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Rho Digamma, Sector Seven Upgrades

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Rho Digamma, Sector Seven Upgrades

Post by Rho Digamma on Sat Jan 14, 2012 7:49 pm

After his incarceration and final agreement to work for the people he'd trashed, the elder cyborg went through repairs and upgrades to his various system parts. Having the original Ars Magus bomb removed, his cold fusion gauntlets modified in slight to run smoother, and an electrical generation device placed in his right gauntlet; the upgrades were completed with ease. And they are as follows:

Vafbruonir, Concussive Generator is a generator which is used to replace the Ars Magus Bomb that had been previously within Rho's epicenter, this device allows Rho the generation in the form of a slight power boost to his standard-grade systems, allowing him to perform feats very similar to the original modified device withhin. With Valfbruonir active, Rho is capable of boosting into the air to heights greater than he could on his own, greatly mimicking his previous Ars the device generates powerful concussive forces through virtually anywhere in his body. While trading the fact that the device is superior in concussive generation and is far safer to use, it trades of a greater time necessary for the charging of these bursts.

The times of recovery as recorded in tests: Small Burst recovery(projected through fist, minor damage to stricken opponent)= [1 post waiting period], Medium Burst recovery(larger burst projected through arm/leg's length with minor to moderate damage varying on if it hit the foe.)= [2 post waiting period], Large Burst recovery (full body release, powerful concussive burst projected through fist/foot possibly as well(damage ranges from moderate to heavy depending upon the target's radius to the bursts's strike zone)=[3-4 post waiting period]

M.A.P.(Magnetic Adjusting Polarity) Generator is a device that has been added to Rho's left arm, about midway from his gauntlet. This device's capabilites have come to allow Rho the potential of magnetic attraction or repulsion forces on a minor level; generally affecting items of a metallic nature (conductive/magnetic metals and alloys) within a 10-15 foot radius (weaker of course the further they are). With the ability to control the polarity of the gauntlet as he strikes a target, Rho is capable of generating an electrical charge of either a positive or negative nature; this adding minor to moderate damage to the foe (depending on their vulnerability to electrical charges).

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Re: Rho Digamma, Sector Seven Upgrades

Post by Guest on Sat Jan 14, 2012 7:52 pm

Seems right enough. The recoveries are a bit high for real battle efficiency though. This is approved even if you happen to shorten these some bits.



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Re: Rho Digamma, Sector Seven Upgrades

Post by Guest on Sat Jan 14, 2012 10:45 pm

Rho didn´t last long when Alpha defended the base, so yeah, he definately needs upgrades.

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Re: Rho Digamma, Sector Seven Upgrades

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