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Mitsuki Oashisu

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Mitsuki Oashisu

Post by Mitsuki Oashisu on Sat Apr 07, 2012 11:54 pm

Name: Mitsuki Oashisu

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Race: Bird of paradise Beastkin


Mitsuki is a short young girl, measuring at around 4 "11. She is very light due to her birdlike-bone structure, weighing at 70 lbs. She has blue-green hair, and pink-yellow eyes. She has small breasts, but she is still growing at 15. She has multiple spiral marks on her skin, which she was born with. Her most defining trait however, is her wings. She has beautiful, petite, multicolored wings. She can fly with them due to her hollow bone structure and air sacs- basic birdlike anatomy. She does have a tail, but she cuts it off and it only grows if she can't cut it.

Mitsuki usually wears a cream crop top with a wooden crest connecting it to the strap. She wears matching earrings with the same wooden design on them. She wears brown shorts with a chain outside the pocket. She wears many different shoes, but generally wears either beige flip-flops or sneakers. She wears three bracelets above her elbow on her right arm.

Loyalty: Sector Seven

Personality: Mitsuki is usually a shy and quiet person. She has no temper, and really only gets upset when insulted. She is very sensitive, and takes things very personally. But once she trusts you and feels comfortable around hyou, she is very fun to be around. She is very childish in nature, but is somewhat expected as she is a young girl. She is very perceptive and a good listener, so talking to her is easy. She isn't particularly intelligent, but she isn't dumb either.

Weaponry: Mitsuki has an imitation weapon, but it was not designed to kill. It is a large white longsword with a matching scabbard. It has the ability to condense oxygen and water molocules in the air into powerful wind. As a result, she can cause gusts of winds and VERY small tornadoes. (Just about the size of a person, and only bigger when using astral heat, which is very rare for her, as she barely gets into such violent battles.)

Abilities: Mitsuki has the ability to fly, due to being a bird beastkin. She also can also hear slightly better then most people can, and has very powerful lungs. She is very fast and flexible, and can easily dodge attacks. She lacks strength and endurance, however.

History: Mitsuki Oashisu was "Born" via genetic engineering by Sector 7. She was an experiment made due to the extreme rarity of bird beastkins. She was raised in Sector 7, and quickly became a young scout for the organization. She never really met any people her own age, and is as a result, very shy. She was trained to use her imitation weapon, which is pretty much only used for defense. Mitsuki considers everyone in Sector Seven her family, and is extremely loyal to them.

She is currently working for Kokonoe as a scout, but her station changes rather frequently. She is somewhat of an eye in the sky for Sector Seven, as she is one of the only members who can fly for a very long time. At the moment she is collecting information on Nox Nyctores in Kagutsuchi.

RP sample:
Mitsuki flew across the sky, watching the Earth below. Even though flying was one of her favorite things to do, she had work to do. Her mission, scout the area for residual energy of Nox Nyctores. She continued to check her armband, and waited for a signal. She swooped down slightly lower, slowing down a little. She was going to dash out faster, but her wristband began to "beep." She hovered down slowly, and landed on her right foot, and then brought down her left. She took her sword out of the scabbard, preparing for the absolute worst.

She crept around forest slowly and cautiously, longsword in hand. She checked her wristband for the exact area, and finally reached the area specified. The area was nothing of interest at first glance, but Mitsuki's job was to look. On examination of the nearby trees, she noticed some slash marks. She used her wristband and did a quick scan, and a large amount of compressed seithir was in the bark. An obvious sign of nox nyctores use. "Mission accomplished." She whispered. She grabbed her her sword and slashed off a slab of bark in one powerful slash. She put the samples in plastic bags, and then in her bag.

She jumped over the trees, and flew into the open air.


Paradise- Coldplay
Dashie- Nameless Warning and IBringDaLULZ
Knight of The Wind (Instrumental Mix)- Crush 40 (Battle Theme)

Editing Log:

April 4: Fixed insane amount of grammar errors.
Mitsuki Oashisu
Mitsuki Oashisu

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Re: Mitsuki Oashisu

Post by Webmaster on Fri May 11, 2012 10:42 am

Not exactly sure about this one yet...


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Re: Mitsuki Oashisu

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Sat May 12, 2012 1:40 am

Meh, I like her.


Ragna the Bloodedge
Ragna the Bloodedge

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Re: Mitsuki Oashisu

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