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Touko Kazashi, the Playful Warrior Princess

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Touko Kazashi, the Playful Warrior Princess

Post by Guest on Mon Dec 19, 2011 3:31 am

Name: Touko Kazashi

Gender: Female.

Age: 21

Race: Human

Appearance: Touko is a young and thin blonde girl with green eyes, standing at 169 centimeters and weighing only 52 kilograms. She exhibits long, sleek waist-length hair usually untied, unless she wears her white cap, in which case it's tied into a huge ponytail. She wears a white body suit half-open down to her navel, revealing her prominent bust. The suit also covers all of her legs, sporting belts just above and just below her knees. It protects even the tip of her feet, which of course doesn't prevent her from wearing white boots with blue heels. The suit comes with two lace wing-shaped parts that cover her legs and are attached by a brown belt, along with gauntlets with lace ornaments.

Loyalty: Herself and her companion Kouma Sougou.

Personality: Most of the time jolly and cheerful, Touko is an overall nice and funny girl with no bad intention. Her playful traits tend to confuse people and she likes to play the cards of seduction, idiocy, or just about anything, which tends to annoy her relatives.
Behind the emotional facade of cheerfulness, she's still very tolerant and righteous, the first coming from her close relationship with the Sougou beastkins, the second from her family traditions. The education she received didn't keep her from being light-minded, and she doesn't really think of consequences before acting.

Weaponry: An Ars Armagus shapeshifting sword named "Chou Zou" (蝶象"Butterfly and Elephant").

Mastery of Chou Zou: Touko knows very well her weapon of choice, morphing its blade to be either thin or large, and long or short in half a second, as well as sharpening it in a short time. However, this ability is not infinite because of the weight increase that can put Touko's arms under great stress.
Great durability in combat: Due to Chou Zou being her only weaponry, she does not have to produce much physical effort when handling it, meaning that only running poses a strain on her endurance, except when handling Chou Zou at its largest, which she rarely does, except when she fights a big enemy that's seriously threatening.
Superior speed: Her frail body may seem to lack strength, but it's still trained enough, providing her above average speed and agility.
Drive: Metal Stream: Touko uses different forms of her sword to attack the opponent. Uses vary from greater damage to quicker attacks to longer range.
Distortion Drive: Elephant Crusher: Touko lifts her sword up, changes it into a zanbatô (the largest blade known to man), and crushes the opponent under it.
Distortion Drive: Butterfly Cutter: Touko rushes at her opponent and slashes him. Then she starts running at blinding speed around him, delivering countless slashes on the occasion.
Astral Heat: The Butterfly and the Elephant: Touko morphs her blade to be very thin and long, and stabs the opponent with it. If it hits, she will perform Butterfly Cutter and finish with Elephant Crusher, except she keeps the sword to its thin and long shape.

History: Touko was born in the reknowned and noble Kazashi family of the 4th Hierarchical city Naobi, the closest to Kagutsuchi. Raised as the heir to her clan, she learnt to live with consideration for everyone seeing how her family is very close to the boar beastkin Sougou family. Her education was the finest possible, respecting all the family's traditions and living up to make her name shine aas a competent, refined, and fair vigilante. When she hit her eighteenth anniversary, her parents retired from their vigilante duties and she inherited their job and the family's prided weapon: the shapeshifting sword Chou Zou. However, due to her father being worried about her going alone on a vigilante trip, he asked for some help from the Sougou family, which came in the form of Kouma, the bulkiest of all fighters from his generation. The two of them then took off on their trip, becoming an effective duo of vigilantes. Upon knowing the news of what happened in Kagutsuchi, she goes there with Kouma in order to know exactly what is going on there, and apply the Kazashi's justice if necessary.

RP sample: (You know me as Noel, I hope I don't need this)

PS: All mentions of Kouma Sougou and his family have been approved by him.


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Re: Touko Kazashi, the Playful Warrior Princess

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Tue Dec 20, 2011 3:46 am

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Re: Touko Kazashi, the Playful Warrior Princess

Post by Guest on Wed Dec 21, 2011 8:12 pm

Fine by me. Just be sure not to neglect your other characters.

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Re: Touko Kazashi, the Playful Warrior Princess

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