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Apartment on a corner street

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Apartment on a corner street

Post by Junesa Azai-Azuchi on Thu Jan 05, 2012 5:21 am

A quaint red brick building, no more than 2 stories tall appeared to be one of several along the many sidestreets off of the main street's thruway in Orient-Town. It was the perfect place for hiding, someone like Junesa enjoyed the quiet and the cuisine all around; the variety was all she needed to enjoy herself, as was the good culture and people. Even with her troubled mind, she could find small bits of peace while amidst the lambs that she hid herself among. Her jobs made the rent seem petty, it was a very easy thing to pay and something that she'd buy out for the entire year, in order to keep low profile she gave a little extra and the landlord only bothered her with important things: it was nice to be a little ahead in her rather simplistic lifestyle.

Living on the second floor in a small apartment building on a corner in Orient-Town, the assassin enjoyed her cup of tea at the moment, raising the floral tea to her lips and sipping it. While a completely odd flavor in itself, she was one to enjoy almost anything; including the bizarre and quirky. As the dhampyr sat back on her cozy couch and looked out the window. The activity going on outside had disturbed her peaceful times. She sighed, not understanding what was going on, though most certainly she did not appear to be bothered by it in the least. "Oh good grief, what kind of annoying action could be going on outside? And to think I just made this tea..." Sighing to herself she persisted sipping it; though deciding mentally that checking out the disturbance outside was worth her time. She would still need to remain incognito, thus she couldn't afford any showing off.

Rising from her seat, he headed to the door with her coat and placed it over her battle-gown, with her Armagus hidden amidst the coat's inner-designed sheaths, they wouldn't be spotted that easily. She exited the building and headed quietly into Orient-Town to find out what was going on.

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