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Training Hall [Ninja Hideout]

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Training Hall [Ninja Hideout]

Post by Bang Shishigami on Sun Apr 15, 2012 9:16 pm

========> Infamous Ninja Hideout

Strutting into the training hall, Bang's shoulders were back and his head was high with confidence. Though only a few individuals were present, from Bang's perspective he might as well have had an entire stadium of cheering fans at his back. Retiring to a deserted corner of the large room, Bang hopped into a handstand and simply stood there. Slowly but surely, he worked his way up until he was balanced on only his thumbs. From there he began walking forward, his entire body weight supported by his arms and shoulder muscles while his back and abdominal muscles kept the rest of his body straight. Beginning his laps around the room, Bang called to one of the nearby chunin training on a wooden striking post. "Bounto! Quickly, call out a number!" in response the confused ninja called back the number 6. Bang, being well...Bang, simply laughed and continued his laps. "Twenty it is! Bahahahaha!"
Bang Shishigami
Bang Shishigami

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Re: Training Hall [Ninja Hideout]

Post by Tron on Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:43 am

---------> Infamous Ninja Hideout

The female cyborg simply went after Bang when he left the hideout. Tron's eyes slowly scanned through the area. The training hall looked the same as always, a few people were killing time here, labeling it as training. Tron herself spent quite some time here to refine her skills. But today, Tron visited the area for a different reason. She raised her voice and called out to the hard working ninja leader.
"Sir Bang. Once you finished your training, could you come over here for a second?"
What was her concern this time? Tron seemed to have decided on something, yet her expression remained the same as always. It was no use to sit around any longer...Tron had to make a move sooner or later. So the cyborg didn't want to waste anymore time. After all, she had some plans of her own. Yet the Ikarugan ninja pulled of one of his infamous disappearing tricks again. The female cyborg kept waiting. Maybe she waited a bit too long. Finally she started her own training. There was something about the Ikarugan fighting style that felt familiar. And Tron wasn't sure enough to write it off as a mere feeling. After she finished up her session, Tron decided to move on.

-------------> Exit

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