swords fit into a holster on Michels's back. The fusion swords' assembled form, it is a heavy sword, most suited to crushing, and is not necessarily intended to serve the role of a slicing weapon as a nodachi or katana. It is capable of slicing, however, as Michel is capable of using it to cleanly slice through concrete. Although its appearance is as stout and sturdy, Michel does not demonstrate any more difficulty carrying and wielding it with one hand, than he does using only the lighter main blade by itself.

In addition, the completed assembly appears to be much more durable then a normal sword, as it is made of reinforced titanium, as its not being damaged by repeated full-strength edge-to-edge blows between most impacts, which would certainly damage a normal sword's edge if not outright break one or both of the swords, and due to his increased robotic strength, he carries it with ease and swings it like a toy. The multiple blades can also be separated, allowing him to use multiple swords at once in battle to suit the situation.

Full combine - Final blade
In this form where all the swords are combined together, and only in this form, can he send a Energy Slash from the blade itself toward an enemy, however it only has the same cutting power as it has when it is being swung around. If he swings it with one hand the slash will be relatively weak, as opposed to swinging his sword with two hands it will be a full force slash, since swinging a sword with two hands makes the strength of the swing double what it would be with one hand. This sword also weighs around 235 pounds once all of them are put together to form this version of the blade, its just as wide as him and just as long.

Abilities: Michel is an ace marksman as well as a weapons expert, capable of pulling the triggers on both of his .50 caliber handguns, St. Catharine and St. Teresa, so fast that it seems like they are fully-automatic pistols. He also has some experience in Hand-to-Hand combat but its mostly based on street fighting and self taught, the same goes with his sword style as it is self taught. With his machine-like abilities, he never needs to eat, but instead takes multiple vitamins and pills to maintain his organic tissue that is still attached to his body, as well as he never needs to worry about pain due to him having no real nerves. Though he still has a few of his internal organs, such as his heart and lungs, the rest of his organs have mostly been removed and replaced with mechanical and computer parts. His brain has also been modified and half of it has been turned into a complete computer, which gives him access to some of Sector Sevens computer files and access to his own systems, such as the GPS and Tracking system with night vision. All his experiences are recorded and archived to an insanely accurate degree – down to the number of minutes and even seconds it has occurred. All due to the robotics placed inside his brain. These archives possess not only the records of his 'experiences' but various other forms of knowledge to identify various chemicals, animals and the likes. He relies heavily on various censors and systems to see, hear and smell, many of which can be destroyed.

He has a tracking system as well as a GPS and radar in his eyes, allowing him sense any movement around in within 5 meters, or to find his way back to his needed position if he gets lost, the tracking system also acts as a targeting system, explaining his ace marksmanship with his weapons. He has minor holes in his neck to where he can plug into most computers that have modern hookups and allows him to hack in to it, and gain information, though while doing this his combat systems shut down so he can focus on cracking the firewalls and such, meaning he will not be able to defend himself if he is in the middle of hacking a computer. Though he is covered in organic skin and takes special vitamins to keep his functioning internal organs working, most of whats under this skin is complete reinforced steel plating capable of standing up to a hail of gunfire from Ak-47's and M16's, even 44. magnums, though it depends on how close the enemy is with the weapon itself, anything within 10 feet will injure him and cause major denting and may even break through the weaker points in the metal, now, high-powered machine guns and explosives, aside from a Ak and M16, such as a saw 96, will do minimal-sublime damage, grenades will do sublime amounts of damage to his metal frame and even break it open, crack it, and destroy it depending on how close he is to the explosion. He does not feel pain, he will not stop his assault on his targets, though the wounds do effect his ability in combat. However, anything stronger then the weapons stated above are a death sentence for his metal and organic body, and it will puncture the metal plating, thus damaging him even more if his internal organs are injured. He is basically a living, breathing computer.

He can be knocked out by certain static filled shocks as well as deprogramming. But as he was programmed, he was built with a self repair system. Sometimes it will take minutes or an hour to heal whatever mechanical injuries he had obtained during battle, I mean injuries as in, he gets hit with a EMP field or a fallen telephone wire or something and his systems get damaged, they will slowly repair themselves with a backup boot, bullet wounds will not heal up unless he is repaired, he does NOT have nano-machines or anything of the like that can repair him during battle. This also gives him a "Damage System", allowing him to calculate how damaged he is and what part of his body is damaged. Michel has a human brain stem and has to take a vitamin pill with a glass of three-times diluted water once a month to survive. Due to his robotic limbs and such, he has enough strength to kick through walls around 9 inches thick, breaks doors off of their hinges, and even lift heavy objects around 350 pounds without much effort applied, this strength also gives him the power to use his six sword to cut through steel.

Being a cyborg, Michel has to work within the limits of his own pre-made design. Even if he is hit by something that he can withstand, he will still feel the force and impact from it. However, this does not mean he will stop in his assault. During a run, the impact of a low caliber bullet such as a 9mm, or weak Ars magus will not stop him in his tracks. Nor will the hail of gunfire from a Ak-47, though he will be slowed down and take slight damage from it, and denting of his metal frame and plates. Depending on the types of bullets, exploding rounds will also do some damage, and injure his metal frame. As said above, High powered rifles and minimal explosives also do damage, but most of it will be absorbed by his metal frame, though that does not mean he will completely fine by it. The sheer fact that his Metal frame is Reinforced Steel does not mean he is invincible and he is far from perfect. He has very little heat resistance, only able to withstand 165 degrees of heat before having to get to a cooler temperature, or else his insides would be cooked and he will surly die. Same for very cold weather, Michel is only able to withstand up to -20 below freezing before freezing alive and turning into a cyborg-Popsicle. Also, adding on to his weaknesses, Michel's only bone that is not made of metal is his spine, which will, just like a human, if it gets broken, render him unable to walk and is currently his most vulnerable weak-point. He is also Waterproof and can be submerged in water for at least 48 hours before his system's fry, though he may have lungs, special valves inside his throat close off to keep air in and keep water out, much like a alligator.

He also has multiple "Modes" he uses while out in the field. Most of the time he is is "Stand by mode" where he goes about his normal routine. Just before running off into battle, and plans are being made, he will also switch over to "Strategic planning mode" and use his computer-like brain to run as many options as possible in regards to the battle in order to help out. However, during battle is where the other versions come into play. While fighting against a single opponent, its simple "Combat Mode" where he engages the enemy and tries to destroy them by following his orders. If the opponent runs and tries to get away, he will go into "Search mode" and will continue to look for the target until it is destroyed or he is certain the target has gotten away. While fighting more then one opponent, its "Double Homicide Mode", where he uses his dual handguns so efficiently that he uses each gun to fire on each opponent, so as not to lose due to lack of numbers. The last of his abilities or "Modes", is "Genocide mode". When faced with a superior opponent or overwhelming numbers, he will switch to this mode.

The mode shuts down all other systems in his body that are not related to combat situations in order to focus fully on slaughtering, annihilating, killing, and the over all destruction of his target/targets. It can be one really strong target or multiple ones. This mode basically pushes his robotic limbs and systems to their limits in battle.


Michel was born in Scotland, his father died just before his birth. He only had his mother and big brother who was six at the time. While he was growing up, he always loved supernatural things, such as vampires and other things of that sort but then again what kid didn't? As a young child he had many toys of all types of mythical creatures, which him and his brother often fought over. He loved the occult so much that he was always hardheaded about it. He won mostly all the arguments. When he turned 8 his big brother died in a car crash, causing him to have a bit of a mental break down and distance himself from other, after that he rarely talked, even to his mother. While in school he had many fights, often about religion and other things, he loved to argue about things like that, but was very rare and he only argued with the people he thought were educated on the subjects they spoke of, the fights and arguments which caused him to be expelled from his school early on at the age of 10, his mother soon turned him to home school, and taught him from his own home, while on home school his mother and him moved to japan where a better education system was. He was home schooled for 4 years until he was 14 by this time he had grown even more interested into the supernatural, and was more of a hobby to him now. He also picked up smoking from one of his friends he hung out with, he became extremely addicted to them, but he didn't mind due to the fact that it calmed his nerves also helped him during arguments. While investigating more and more into the supernatural on his free time, he began to go to the closest church to his home and began to frequent it, going to it almost every day, studying the bible to try and make since of these supernatural beings and such.

In fact, he hardly even left the church, only to go home and eat with his mother and sleep in his bed. He never left the church much and when he did he would always appear at their door step the next day or so, even in the coldest winter day. He went through every version of the bible, every one that he could read anyway, he even learned Japanese so he could read their religious texts, the ones he could get his hands on. However, one day something strange happened, his mother got strangely ill and he didn't know why, he soon found out, as did much of the world as The Black Beast, a monstrous creature responsible for killing half of the world's population, there was no rhyme or reason with the monsters methods; It simply killed for the sake of killing. In particular, Seithr, a dangerous material that the Black Beast exuded from its own body, covered the planet, causing many areas to become inhospitable, and even altering some of the creatures, turning them into violent beasts. The Seithr is what caused his mothers dead, luckily for him he was taken by the church and managed to get away from the Seithr before he was killed by it like his mother. He was so shocked by this incident that he began not only studying these things of the supernatural {or what he thought to be supernatural} even more, but also began training to fight it, by the time he turned 15, He became was already the adopted son of a priest at the church, helping with common stuff and studying on his own time.

Such as the Sunday school and other things. He never had that high of a belief in this stuff like god, but it was very intriguing to him, as were all other things that were considered "Supernatural". He began to study the black beast. Michel was still destroyed by the indecent of his mothers death to be sure, but it wasn't as bad. In fact, during his time with the church as his new home, His belief in God suddenly dropped, none of his prayers were answered, nothing he prayed for happened, and having no where else to turn to, he turned away from his training. He even managed to get himself into NOL to help with the war against the Black Beast after leaving home. During his time with NOL and The Military Academy, which is a school where students of all ages go to study to become NOL soldiers and officers. It's fairly exclusive, with difficult entrance exams; there are preparatory schools dedicated to helping students prepare for them, he was able to get himself a bit of training with guns and such, in fact this is the place where he taught himself to use his swords and guns in privet, he would often sneak off to train himself, though he never really cared for Ars Magus or any magic crap. However this was a mistake as he was wounded greatly during a field operation. He was taken to Sector Seven where He had most of his organs replaced with machine parts and had his cancer which he had developed from smoking, removed. This took away a part of his personality because his brain was also messed around with. He began to become more successful on missions and continued to work for Sector Seven due to him being taken back and operated on, however he is a rather old and outdated model.

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