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Noel's Koko app

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Noel's Koko app

Post by Guest on Wed Jan 11, 2012 8:32 pm

Name: Kokonoe

Gender: Female

Age: No accurate data, although she appears to be in her early twenties.

Race: Half beastkin (cat), half human.

Appearance: Kokonoe looks like a fairly young adult catgirl with a slim build, weighing only 42 kilograms (92,6 lbs) while being 1,55m (5 feet) tall. She has amber eyes behind her small glasses, and distinctive knee-length pink hair, tied in a complicated way to remind cat ears (just to hide her actual ears which are pink and white at the top), and ornamented by a yellow ribbon. Her white labcoat has a shape that's reminescent of the Kaka jacket, with the sleeves carefully cut allowing her to have her arms out when she needs more accuracy (or when she eats candies), which is to say most of the time. There is also a hole on her lower back to let her twin pink tails out. She also wears a pair of red capri which are held by a large black belt that sports an equally large cat bell, and white heeled mules that remind Taokaka's boots, but she takes them off really often.

Loyalty: Sector Seven

Personality: Kokonoe is mostly serious and cynical, constantly reminding Tager about his mission when he is out and not preoccupating herself with emotions. However, she does care about all of her allies and especially her own creations, like Tager and previously Lambda. She is also generally foul-mouthed, easily pissed off (at a mere mention of Jubei for example, Tager told she stayed angry for a whole week) while very rarely pleased if ever.

Weaponry: Kaka claws hidden in her labcoat.

Abilities: Even if she doesn't like to fight and the fact that it generally pisses her off, Kokonoe is arguably one of the strongest individuals in the BlazBlue universe, being the daughter of two of the Six Heroes, the witch Nine and the cat beastkin Jubei.
She has inherited both her parents qualities, such as Nine's magical powers, and Jubei's agility and speed (except she has less potential than her parents in their own domain). To back that up, she has great knowledge about both magic and science, but especially science because she avoids the subject of magic since her mother's death. To be able to ensure her self-defence, she stocked claws similar to the one Taokaka uses in battle, because in the improbable case she comes to use her magic, she would be tired very quickly.
Her ability to create weapons as strong as Nox Nyctores (called Artificial Causality Phenomenon Weapons) or even an atomic-powered imitation of the Azure Grimoire (called the Idea Engine) make her one of the most deadly opponent to have, and one reliable ally, as she proved able to revive Iron Tager, recover the Murakumo Unit Lambda, among other things. Her ability to alter organic nd non-organic matters are second to none, the idea of an upgrade from her even frightening Hakumen. She is somehow able to move souls, as she proved by recovering Nu's soul from the Cauldron and expelling Lambda's one.

History: Kokonoe was born from Jubei and Nine many years ago, after the both of them had killed the Black Beast along with the other heroes. Her life was apparently quite and happy, despite her father's aloofness, her mother Nine and her aunt Caelica were very close to her. She grown up with no resent other than her father's absence, except from that one fateful night. She didn't remember anything about how it happened, just what happened. That man she didn't trust instinctively (and rightfully), Terumi, getting knives off, blood everywhere, her mother's blood on her, then her aunt's. With her mother being attacked by surprise, she couldn't do anything, nor could Caelica. Yuuki Terumi had killed both of them, but not her. The only person to blame for this, except Terumi, was Jubei. Her father wasn't here for some reason again, letting his wife and er sister get killed. That's how she took it. Turning her back to magic, she started a new life and embraced what seemed to be an opposite to magic: science. Her will to forget all of her childhood gave her enough interest in science to rise as a genius, climbing in the ranks in Sector Seven and soon enough becoming one of its seven head officers. She got to work with Relius Clover in a group known as the Sin Architects, being offerd a job by him to work on the Nox Nyctores, job that she "refused", and she revived Tager , after what Relius opened the Cauldron, releasing the Black Beast again just in front of her, forcing her to use the spell Infinite Gravity to save Tager and many others from an imminent death and then battling Relius, supposedly killing him with the Nox Nyctores Nirvana he showed her just before. From then onwards, Kokonoe stayed in labs, skipping most meetings and only dedicating herself to her work, and everything that could refrain her from thinking about her mother, because Relius had brought questions in her head about Nine's motives. Many years later, she spent half a year to get the leader of the Six Heroes, Hakumen, out of the Edge of the Boundary, because the Sankishin Susanoô Unit is needed in order to defeat him, and sends Tager to investigate in Kagutsuchi to retrieve him, but Tager is defeated. Then she sends him in order to retrieve an element as she completes Lambda's restoration and sends her to Kagutsuchi, backing her up and collecting data until Nu's soul takes control of the body to make the sacrifice to save Ragna the Bloodedge, who receives the Idea Engine.
(Note: Considering Ragna still has the Idea Engine, I guess Kokonoe can talk to him at any moment...?)

RP sample: (I hope I don't need one just now...)


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Re: Noel's Koko app

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Wed Jan 11, 2012 9:59 pm

Hmm, I suppose this works. The way the forum is getting seems like everybody is running around with 10 characters but then again, it's meant to be a small and laid back forum so I guess it's ok. Don't let yourself get swamped.

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Re: Noel's Koko app

Post by Tron on Wed Jan 11, 2012 10:51 pm

It's all good. We needed a new koko sooner or later anyway.

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Re: Noel's Koko app

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