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Shinju Shimotsuki

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Shinju Shimotsuki

Post by Guest on Wed Nov 09, 2011 1:49 am

Name: Shinju Shimotsuki

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Race: Human

Appearance: Shinju highly resembles what Jin would be if he were a girl. She is about as tall as him, standing at 174 cm and weighing 56 kg. Despite being obviously female, she does not share Noel's uniform, preferring and globally more suited to the masculine one. As such, she wears the same clothes as Jin. Her facial traits also resemble his, except another bit more feminine (she's really a girl), having for only differences her shoulder-length hair and blue eyes.

Loyalty: Novus Orbis Librarium

Personality: Being a real fan of Jin, Shinju went as far as to imitate his behaviour of his glory days: she is cold and aloof, caring very little for the feelings of others, and doesn't rely on travesties such as friendship, believing that people use the concept to their own advantage. She would be able to kill anyone who gets in the way of her goal, be it an ally or a clear enemy.

Weaponry: A book-like Grimoire the NOL gave her as a reward, and a sword similar to Yukianesa, except shorter and with no power on its own.

Abilities: As a competent member of the NOLSI (long-range infantry), Shinju is very skilled at using her weapons to the fullest, being able to cast many Ars from her Grimoire, granting her extensive use of ice for many different uses, such as freezing opponents, calm pain or travel very quickly. Her sword skills are not bad at all either, though the use of her kodachi is mostly defensive due to the short blade. Her graceful style can also throw lazy opponents out of focus.
She is also suspected to have a glimpse of the Power of Order, though she comes up unnoticed for it compared to Jin or Hakumen.
Drive: Cold Rigidity (冷剛性, Reigôsei): Her attacks, either hit or blocked, make the target's body colder, ending up in her dealing about 10% more damage on following attacks. This state vanishes after 2 posts.
Distortion Drive: Ice Bolt (凍電光, Kôdenkô, Frozen Lightning): Shinju dashes to the opponent very quickly and unleashes from her blade a freezing lightning bolt on his chest.
Distortion Drive: Blue Flame (感冒炎, Kanbôen, Cold Flame): Shinju unleashes a flurry of wide-arced slashes, her blade releasing cold flames (something like Hakumen's Shippu) at each swing.
Distortion Drive: Blizzard (冷気風, Reikikaze, Chilling Wind): Shinju makes an ice shield appear in front of her. If the opponent hits it, he is frozen and wide-open to her dashing slash that makes the ice shatter for big damage.
Astral Heat: Ice in the Sky (氷明星, Hyômyôjô, Ice Star): Shinju makes a circle of ice appear in front of her. If the opponent is caught in, an enormous pillar of ice forms, taking him high in the sky, only to see Shinju ride said ice, flip in the air, and slash it whole.

History: Shinju was born in the prided Shimotsuki family, exactly a year after Jin. Her childhood was not one to be remembered, until she saw Jin's adoption by the Kisaragis from afar. While her parents were not happy with the Kisaragis getting the attention and soon the pride for his accomplishments, Shinju found him rather handsome, and admired him, doing everything to be like him: joining the NOL Military Academy, raising through ranks through cold efficiency instead of through relations, going to the Ikaruga War (under Jin's command), entering the Praetorian Guard... She didn't take very well his proximity with Tsubaki and grew jealous of her, furthering her hard-working personality just to be noticed by her idol, climbing grades quickly and soom becoming a Captain in the NOL Special Infantry, thus being entrusted with a Grimoire of her choice. She chose one with many Ars of her predilection style: ice-wielding. Her current objective is to climb through even more ranks to be a high-ranking member of the NOL, a Colonel, or why not even the Field Marshal.

RP sample: (I'm too lazy to do one as of now...)


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Re: Shinju Shimotsuki

Post by Webmaster on Wed Nov 09, 2011 8:57 pm

I still don´t know whatever a NOLSI member would use a sword, at all, but i suppose for close range work it would do.
*alittle sad its not a dude with a magical sniper rifle*

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Re: Shinju Shimotsuki

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Wed Nov 09, 2011 10:02 pm

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Re: Shinju Shimotsuki

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