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Kouma Sougou [Finished]

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Kouma Sougou [Finished]

Post by Kouma on Mon Dec 19, 2011 3:51 am

Name: Kouma Sougou
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Race: Boar Beastkin

- Height: 203 cm (6'8.)
- Weight: 141 kg (311 lbs)
Kouma takes most traits after his human roots, though his heavy musculature, his prominent lower teeth and his hairy upper-back are obvious traces of his animal ascendance. His body is extremely thick and muscular, towering over almost everybody with his burly physique.
His outfit consists of a form-fitting black T-shirt over which he wears a short navy blue vest. The vest's left arm has metallic grey grid-like motifs on it while the right arm has chains hanging off the shoulder. He also wears fade blue jeans. He also wears blue-tinted metallic knuckles.

Loyalty: Himself and Touko. Also, his fellow beastkins who ain't getting enough respect.

Personality: Kouma is mostly in one word. Straightforward. He is one to know what he wants to do, and barely ever hesitates. Though, he isn't quite as hot-blooded as you'd expect from him, being more of a focused person than an outgoing one. He's also extremely confident, which makes backing upon his decisions all but harder. He is extremely honest too, brutally at times, but ultimately meaning well; and he is also one to fight his greatest to hold a promise. His word means lots to him, which means he hates hypocrisy.
He is dedicated to his family, and by extension the Kazashi house has his thankful respect. This also means, you better don't mess with Touko, unless you're ready to handle a full-on assault from this physical beast. Even though he most often is the straight man to her antics, he does care for her beyond a simple partner/bodyguard's understanding.

- Kouma can use the chains hanging from his vest to attack.
- Kouma has metallic knuckles he uses for simple fist-fighting. With his sheer force, he can stop swords using those, and deal heavy physical impact.
- Kouma inherited an Armagus called Dorigame. It is an oddly shaped shield that has two usually folded wings, making it look like a turtle shell. When opened, the shield is way thinner, but emits a self-protective barrier to prevent damage to its core. Though it covers much more surface (making it apparently harder to move) Kouma actually can use it for better mid-air mobility by moving the wings. Its ability is creating energy barriers. Those can stop anything non-material things such as energy blades or laser beams cold. Also, they are projectiles in their own right.

- Good running speed: Due to his extreme muscular strength, Kouma can run at great speeds. With heavy body mass such as his, it makes ramming attacks, more than just a possibility, a preference.
- Extreme natural physical strength: Being a boar beastkin, Kouma can boast extreme physical strength. He could rival Tager at arm-wrestling.
- Training at fist-fighting: Though technically he uses more forceful tackling attacks, Kouma took some training in fist fighting.
- User of the Armagus shield Dorigame: Kouma is a trained fighter and a skilled user of the shield, being capable to use it offensively as well as defensively.

Drive: Turtle-bird Barrier: Creates barriers that stop immaterial attacks.
- Distortion Drive: The Four Palisades: Creates four huge barriers that surround the opponent. They stay for very long and are very likely to hit, but can't inflict much damage on their own.
- Distortion Drive: Boundary Wing Opener: A Super Mode that lasts 5 posts. All barriers stay during the whole duration of those posts. Kouma also gets a boosted defense.
- Astral Heat: Central Cannon Winged Barrier: Creates a barrier that compresses the opponent inside it, destroying him/her bit by bit.

History: Kouma is born in the 4th Hierarchical City of Naobi. The Sougou clan, as a tribe of boar beastkins, was not a well-famed one. Even though they were capable fighters, their beastly nature was barring them true recognition. They could only get one as vigilantes, and by a mutual agreement with the Kazashi house. The Sougou family soon grew up a reputation, especially by stopping a terrorist action that widely threatened the Kazashi family. The saving man that night was Kyuga Sougou, Kouma's father. Masterfully using the shield Dorigame, he had easily offered protection to whatever needed it, and captured an infiltrated culprit, leaving him to the Kazashi house's justice. In admiration of this day, Kouma quickly followed his father's tracks in becoming a potent warrior, and trained himself in various fighting techniques. After years of training, Kouma became a strong boy, ready to become a true vigilante like most of his family. Sadly, Kouma's father, due to heavy sickness, couldn't hold the shield anymore. In his testament, he had written his famed Dorigame would go to Kouma, and so the young boar-like man inherited the weapon of his father. He was trained heavily in wielding this weapon in the Kazashi house, because he was destined by them to protect their princess Touko. As he got to know her, he understood things were happening in Kagutsuchi. And as he was going on a trip there with Touko, it was time to show people what the Sougou tribe and the Kazashi house called justice.

PS: Any mention to other characters is done with approval from the creator of said character.

RP sample: (Maju here. It's like my seventh character, gimme a break...)

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Re: Kouma Sougou [Finished]

Post by Guest on Mon Dec 19, 2011 3:59 am

Noel here, too hasty to change accounts. Having worked for hours with you on the character, I can safely assume this is good to go.




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Re: Kouma Sougou [Finished]

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Tue Dec 20, 2011 3:44 am

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Re: Kouma Sougou [Finished]

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