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Noro Burakki, Sector 7's dark side - or - Jin Denzuki returns [Jin Denzuki wins]

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Noro Burakki, Sector 7's dark side - or - Jin Denzuki returns [Jin Denzuki wins]

Post by Johnny D on Wed Apr 11, 2012 12:02 am

I've been thinking up a guy to replace Kouma... and here this guy comes.
It's up to you to choose between this new character or the return of Jin Denzuki.

Name: Noro Burakki
Gender: Male
Age: 55
Race: Human
Appearance: Noro is a tall and imposing man, standing at a high 198 cm of height. He has short brown hair that is oriented forward for the upper part, the lower part being nothing worth noticing. He wears golden sunglasses to hide his brown eyes. His face shows surprisingly few traits of age, given how Noro managed to achieve a higher lifespan out of scientific tricks. He looks like a 35-to-40-year-old. His physique also reflects that, being a well-rounded, athletic body that could make him more of a sportsman than a scientist.
Noro definitely hasn't the outfit befitting the archetypal scientist lab attire, preferring a long black trenchcoat worn over a business attire composed of a shiny black waistcoat, a purple vest under it, and a white shirt under the vest. He also wears classy leather black trousers, and black boots.
Loyalty: Sector Seven (more accurately, the part of it HE manages, and not Kokonoe's)
Personality: Cold, calculating and cunning are his three main moods. Ruthlessly manipulating everyone to further his shady goals, he is not one to give favorable treatments to anyone that he has anything to do with. Believing the entire world to be his pawn, he is patiently manipulating, not doing the lowly stuff and preferring the shadows, like a shameless bastard would do. Of course, those who call him evil will only hear the grand classical "What is evil?"
Weaponry: He carries absolutely no weapon, preferring using people and alchemy to "do the battle for him". Also, there's his at-least-part-robot unnamed assistant. It is rumored to be based off the designs of RJ-#41 Kokonoe's section managed to take, despite not being redheaded, or holding a sword for those matters.
- Alchemy: His main ability and specialty is modeling his surroundings to become whatever he wishes to hit an opponent with or just whatever he wants. Though, there are limits to the extent of his alchemy gifts: Relius is actually far more competent than Noro because it takes much more time and concentration from Noro to have a fist pop out of nothing. (Hence Noro usually keeps those artificial appendages existing so he can use those several times)
- Battle Training: Though he did get out of the Academy before graduating and never really trained afterwards, he is much less of a lab rat than Kokonoe, and as such has kept a body physically in better shape than any usual 45-year-old.
- Homunculus and Altered Human Species Knowledge: He's knowledgeable about all diverse species that abound between the human and robot spectrum of existence forms. And he is actually able to alter humans in ways that draw them closer to a robot. He could even be one to construct a Murakumo-like being without it being remarked as a fake really early.
- Armagus Fabrication: Once again, using alchemy, he can craft "enchanted" weapons similar to Armagus in use.

History: Born in a wealthy family, Noro attended the NOL Military Academy. Being a prodigy in the usual boring lessons, he was actually able to use alchemy even before graduating, and even took classes from Relius Clover. He did eventually forfeit on graduating after getting too bored with the place and high grades: he left the Academy, devoting himself only to his extensive training in alchemy. Though, feeling unrecognized, he joined their known opposing force: Sector Seven. He quickly rose up the ranks and became a head even way before Kokonoe. There, he plotted his rise to power over the world: since the NOL underestimated him, he would take - of course - Saya's head and the throne of the Imperator. But first, he needed to devise his battle agent as an ultimate life-form: and as such needed humanity, magic and science to combine them as the greatest, most battle-efficient pawn of all time! And this era is the exact right time to initiate his plot strings...

RP sample:
"And you said the subject is operational?", asked the silhouette that was veiled by whatever outside light passed through the windows.
"INDEED_IT_IS...", answered the computer voice of the robot-like individual.
"Then start the records, I want everything on the screens of the control room..."

As Noro walked out, his path crossed that of someone he didn't really want to see... Someone he couldn't stand for some reason. Maybe Kokonoe did just smell too much the odor of cats and silvervine candy. He originally intended to leave her presence as fast as possible, but she didn't intend so: "What's your deal with those scrap piles?"
"I beg your pardon?"
"No cheesy shit for me, man; I know what you're doing. Though, I don't get what in that attacker's design could interest you."
"Haven't you got eyes in your head?"
, answered Noro cryptically, walking away from Kokonoe as he had business to attend to.

--------------------------------------------------------|VERSUS: Please approve only one of the two characters|-----------------------------------------------------------------
Name: Jin Denzuki
Age: 121
Gender: Formerly male, now robotic non-gender
Race: Cyborg (brain-controlled robot)
Appearance: To anyone that has seen one of his robot impersonators, he could be 'nothing but one of them', since he had to become a robot a time ago. He wears a long and ample vest of a gray-ish blue tint, with a cross-shaped wide fringe of tissue in front of his chest. His artificial skin is green-colored because of some metal particle component of it. Though his facial features are human-looking contrary to the robots he modeled after himself, his yellow highlight-like eyes, even hidden under fringes of his orange hair, are enough of a proof he's mostly a robot now.
Loyalty: Himself and the memory of his coworkers. Sector Seven, loosely if not his branch. He's a scientist back, but don't ask too much since he's got a liking to the mobs now.
Personality: Having broken some bonds with religion, Jin slowly fell into more of a outlaw-like behavior, at least when not in business. In his quest for justice, he is taking a break on his pacific policy; though outside of work he remains an easy-living uncaring-about-everything man. He sometimes throws out random acts of fondness to non-completely-human people, this is to show he has become tolerant. He's also become much more distant with people, showing only a flat character of a self-redeemer who dislikes extensive rules.
Weaponry: He still holds the same sword, made of highly conductive metals, with a diamond-shaped guard allowing to build up atomic charge within the sword.
  • Hovering: Still the same limit of around 3 meters for around three seconds. Lesser carrying power allows for more lengthy "flight" duration.
  • Mastery of the use of the Diamondspark Sword and Tokimoe-style Swordsmanship derivation: Jin having conceived his sword, he is of course proficient with its usage. Also, he self-taught himself a derivation of his old friend Tsutomu's style.
  • Body Invulnerability to Seithr: Since his body is robotic, Jin resists seithr influence to a far better extent than humans.
  • Drive: Crossbolts: Use of electricity allows for paralysis in combos.
    • Motion Foot: A spiralling kick while Jin is spiraling forward.
    • Electric Crescent: An inverted frontflipping upward slash. Jin's only capable of this due to having regulators for perfecting his aerial trajectory, don't try home.
    • Hot Pursuit: Slides towards the opponent to perform a wide leg-cutter slash.
    • Stun Refiner: Grabs the foe's head, shocks it, and slashes the enemy off.
    • (DD) Thunder Graze: While the attack is not really deserving its name anymore, Jin still uses it for confusing purposes. It is merely a giant ball of electricity staying in place in front of Jin for a while.
    • (DD) Stun Discharge: An electric discharge in the shape of his sword, except much larger. The projectile itself is slow, but accelerates exponentially with time.
    • (Astral) Keep Yourself Alive: Kicks the opponent's chest to paralyze him/her while he crucifies him/her with lightning slashes.

History: After finding Sector Seven, Jin Denzuki entered the field of science back, rediscovering its truths in the new world. After a while of studies under the wing of a scientist there, Jin caught word of his old shame's remains lying in Kokonoe's labs. Jin couldn't care less now those were remains. He could instead focus on whatever work he had to do here, and living his life as a loner often seen in the dock mob. As he hears about sightings of a man similar to Tsutomu, and hears the name Tokimoe attached to one person around, Jin sticks his nose out for a new quest: find Tsutomu back.

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Johnny D

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Re: Noro Burakki, Sector 7's dark side - or - Jin Denzuki returns [Jin Denzuki wins]

Post by Guest on Mon Apr 16, 2012 1:03 am

With some talking in the CB, you can easily know what I'd prefer you to go with.




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Re: Noro Burakki, Sector 7's dark side - or - Jin Denzuki returns [Jin Denzuki wins]

Post by Tron on Tue Apr 17, 2012 1:47 pm

Hum. Jin alright.



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Re: Noro Burakki, Sector 7's dark side - or - Jin Denzuki returns [Jin Denzuki wins]

Post by Sponsored content

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