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"Tsuenchi" - Jin Kisaragi impersonator

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"Tsuenchi" - Jin Kisaragi impersonator

Post by Guest on Wed Jan 04, 2012 11:05 pm

Name: N/A
Known as: Jin Kisaragi
Gender: Male
Age: Zero
Race: Clone/Homonculus?

Appearance: Between him and the real Jin Kisaragi stand only few differences, leaving all the rest to be pretty much the same. The similarities between them fool the best of eyes, even the Kisaragi house as a whole.
He is exactly as tall as the original and weighs as much too, with less of one inch and one pound of margin. He has the same hair color as the original, which means a palish blonde tint. He has the same green eyes, the same skin tone, and almost the same outfit, except that it changed some colors. His NOL Major vest is white, with a blue inside; with two tails instead of sleeves. He also wears white elbow-length gloves, and knee-height boots, those being assorted to his sleeveless waistcoat that descends to his hips. Under the whole of that, he has a tight blue shirt, and tight blue pants.

Loyalty: NOL of course

Personality: His personality is pretty much reminiscent of what Jin Kisaragi was while in the NOL. He's cool and calm, leading others to misunderstand his true nature, that of a coldly aloof sociopath, obviously not giving two shits about others' problems and treating camaraderie and partnership as excuses for people to profit from the others. He is extremely cold, arrogant and ruthless. Of course he will not refrain from killing anyone who stands in the ways of his goal. If ever he gets to talk to people, he will give out the rough persona of a total dickhead, and in cold blood, getting away with it due to his rank.
But of course this "perfect" façade will change if he is ever meeting some specific persons, reverting several steps psychologically to become a slasher-like villain, exhibiting a wide nightmarish smile. When facing Ragna, he becomes as psychotic as the true Jin might have been with the influence of Yukianesa. Also, Murakumos get as much on his nerves as Noel got on Jin's; this means he expresses the desire to torture, kill and destroy them all. He will also dispute the true Jin and Hakumen's rights about Tsubaki, because she is HIS; though this is only a farce to make him resemble the original, inside him he doesn't care a bit for her. Nor for anything.

Weaponry: Since the NOL isn't in possession of the Nox Nyctores Mucro Algesco Yukianesa, he has been given a different weapon, still in the shape of a katana. Though, it is a different weapon that has been given the form of its hilt, the blade being made of the ice it produces and preserves from the outside heat, it's nearly as potent as the true Yukianesa. It has been produced at the same time he was "born". Though its ability is creating ice, it cannot control it from long distance. Therefore, though he's as graceful as the original, he's much more straightforward.

  • Super-human Physical Output: Given he has been genetically engineered, it was judged better to give him above-human abilities to bestow the prowess he was made to endorse. As such, his strength, resistance, endurance, and visual sharpness are superior to the average human.
  • High Armagus Count: As a clone of Jin Kisaragi, he has an above-above-average Armagus synchronization level, which surpasses most normal persons.
  • Quick Regeneration: With his abilities different from a human, he also has a greater regeneration rate than humans. Though healing a limb cut off is outright impossible, healing simpler wounds takes a hour or two.
  • Power Of Order: This is maybe in the genes, but he seemingly has the same antithetical power Jin and Hakumen can wield. With his willpower, he is able to dampen external influences on his mind. Though, since he's not quite as much strong-willed as the true Jin, this power is in a weak state.
  • Use of his sword helps him to create ice around him, as well as lower-level light attacks he claims to be as homage to Tsubaki.
    • Drive: Frost Bite II: Has a frost gauge he charges. His D attacks hit larger and inflict longer hitstuns the more charged the gauge is.
    • Distortion Drive: Tenhyouken (Heavenly Ice Swords): Fires several icy swords, homing the opponent if s/he moves while he's firing them.
    • Distortion Drive: Setsuba Genhieigeki (Section Wave Illusionary Flying Shadow Strike): Takes the "NOL prayer pose", then does nine quick circular freezing quickdraw slashes. If one hits, he goes completing the hundred of slashes he just started.
    • Astral Heat: Musou Jinshouretsu (Mist Spear God Crystal Render): Grabs the opponent and encases him/her in a block-stone of ice before throwing him/her to the wall, then encases himself in a spear-shaped giant icicle, then forces it into the opponent.
  • Revelation Switch:An Ars that unleashes Jin's power, at the cost of his sanity and his looks. His appearance changes for the worst: His hair turns black, his skin goes greenish, his eyes become purple, and he has a violet aura that expresses his evil nature, and his clothes also undergo changes: his vest become purple with a mauve inside, his boots also become purple but with a red inside, his gloves and waistcoat turn red, and his tights turn black.

History: When Relius and Hazama realized that Jin Kisaragi's departure left them with no popular figure to manipulate crowds with, they decided to have a replacement for him. The first part in that process included obtaining samples of Jin's DNA, as well as Captain Shinju Shimotsuki's, her traits being reminiscent of his. It all worked well, and the resulting lifeform was pretty much like the original Jin Kisaragi. Soon, he resurfaced, claiming to be the true Jin Kisaragi under the auspices of the Engineering Division Colonel and the Intelligence Captain. Claiming the real Jin Kisaragi's act as a sham orchestrated by a double, he orchestrated a "stop screwing around" trick, and decided to challenge openly the true Jin, claiming his new style to be a refined amelioration of the original.

RP sample: As he was coming back to his room at the NOL Headquarters, the man mistakenly called Jin Kisaragi was a bit bored... Well, actually, he was extremely bored. As he marched to the elevators to go down in the branch, he was called by a lower class soldier.
"Major, are you going to the elevators?
- Yeah, so?
- Access to this area is forbidden.
- It is forbidden to you. I am Jin Kisaragi."

That said, he brushed the officer away with the back of his hand, ready to go down that branch, where he was to meet who he had to meet... That hopefully would be better than wasting time with useless persons, and go right to what interested him.


Creator's Note: This is a sort of duel with Kageo's character. So if you approve of his character, I demand you don't approve mine, 'kaythanks.


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Re: "Tsuenchi" - Jin Kisaragi impersonator

Post by Guest on Wed Jan 04, 2012 11:21 pm

This is not bad a sheet at all, but preferring Kageo's forces me to do this.




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Re: "Tsuenchi" - Jin Kisaragi impersonator

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Thu Jan 05, 2012 1:56 am

It was hard for me to pick one app over the other. Honestly, while reading them your app had a better feel for a Jin impersonator being used by the NOL to keep order which is what we're looking for. Yet at the same time the small alterations Kageo's sheet had gave the concept a unique spin that I had never considered. I know you'd kick ass as an evil Jin but I gave Kageo my vote by a slim margin.

Ragna the Bloodedge
Ragna the Bloodedge

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Re: "Tsuenchi" - Jin Kisaragi impersonator

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