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Houju Nettsuki, Bloodedge-style clone.

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Houju Nettsuki, Bloodedge-style clone.

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 06, 2012 7:35 pm

Name: Houju Nettsuki

Gender: Female

Age: Physically 21, aged 0 of course (see history section).

Race: Clone.

Appearance: Houju resembles her template Shinju (being a clone of her), excepts some traits have been modified to look more like Ragna than like Jin. Her hair turned white, her right eye has been replaced with what looks like a red one, and her physique is a bit more muscular, making her more suited to melee roles (She heighs 179 cm -5'10,5"- and weighs 68,7 kilograms -151,5 lbs-). Her clothes got switched as well to resemble Ragna (don't trust the avatar, it pictures her first transformation, before her clothes changing), so she wears a black hakama and a black shirt under a red jacket resembling Bloodedge's one.

Loyalty: NOL

Personality: Where Shinju almost acts like Jin, Houju almost acts like Ragna. She is loud-mouthed, brash and irrespectful to anyone that's in her way, hiding her kindness for her fellow NOL members. She tends to act by herself, most of the time very likely to disobey orders if they are ever so slightly unpleasant to her, preferring to do things her way, the rude and rash one.

Weaponry: A 110-cm-long double-edged broadsword, and a grimoire containing mostly dark and fire spells, which is what her right eye actually is.

Abilities: Houju has not a thorough training, but muscle memory of her life as Shinju makes her an efficient broadsword fighter now she has had the necessary practice to modify her attacks. Her more muscular build also allows her to pull impressive physical endeavours, sometimes wielding her sword with only one hand, leaving the other free to punch her opponents with unexpected strength. Moreover, her right eye being a grimoire allows her to cast fire and dark ars, which generally involve engulfing her fists or her sword in dark flames in the same way as Ragna. However Houju is a bit sloppy with fireballs.

History: Hazama needed another way to fuel Ragna's hatred for him a bit more. Well, maybe he just wanted another way. Upon watching Shinju's photography, the green-haired Captain had an idea, and told Relius Clover about making a female version of Ragna, with Shinju as a template. Relius didn't even question Hazama's motives out of tiredness, and the two of them easily got Shinju to give her DNA via "medical control", mixing it with some of Ragna's, which was collected from the fight before. The clone that would eventually become Houju got produced relatively easily, and then the two proceeded to some experiments to differenciate her from Shinju to look more like Ragna the Bloodedge: gene alterations changed her hair colour to white, an operation got her rid of her right eye to put a red-eye-looking Grimoire in its place, and she got through much training to give her a man-like muscular build. Now ready to be sent after Ragna the Bloodedge, Houju lives as a Captain in the NOL Melee Infantry, as a cover to avoid revealing that she is actually a clone.

RP sample: Well I guess you know how well (or not) I can play now.


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Re: Houju Nettsuki, Bloodedge-style clone.

Post by Webmaster on Wed Jan 11, 2012 11:21 am

Thats a big fucking broadsword. But i guess she needs it in order to fight effectively...

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(Edited. The strength is on Shinju`s level and way below Ragnas, allowing me to give this a complete pass.)


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Re: Houju Nettsuki, Bloodedge-style clone.

Post by Tron on Wed Jan 11, 2012 6:40 pm

Caelica Mercury wrote:Thats a big fucking broadsword.

My thoughts exactly.

Fine, fine.

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/e: moving and bla.

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Re: Houju Nettsuki, Bloodedge-style clone.

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