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Platinum The Trinity

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Platinum The Trinity

Post by Platinum The Trinity on Mon Apr 09, 2012 1:08 am

Name: Platinum the Trinity (Souls names: Luna, Sena, Trinity Glassfield)

Gender: Physically Female, but Sena is male.

Age: Unknown, somewhere around 13. Trinity is a lot older, however, at around 110.

Race: Human


Platinum is a short young girl with a big personality. She has long blond hair, which is in two pigtails, and two long braids on the bottom, both tied by teal ribbons. She has big green eyes with heart shaped pupils. She is 81 pounds, and 4"8 feet tall. Her body is not fully developed, and doesn't even justify having her bust size mentioned.

Platinum's outfit is very much a "magical girl"-esque outfit. She wears a short teal skirt with darker trims on the bottom, and a sleeveless white tunic with gold buttons and a blue trim, along with a large cowbell on the collar. She wears some sort of belt with white, wing looking clips. She wears white gloves with a blue cuff, and boots of the same color. She also wears teal and blue socks. However, almost her entire body is concealed when in public. She generally wears a cream colored clock with a red trim, with her cowbell sticking out. Her Nox Nyctores is belted to her back, covered by a black tarp and clips. The only thing showing is her mouth.

Loyalty: Platinum is pretty much unaffiliated, but is constantly loyal to her Master, Jubei.

Platinum has three personalities, one for each soul in the body.

Luna is a bold young girl who isn't afraid to say what she wants. She's brave and brash, and refuses to take no for an answer. She has a bad potty mouth, which gets her into trouble. But under that hard shell, she's really rather fragile. If you push her a little too hard, she will get very upset, and possibly start crying. She idolizes her master, Jubei, and will do anything to get his attention. She is very territorial towards him, harboring some hatred for both Ragna the Bloodedge and Litchi Faye-Ling.

Sena is a lot more reserved. He is a little boy, and is a lot more respectful to others. He tends to agree with Luna's "observations". He is somewhat of a brother-figure to her, and cares about her very much. He is somewhat shy, and usually lets Luna do the talking. He is very polite, and is sometimes embarrassed of Lunas actions. He is a fan of the board game Othello, and plays it during his free time.

Trinity doesn't talk much, due to being sealed in the Muchorin. When in full form many years ago, she was mericiful and kind person. She wished to shed as little blood as possible, and was very cheerful and optimistic. She is very wise, and somewhat fearful of Hazama. Luna and Cena have no idea that Trinity can take control of Platinum through the Nox Nyctores, and assumes they were knocked out somehow.

Weaponry: Platinum uses the Nox Nycotores named Arma Reboare: Muchōrin. It is a large staff that can incarnate matter. It comes with a price, however, and causes the two to lose their memories.

Platinum has no specific abilities that don't stem from her mastery of Muchorin. She is very physically fit, and rather fast and nimble.


Trinity Glassfield was a young alchemist who fought for all of humanity. She was a member of the famous Six Heroes, and directly fought against the Black Beast. She was fond of all her friends, and especially Terumi. She was indirectly responsible for Terumi's heinous actions, and blames herself for it. In order to save herself, she sealed her soul into her Nox Nyctores.

How two souls got into Platinum is most likely unknown to even Luna and Cena themselves. This is probably due to the side effects of the Muchorin. They were raised by Jubei of the Six Heroes for a long time, and all the time being trained to use her Nox Nyctores. Jubei is almost like a father-grandfather figure to the two kids. She is now travelling with Bang Shishigami.

RP Sample:

"Lunaaaaaa, why can't you walk for a while. I'" Sena whined, still walking very warily. Luna wouldn't budge.
"No way, Sena! YOU were the one who said we'd switch ever three miles. So suck it!"
Sena sighed, there was no reason in arguing. They were walking for a while, and their body was tired. "Okay, I'll keep walking, but can we at least rest for a while?" Luna made a slurping noise.
"Hell yeah! Luna's starving!"
Sena stopped his slow trot, and took off his large cloak. He grabbed the Muchorin with haste, and waved it with a energetic "ha!". The tip quickly turned into a large couch, and he sat down. Inside the discarded coat was a small sack. "Alright, which would you like, Luna?"
"Luna wants the chicken! Gimme gimme gimme!"
Sena nodded and let Luna take control of their body. It was difficult to explain, not being in control of your body. It was kind of like floating outside your head, watching yourself move, like a video game, kind of.
Platinum The Trinity

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Re: Platinum The Trinity

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 10, 2012 12:12 am

Got enough fun time in the CB, and the sheet's not lacking any serious point I think. Let's get to the business, shall we? I'm all too happy that somebody takes a canon character, but don't forget your other one.




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Re: Platinum The Trinity

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Wed Apr 11, 2012 9:54 pm

Nicely done kiddo.



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Re: Platinum The Trinity

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