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The creator of the RJs, Jin Denzuki

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The creator of the RJs, Jin Denzuki

Post by JinD on Mon Nov 07, 2011 2:03 am

Name: Jin Denzuki
Gender: Genderless, Male (formerly)
Age: Exactly 111 years old, human life included.
Race: Cyborg
Appearance: To anyone that has seen one of his robot impersonators, he could be 'nothing but one of them', since he had to be a robot. He wears a long and ample vest of a gray-ish blue tint, with a cross-shaped wide fringe of tissue in front of his chest. His artificial skin is green-colored because of some metal particle component of it. Though his facial features are human-looking contrary to the robots he modeled after himself, his yellow highlight-like eyes, even hidden under fringes of his orange hair, are enough of a proof he's mostly a robot now.
Loyalty: Himself. The memory of his former co-workers. True justice "Not the NOL's puny excuse for it.".
Personality: Jin Denzuki is a devout Christian man. Though given what he lived through (and the fact that he is a man of science), he is starting to loosen about the importance of religion, justice, and this kind of lousy ideals. Though he is mostly pacifist (preferring lazying around to battling) he still isn't to be ticked, especially not if you're obviously posing problems to him, and 'doing what's wrong. Also, while in his past he was slightly racist, his grafting into a robot and the animal-liking traits Tsutomu inverted that into a love of non-human beings. Same goes for the goody-two-shoes rule-obsessed side he manifested in the past. He is still heavily traumatized by the loss of his all-time rival (and coworker) Tsutomu Tokimoe, and as such took part of the latter's personality traits for himself: a majorly careless attitude (when not fighting), a hint of arrogance, and a tendency to hide his emotions behind the flat-characterized exterior of a wandering justice-obsessed rule-screwing vindicator.
Weaponry: Like the RJs (they have been modeled after him after all), he wields a long sword with a big diamond-shaped guard between the handhold and the blade. This model in particular can hold heavy electron charges (for his Atomic Charge move). His right arm in itself is a potential weapon given, like all RJs, it can burst heavy electric discharges, though not as far as if it was channeled through the sword.
- Master of Denzuki-style Swordfighting: Jin Denzuki devised himself an elegant martial art to be able to fight on par with other warriors in the world. It's a derivative of what he learnt in his native country, now referred to as the 10th Hierarchical City of Akitsu.
- Disciple of Tokimoe-style Swordfighting: As he took some personality traits of his partner and rival Tsutomu's, he also self-taught the former's moves after his disappearance. This brash-looking fighting style was meant to be used with a blunt and much shorter sword than Jin's, so he had to invent derivations to get past some limits of mobility the sword's length and the right-handed hold implied.
- Enhanced Durability: Though not to the extent as most other robotic bodies, Jin's body is made of metal and artificial skin, and as such can endure more pain than a human, if not outright ignore it at times where he really goes haywire (read: during his Atomic Overdrive).
- Hovering: Limited in height and duration. (Not above 3 feet high and not over 3 seconds)
- Electric Projectiles: With his sword, channelling electricity is much easier, and as such the sword can create stable electric projectiles, some even able to paralyze targets.
- Body Invulnerablility to Seithr: Since his body is robotic, seithr does not affect it. Though, his brain is not protected enough to be completely unaffected, and if he can stand seithr concentrations higher than a human, he still is vulnerable to side-effects if the exposition is prolonged.
- Self-repair: Can regenerate a cut in one-minute. Though, deep entails take much longer, and a cut arm will simply not regenerate, at least not until the limb is taken back.
-- Drive: Holy Bolts: Can paralyze opponents, even human ones, thanks to his sword being able to hold heavy electric charges.
--- Special Move: Power Fission: A very powerful discharge coming from the ground in which Jin planted his sword.
--- Special Move: Thunderous Cloud: Throws several discharges in front of him, forming a spinning triangle of lightning bolts in front of him.
--- Special Move: Holy Storm: A lightning-bolt lookalike two-handed sword poke.
--- Special Move: Thunderforce: A forward-lunging punch accompanied by a burst of electricity, sounding similar to a shotgun firing.
--- Special Move: Electric Spear: Thrusts forward with the whole length of his sword while covering it in an electric aura.
--- Special Move: Holy Thunderforce: Extended variations of Thunderforce, during which he can punch through the air in front of him fist covered in electricity, fire a catherine-wheel-like electric barrier, or even unleash an electric uppercut followed by a wide electric arc.
--- Special Move: Pulsation - Mid: Bends back to charge his sword and passes behind the opponent with an electric slash.
--- Distortion Drive: Atomic Overdrive: With every Atomic Charge he used, this special state lasts 2 posts (for a grand maximum of eight). While in this state, he uses atomic energy, which means he has a drastic increase in his power outputs. He is much faster and stronger than normally, and his electric attacks paralyze for much longer.
--- Distortion Drive: Stunning Discharge: A variating strike depending on the use, but Jin can throw this in form of a beam, or a projectile, or even a non-moving evanescent burst.
--- Distortion Drive: Lightning Graze: A variating attack again, always implying a giant ball of lightning. He can either have it stand in front of him as a shield, hover forward in it, or even throw himself forward in it at very high speed. He also calls 'Reverse Thunder Graze' a vertically-aimed version of it.
--- Astral Heat: Thunder Cross: Uses an electric kick in the chest to paralyze the opponent while he charges his sword to deliver two slashes, drawing a cross-shaped scar on the opponent's torso while the slashes emit sparks in a cross-looking pattern.
History: Jin Denzuki is born before year 2000, long before the Black Beast came. He was a young and brilliant kid, aiming to become an ecclesiastic scholar. When he was 12, wars broke out, and in that same year his life was saved by another man, holding a scientifically-crafted sword. When Jin woke up, the savior introduced himself as Tsutomu Tokimoe, a scientist. Jin's interest for science was born. As his parents were church militants, they abandoned Jin and kicked him out; leaving him to live in his studies. Though he studied in the same field as his savior, they soon came in conflict of methods and ethics, given his heavy emphasis on the rules, and his rival's "doing whatever is necessary" rule.
He soon came to be as knowledgeable as him, but then, the Black Beast came out of nowhere, and they got mobilized for scientific weaponry devising. An area in which Tsutomu held much more of his own. Though, due to the older man's brash behavior and the group's fear of subvention decerasing, Jin ended up elected as head of the research group despite being only 22 years old. To rival Tsutomu, Jin decided to devise his own kind of weapons, using electricity to paralyze and shut down and disable enemies as an opposite to those meant to destroy, corrode and annihilate by fire. Used in combination those weapons were thought to pose a challenge to the Beast. Unfortunately, it came they couldn't, seithr killing anyone before use of those weapons became possible. And the Beast attacked their base... way sooner than expected.
The little group of scientists enclosed themselves in an anti-atomic shelter, aiming to soon create robots under the reasoning that given robots could not die of seithr poisoning, they could defeat the Beast with enough power. In the hideout, they had no news about the apparition of the Six Heroes, the creation of Armagus, nothing. They just worked on the creation of justice robots, modeled after Jin's ideals. Though, seithr penetrated the shelter at a small rate due to a breach that opened due to a failed test. The group slowly was decimated, and as the ultimate experience, Jin's brain got grafted into a robotic body. Tsutomu was the only one left alive the moment Jin regained consciousness, and most of the robots they were working on had vanished.
It was time to depart, but before they could find a Hierarchical City, Tsutomu went his own way, seemingly leaving Jin go forth to die alone. No man ever knew what happened to Tsutomu Tokimoe afterwards, but he had totally disappeared. Taking it as a sacrifice, Jin took some traits of his in his honor, and it was one more motivation to defeat the Beast. But at that time, it had already been defeated. Jin felt easier and took an easier look on life, but... soon he heard of some of his former experiences out in the nature, doing wrongs to innocents. Realizing there were enormous errors in his past ways, and so in the RJs', he decides to destroy every one still active.
RP sample: As he advanced in the corridor of the NOL, Jin felt as if it was home... or what he called home when he was young. He was looking for something precise: a robot made of green metal had been sighted regularly in here. For everyone it was normal, apparently; though everyone was okay in that it was a weirdo... "For me, it is something else..."
As expected, a blue-clad robot appeared stepping down stairs nearby. Wearing a palette-changed copy of Jin's outfit that exclaimed pretty well his allegiance.
"Number 38... I am here to destroy you. Prepare yourself!"

Blue sparks emitted close to the robot's sword, the self-proclaimed knight of justice replied by charging his sword too and making the sign of the cross while spouting his line.
"Now, that who has been crafted for nothing but destruction, feel the weight of your wrongs delivered upon you, as I strike down with the thunder of God's Wrath!"
Though it was a lousy line, meaningless to him now, it was meaningful to the robot. Jin knew it and smirked slightly upon entering a guard stance.

(Outside of sheet note: anyone interested in taking any RJ or Tsutomu Tokimoe can, just respect whatever hints I might have given about them.)

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Re: The creator of the RJs, Jin Denzuki

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Mon Nov 07, 2011 4:45 pm

Fine by me. In fact, you've inspired me to start working on a new OC of my own. Nicely done.


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Re: The creator of the RJs, Jin Denzuki

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 12, 2011 11:43 pm

Well, its not as bad as i thought it would be. Its fine.

Locked, dropped, approved


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Re: The creator of the RJs, Jin Denzuki

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