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Shipping Topic

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Shipping Topic

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 22, 2012 12:11 am

My top five pairings:

1: Ragna x Nu. It might be the worlds biggest desaster, but she´s willing to die for him in a heartbeat.
"I`ve broken your body apart so many times... yet you smile without a care."
(Break Blue Condom Shift)

2: Saya x Terumi. Really, really hot when its mostly sex, but when feelings get involved, it tends to become wierd....
"So be it then. Show me what you can do, Terumi..."
(Hentai RPG)

3: Ragna x Caelica. It was meant to be, but never got to be, because time was working against them.
"Are you planning to do something to me? :3" "NO."
(Phase 0 Chapter 3)

4: Kokonoe x Ragna. Studio Tiamat got me hooked.
"What the hell kind of nickname is that? Makes me look like some sort of wanted criminal with a bounty on my head." "You´re right, what am i saying... i must be half asleep."
(Break Blue Stray Cat)

5: Nine x Anyone but Jubei. DAT WITCH HAT.
Don´t have a quote for this one...


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Re: Shipping Topic

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 22, 2012 12:37 am

Oh my. Now that this is here, I feel obliged to show my own tops, not in order of preference though, just some that come to my head:

1- Ragna x Noel: Shipping my two favourites, of course. Seems so easy, and they keep calling themselves stupid just to hide they truly care about each other. It's so cute. :3

2- Ragna x Rachel: I seem to ship Ragna with just about anyone there. Rabbit showing unusual kindness around him yet trying to make it look like she has no preference for him... it's just cute. I really like Tsunderes it seems.

3- Kokonoe x Tager: I like this one, somehow. Kokonoe being bossy is something, but she really holds Tager close to her. For what reasons..? Who cares >3

4- Jin x Noel: I know Jin is official couple'd with Tsubaki, yet I can't imagine those two's very close relationship. And I didn't think Jin would be more conflictual than Ragna about something. 'guess I was wrong. xD

5- Jin x Tsubaki: Not much to say. Canon pairing is obvious.

There are pairings I can't dig, but I won't talk about that here.


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