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Fight rules

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Fight rules

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Sat Jun 05, 2010 10:27 pm

Fighting Rules:

1. You can kill another character as long as you get the permission of the other character and inform the main admin of this in the chatbox when the main admin is available.
2. There are no battles without the injuries - you cannot dodge bullets forever
3. You cannot describe the reaction or emotions of another character.
4. Auto-hitting is absolutely not allowed at all, this is another form of godmodding which nobody appreciates.
5. During the battle there is a strict order of moves. For example your post must be always followed by enemy move, like that: You, Enemy, You, Enemy, You, Enemy. Or if this is a group battle it will be like You, Enemy1, Enemy 2, You, Enemy1, Enemy2 etc.
6. For one post(message)(move) can can use no more than 4 actions.
7. During one move you can attack the maximum number of two enemies while being attacked by the maximum of 2 enemies.
8. You must make the most realistic scenarios in a battle, like real life tactics or reload if your gun has already used up all it's ammo, there are no guns that fire forever without reloading.
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