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Millenia - the Modern Witch of Assiah

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Millenia - the Modern Witch of Assiah

Post by Millenia on Sun Dec 18, 2011 12:52 am

This is NOT the talking hat from Harry Potter! In fact, it can't speak.

Name: Millenia

Gender: Female

Age: What may be the age of a witch with the name of 'Millenia' ? Certainly, it's 23.

Race: Homunculus

Appearance: Appearance is something people are vary of. So what is a person with no appearance? Non-existing? Bad taste? Or are they transparent for society as they fail to notice them? One word: Fashion. Millenia's clothing style is a mix of traditional witchclothing and a modern touch of 'show-some-skin'. We fail to understand why she decides to wear baggy-like jinn-pants. Black makes sexy is what they say. Millenia doesn't care about you thinking she looks sexy. It is just a convenient outfit!
Also her hair is always braided into a single tail.... not every hair, though, since many are still wildly hanging from her head!
Those sharp teeth are none to make fun off... is that a kaka? Nope, ain't seeing a tail or ears. Yet those eyes are so gloomy...

Loyalty: Loyalty is a bitch. You can't do what you want to. There is always someone nagging around messing up your time schedule! You know what? Millenia is doing it HER way! No NOL, no Sector Seven, no nothing!

Personality: You wanna see a paragraph about her personality? Ain't givin'ya.

No wait, that was a (short) paragraph in itself... okay you win. Millenia's character is discribed best with the word 'uncertainty'. That is all you need to know as a lady never tells her secrets, right? She doesn't make much sense all the time and gives the average attitude of lazyness and boredom. Whenever something displeases her she already starts losing her interest. Running away from problems? Fine with that. Running away from more detailed character description? Most certainly uncertain.

Weaponry: Armagus and such? Now we are talking in terms this witch understands, yes yes. Behold!

Armagus 'Suuhyaku Kara Yuniiku Na Majo No Kishi, Namae No Hyakkihei' (The unique knight of the witch among hundreds, Hyakkihei) - This is the favorite name Millenia ever gave to something! This autonomic armor Ars Armagus is the personal servant of this witch, but he is one of many. Consider it a golem in a need attire. He is pretty small and cute, so what brutality would you expect from something like that? Oh yes, I said one of many... Ars Armagus 'Hyakkihei' is literally translated to "hundred knights" and yes she would be basically able to summon a hundred of those little fellas! Consider it a problem of efficient energy use, period. So for newbies of the Blazblue universe: LOTSA Seithr needed!

Abilities: Witch + Ars Armagus = Godmodding? Depends on the range of abilities, I think! Millenia can all and yet nothing, believe it! As in every person there slumbers talent and potential, waiting to be awaken... but what could a magic-apprentice with the sweet age of 23 hope for? Yes, Millenia is able to use magic , but the result is pretty far off from OP. Actually she uses her magic only for personal convenience like boiling an egg or turning the page of her newspaper...
To put it in simple terms once again: barrier and elemental magic is the most she can do
The only thing she exceeds in is summoning though! That's why she has that awesome Ars Armagus with her.

History & RP sample:
"I once at a bagle,
at the beginning of a new day,
was it tasty?
No, a strange smell entered,
my nose which smelled of rotten fish,
it was that green-haired guy again, ordering the same mosaic food that blonde lady without cooking skills and apparently a librarian was so good at."
---- Excerpt of a certain witches diary

A tale from ages ago, to be exact a Millennium. The world was a place of medieval crafts, beliefs and reign. When witchcraft started to become a known practice among those later hunted by the church... the very beginnings of the powerful sorcery we know today - It is all written down in a certain book. Many call it by the name of Necronomicon , for others it is known as Liber AL vel Legis and even some claim it to be the bible. But everyone soon will notice, these books do not fit into the timeline. The name of the book is----
"Now, this story would get boring here, if I continued it!"
Millenia closed the book with a forceful manner. A dull clap-sound mixed with a cloud of dust were emitted from it's old pages. The witch jumped out of her rocking chair, threw the book ungrateful onto a nearby table and walked through the crowded little room, which was only lit by a chimney. Books everywhere. Many piles covered the floor making it almost impossible to move around. Yet, Millenia light-footedly danced between the free spaces to move around.
"Hyakkihei, clean that up for me."
With a bored manner she raised her hand. Suddenly a little creature popped out of nowhere directly under one dangerously shaking pile. Those were too many books for a short guy like him so it was only natural that he would be buried under the weight of them turning the pile into a hill. A few more minions showed up to dig out the covered friend. Soon they began tidying up the small place, but what was their master doing?
"Witchcraft is nothing so simple, aye? Many of my ancestors sacrificed more than their lives to make magic into something. There is no such book which covers all this knowledge! Or so they say..."
"But I am sure it exists! This is the quest of Millenia, the great witch of Modern Assiah!"
Thus went the little witch out into the world to search for said book...

An empty flask, but for how long will it stay empty? They put in so many strange substances at once, swirling around in a muddy liquid. It was an experiment. It wasn't the first of this kind as creating artificial life was no more a subject of fantasy and fiction. But humankind is always aiming for perfection, yet what is there after ascending into the domain of god? Perfection was still not achieved, they thought.. why else would they research on the boundary? Their newest research didn't have to be connected to the boundary directly though. Magic, a long lost art which can only be used by an awfully small amount of people.
What worked with genetic engineering on the genes of Jubei, the strongest being, would also work with Nine, the greatest witch. Or so they believed. Creating people - or more like weapons - that are able to cast magic!

Therefore Millenia was born. But was she a failure? An outcast, why else would they abandon the successful creation of a human being? When Millenia was born, a life of tests and experiments awaited her, which all ended in failures. The head of the project lost his patience, the researching funds were wasted on a creature unable to show the desired results. They threw the unaware entity known was Millenia into the depths of Area 99, a place similar to Arakune's habital Area 28. Ironically it was after she was thrown out like trash that she developed her magical abilities...
"Are you believin' that crap? I ain't! Millenia has to be a human, a student of the great Nine! But I can't remember my childhood all too well, hehehe.... I also didn't see master Nine for a while..."
"...well time to find that book!"

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Re: Millenia - the Modern Witch of Assiah

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Sun Dec 25, 2011 1:54 am

Looks pretty interesting so far. Keep up the good work and finish this sheet off so the Staff can start voting alright?
Ragna the Bloodedge

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Re: Millenia - the Modern Witch of Assiah

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 06, 2012 2:55 pm

I guess if she acts as comically as that, there's no fear to have. Funny girl, here's your approval.




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Re: Millenia - the Modern Witch of Assiah

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Fri Jan 06, 2012 3:47 pm

Works for me.

Ragna the Bloodedge

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Re: Millenia - the Modern Witch of Assiah

Post by Sponsored content

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