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Ijari the Sinner

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Ijari the Sinner

Post by Kageo-kaka on Wed Jan 04, 2012 10:36 pm

Name: Ijari the Sinner

Gender: Male

Age: 0 (Physical Appearance/Age)-

Race: Clone/Artifical Human

Appearance: Having a head full of blond hair, as opposed to Jin's general short cut; Ijari's hair is kept shoulder length and tied in a ponytail often letting grown bangs hide his green eyes. His choice of attire while similar to his DNA donor differs enough that he prefers to wear a short-sleeve blue NOL officer shirt, to wear his officer jacket (blue with red stripes) over his shoulders but never on in battle, he wears the standard edition NOL officer combat boots in brown. This difference is a form of his wish to stay out of sight, he blends in with a standard NOL unit with ease and uses this cover to search for the true Jin Kisaragi.

Loyalty: NOL, Relius Clover (Creator), Hazama/Yuuki Terumi, Imperator Saya

Personality: Calm, collected, calculating, and loyal to a failing. Ijari has been generated with the mindset and focus of a Captain of the NOL, while his skills are said to reflect the late-great Jin Kisaragi in general; his disgust for his original's betrayal far outweighs this wish to show up the true blood he was synthesized from. Considering himself to have true dignity and combat grace, he acts in the name of NOL, following orders to the letter and never questioning the legitimacy of them; something he feels that normal soldiers lack.

Weaponry: Ars Armagus~ Hi-mouikokushihyou (Ice Fury Black Death)

Abilities: Above Average Intellect, Expert with NOL procedures & tactics, Expert practitioner of Ars, Expert practitioner of Swordsmanship, Expert practitioner with the Ars Armagus: Hi-mouikokushihyou, Enhanced [strength, speed, stamina/durability, senses, reflexes, awareness of surroundings], Clone/Artificial Human Physiology

Above Average Intellect- Ijari's general intellect appears to be above average, as he was created to have a superior understanding and the ability to cope with situations on hand. It had been instilled within him the tactics into his general code to allow him to face off with opponents of a higher grade mind without the need to give much ground before he potentially develops a solution to his problem.

Expert practitioner of Ars- As expected, Ijari is created with an inert knowledge of Ars that rivals Jin Kisaragi and thus he has the potential and practiced skill to execute various ars: shielding, offensive, defensive, and minor support.

Expert practitioner of Swordsmanship- As to match Jin Kisaragi's masterful swordsmanship with a blade, the NOL has engineered Ijari with an innate knowledge of swords and various styles from which his derived form is based upon. However only his practical use of the sword and training has been of an elite level, with the hopes that he might challenge most opponents with enough skill to crush the opposition.

Expert practitioner of Ars Armagus: Hi-mouikokushihyou- An armagus which possesses the ability to manipulate and control black ice, as the elusive and considerably deadlier nature of this form of ice is known. His potential with the weapon is unknown, as much as the choice of weapon it would be.

Enhanced Attributes [strength, speed, stamina/durability, senses, reflexes, awareness of surroundings]- As listed, his body is naturally enhanced by its components, his abilities of all natures: stronger physically, faster by nature, with an enhanced body with stamina, senses, reflexes, and a stronger awareness than the average human. This allows him a swifter reaction to danger in his general approach.

Clone/Artifical Human Physiology- As a creation of Relius Clover, his body has been physically enhanced to a greater level of ability; conceptually a battle body it is capable of taking more damage and faster recovery than an ordinary human. This allows Ijari the ability to take far more damage than a regular human being.

End Abilities

History: Recently created by Relius Clover, Ijari was born quickly into a role of adapting quickly to his creation and the reasons for it: to destroy the original Jin Kisaragi and the enemies of NOL. This was something that he had hoped to prove his worth in, knowing he was a clone had not changed his desire to destroy his original. This was no wish to prove he was superior, but simply to rid himself of something that disgusted him in the world, the history of Jin Kisaragi is what fuels his wish to end the Ex-Major's life violently. With some minor reading on the faith of christianity, he began to consider himself a sinner along with his creation as an abomination to true life. Though this did not turn him off to life either, it merely became an eptithet that he finds suitable to himself. While notably short, his life is defined by his small amount of experiences. Ijari the Sinner walks on his own terms.

-----Personal Statement------

Whether this passes or not, I have no regrets in making it ^^ I had fun taking a stab at a Jin Kisaragi clone and well I give a shot here, this is my sunday punch :3, can't wait to see how it does!!

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Re: Ijari the Sinner

Post by Guest on Wed Jan 04, 2012 11:20 pm

Read this and the other Jin-clone sheet by Maju. After a bit of talk with the two, I decide to give my approval here.



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Re: Ijari the Sinner

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Thu Jan 05, 2012 1:53 am

This is honestly a tough call for me. Both you and Majamu know what you're doing and are capable of performing very well. I lean towards your sheet by a slim margin Kageo but your army of characters gives me pause. You haven't let me down before so I'm trusting you'll be able to handle yourself. However, if it looks like you're stretched too thin speak up and let the Staff know.

Ragna the Bloodedge

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Re: Ijari the Sinner

Post by Sponsored content

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