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Xander Finished

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Xander Finished

Post by Guest on Fri Nov 25, 2011 7:47 pm

Name: Xander

Gender: Technically none because he's an Android but is considered a Male Cyborg.

Age: Unknown

Race: Android/robot

Appearance: Being an Android that was made from Kokonoe with Hakumen's Susano'o Unit designs Xander has a few resemblances to the True Master Unit. His armor is a glistening silvery white. His limbs are made of titanium rods so that his limbs will be difficult to break. The joints are made by bolted together by large, steel knobs that allow Xander to bend his limbs and move exactly like a normal human being. Xander's "Head" has three eyes, two where a humans goes and a third one on the base of his forehead. These are cameras and the third eye has a built in cross hair to lock onto targets. His eyes also have built in cameras so that Professor Kokonoe or anyone else supervising him through Sector Seven Computers can see whatever he's seeing, he also has radio communications to receive briefings from other Sector Seven members. Lastly Xander wears a long, flowing red cape bhind his back which has a gold lightning bolt pattern on the edges of the cape.

Loyalty: Being created by her Xander's main loyalty belongs to Kokonoe, Sector Seven is second

Personality: Despite being an android Xander was built and actually had emotions. He feels pain and suffering but also happiness and joy. Most of the time Xander obeys Professor Kokonoes orders. But sometimes his emotions get the better of him and continue to wonder if the choices Kokonoe makes are right. He follows her orders either way, most of the time Xander doesn't want to fight and even tries to avoid it despite being such an intimidating appearance. Mostly he just wants friends, someone that he can talk too, he is still trying to find that one person and most of the times asks others he talks to if they want to be his friend. He loves nature and adores its beauty including the life of the world, like humans and animals. Xander always wonders what it is like to have a heart and wishes to obtain a heart of his own someday.


Xander wields a large Artificial Ars Armagus which has no name. However Xander likes to call this weapon Kuro Karasu or in English, The Black Raven.Which is in the shape of a long, large circular battle axe with a handle all the way at the other end of the axe. Although Xander most of the time wields the weapon in the middle for close range combat. Upon activation Xander's Casualty Weapon releases powerful vibrations into the weapon. This does nothing when swinging at the opponent however when Xander's blade strikes the ground the heavy vibrations release, sending a long range (around 15 meter radius wide) minor Earthquake that deals minor damage but mostly distracts and trips up the enemy for Xander's full on assault. Also Xander can increase and decrease the fequencies of the vibratins, to where when decreased the ground releases a short (5 meter wide radius) average powered quake or increased to deal a long range (25 meter wide radius) earthquake that deals pretty much no damage but again trips and shakes up the foe.

Image of Weapon:


Abilities: Being an Android Xander has several special traits that make him different.

"Keep in mind that it takes Xander 5 posts to reach 50% heat and 10 to gain 100% heat HOWEVER for each of his special techniques (not Distortions or normal Drive) will cost Xander 10% Heat.

Super Human strength: Being a large, bulky built Android Xander has some incredible super human strength, not only in lifting his heavy 100 kg battle axe but he also has super strength that could somewhat rival even Iron Tager.

No Stamina: Being made entirely of machinery Xander doesn't tire like a fleshy human. However he still takes damage and still does feel pain and too much will prevent him from fighting.

No disease: Again, being entirely machine Xander cannot contract diseases

Drive: Earth Render: Xander activates his Artificial Weapon, activating its vibration frequency. He can smash the ground and use the vibrations to cause a small quake in the Earth and change its frequency to make the range long but weak (25 meter radius) medium but average power (15 meter radius) or strong but short (5 meter radius). Can only be used once per post.

Special Technique: Ravens Peak: Xander will increase the vibration in he weapon and smash it directly into the ground, the result turns to be a spike made of Earth that appears behind the foes back to stab them. The foe will already know something is coming after them though because of the shaking occurring around them as the spike rises. Costs 10 heat.

Special Technique: Ravens Talons: Xander will rush the opponent and trip them with his leg, then he will kick them in their back to keep them in midair and slam his axes body (not the blade but the black, metal staff part) into the ground, dealing blunt damage. Costs 10 heat.

Special Technique: Raven God's Breaker: Xander will take a stance and spin his axe in a circle (resembling the spinning of a helicopter blade) and if hit he will block the attack and proceed with a flying side kick as a Counter and pushing the foe a few feet away. Costs 1o Heat, can be used once every 2 posts.

Distortion Drive: The Ravens flight: Xander will spin in a circle as fast as he can and swing his battle axe in the direction of his opponent, the axe will continue flying even after sinking into the enemy, causing them to fly along with it and crashing into a large boulder. Then the axe will fly back like a boomerang and Xander will grab his axe (after crashing the opponent will be freed from the axe so Xander gets the axe with no one stuck on it.) Costs 50 heat.

Distortion Drive: Gaia Slam: Xander maximizes the vibration frequencies in his axe and smashes it into the ground, causing a 15 meter radius high damaging earthquake that will trip up the foe and send them up in the air, the earthquake will also send several large boulders (the crushed ground) at the foe dealing blunt damage. Costs 50 heat.

Astral Heat: The Ravens Descent: Xander will run at the foe at his maximum capacity, then he will stop right in front of the opponent suddenly and do a back flip, as he is flipping his axe will be right behind him and sink into the enemeies chest. Then with the enemy still lodged in Xander will use his maximum capacity and jump around 20 feet in the air and move himself to where he is above the foe, where their on the bottom with the sword pointing downwards. Then as he descends he shall activate his Weapons vibration ability and land on his feet, slamming the sword deeper into the foe and smashing them to the ground on their back and cause a massive earthquake from the vibrations, dealing heavy damage to the foe. Then Xander will remove the axe lodged into their chest. Costs 100 heat.

History: During the time when the Leader of the Six Heroes, Hakumen worked alongside Professor Kokonoe for Sector Seven the magic user had a great fighter to work with her group. However Hakumen never seemed to go her way and continued to mess with her true plans, after losing Hakumen and the Susano'o Unit Sector Sevens power seemed to be diminished even with the powerful Iron Tager. Kokonoe decided to try and make an exact replica of the Susano'o Unit. She gathered the best materials for an android she could find in her lab and built her newest creation. TR-0010 Susano'o Battle Droid Xander.

After being awoken Xander felt great pain, he never knew the reason why he felt pain and neither did Kokonoe, despite knowing he did have human emotion. After giving the Faux Susano'o Unit a few tests in agility and power Kokonoe became frustrated as Xander didn't reach the same outputs as the true Master Unit, which was too be expected. Xander felt that his existence was never supposed to be and that he shouldn't live. But after hearing the words from Kokonoes' fellow colleague Iron Tager Xander "opened" his eyes and realized that he may not be perfect and reach the Professor's standards but he could possibly grow stronger and make her happy. He strives to meet Kokonoe's expectations believing that she thinks he is a waste of space, whether it be true or not and completes her tasks so she deems him a proud and useful member of Sector Seven. He asked Tager about "emotions" Tager told him about the human body and the emotions they feel pain,sadness, fear, joy, happiness and others to be listed. Xander remembered feeling Pain when he first awoke and realized that he had the emotions of a human being. He then realized that even with emotions he wasn't truly a "somebody" just a hunk of walking, talking metal. He wanted to change that. Xander wants to possibly become a human, to be a somebody, whether if that goal is impossible or not Xander never gives up on achieving his goal on reaching humanity.

RP sample: You guys probably don't wanna see another Hazama RP Sample but I guess I could do a practice fight if you really want me to have one.

Last edited by Xander on Tue Dec 06, 2011 9:57 pm; edited 7 times in total


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Re: Xander Finished

Post by Guest on Tue Nov 29, 2011 2:59 am

My app is finished. Ready for checking if anyones not busy. :3


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Re: Xander Finished

Post by Guest on Tue Nov 29, 2011 9:18 am

I only see minor problems at first:
1- How can such an armor show enough agility to perform something like the Peregrine Drop? It's not even talking about the Astral Heat.
2- Raven's cry seems broken as noone can block sound waves, and you must make incredibly loud ones (around 120dB) to make someone flinch, which is fairly impractical.
The following are even less important:
3- I recall something called Tera-Break.
4- His state of mind reminds me of another character of yours.
Super Human strength: Xander has shown to having slightly higher physical strength compared to a normal human.
Slightly? Only slightly? To wield such a thing, he must have a much higher brute strength than a normal human.
6- I couldn't tell why Kokonoe would make another robot given she has Tager, but I'm not gonna be picky with that.


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Re: Xander Finished

Post by Guest on Thu Dec 01, 2011 1:31 am

All of the edits asked have been completed.


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Re: Xander Finished

Post by Guest on Tue Dec 06, 2011 10:01 pm

Noel here.
The sheet seems about right, after some little chat.



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Re: Xander Finished

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Tue Dec 06, 2011 10:55 pm

I'll be honest, I'm short on free time at the moment so I'm not using as fine toothed a comb as I normally would to go over this sheet. That being said, I'm putting my trust in Eta that everything is up to snuff by the standards of the forum. Consider this an approval from me. If a third staff member hasn't voted on this sheet in 48 hours I'll move it to the approved section myself and you're good to go.

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Re: Xander Finished

Post by Guest on Thu Dec 15, 2011 10:21 pm

Due to Jin dropping this OC, I'm moving this to the disapprovals.

[22:50:52] Hazama. : but anyway guys I'm dropping both Beta and Xander and I'm going to take my time to create a new, epic OC that when he starts off will be weak but over time with experience, training and multiple battles can become stronger do you guys like that?


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Re: Xander Finished

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