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Tai Long the snake

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Tai Long the snake

Post by Tai Long on Wed May 09, 2012 2:26 am

(New to this type of thing)

Name: Tai long

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Race: Beast-kin

He looks like a young man, with very pale skin. His build is a athletic type and very well build because of his constant training. He never wears a shirt at all, just a cloak and likes to show off his body. His skin has scales on them, but they are very smooth to touch. He likes to wear black clothing, and has a fork tongue that extends out a few inchs if he wanted to. He has sliver hair, and his eye color is pink for some odd reason.

Loyalty: ? but himself so far

Personality: Tai long is a out going guy, who likes to play around with people. Like a snake he likes to listen to problems, but twist people to his will. Coming onto people like a mosquito bite, then again he likes to seclude himself from people. Because he was brought up hated from his time as a child, and since he was different from other people.

Weaponry: Armagus: Hebi

Abilities: He has his own set of abilities, as a beast-kin. Because of his rough scale skin, he has a strong defense against psychical attacks. Being part snake he can flex and bend his body around like a snake, and do whatever sort of gymnastic move he wants. His strength, sensory, and fighting skills are higher then a regular human. Using the magic in the air, he can create more wires from his gauntlets like a hydra head.

Magus blocker style: A fighting style used against soft tissued beings, like humans, vapmires, and etc. It aims for the weak points of the body, like a pressure point to disable a part of there body if hit in the right place. It blocks the flow of both Magus energy, leaving them with a paralyze arm, leg, or etc. This style can't be used against cyborgs, robots, and etc


Hebi was born a beast-kin because of his mother being different, his father was a human. His father was a man of honor, and cunning working for the military Academy as a trainer. He had meet his mother along his travels protecting the peace, and soon fell in love bearing a child. After his birth his mother left him in the care of his father, never to come back for some reason. He was born with really pale skin, and scales over most of his body. Even his tongue was much longer then a regular human, as it looked like a fork. His father had no minded the difference but sadly the other humans look onto him as a shame. As he grew older the other children would leave him out of games, and called him names for most of his younger life. Growing up to start hating his father's race, but learned to cope with it once he joined the military Academy at the age of 11. Learning about battle tactics, and important people within the army ranks.

Of course he had went off to his own studies, and soon found a interest in the six heroes. One being the guy with the Nox Nyctores named Geminus Anguium: Ouroboros. The weapon sounded very similar to himself, and it made him feel like finding it. Of course he doesn't know if this weapon was still around, but gave him a motive to find it this world. Past this knowledge he had learned a special combat style from his father, which involved hitting opponents in weak points to disable the use of there body. Featuring his training was what he needed for the future, as even more time pasted for him. Building up his body both in spiritual and psychical standards, only at 16 he was given the rank of private. But sadly one day his father was killed in combat with a strange group of people, die in the line of duty. Was something of a honor for the long family, but for him it was went to hell. Because he was a beast-kin they had frowned upon him, and soon made him leave his rank.

He had no choice but to leave, and headed back to his home. He felt alone again in his world, as he walked into his home of him and his father. Walking into his father study, he would look through his old books for something of interest. His father books were always told the old stories of the world, and how everything came to be. Picking up one for himself but strangely it active a secret book shelf, soon creating a doorway for him. He took the chance to explore, finding that it lead under the city. Finding something at the end of the tunnel in the center of the room, a strange Armagus type weapon. Soon finding a note next to the weapon, he would pick it up to inspect it. It stated that these were the long family heirloom since the Dark wars.

He would pick it up the weapon, twin gauntlets with wires attached to the weapon. He placed them on both his arms as the wires would come to life like a snake. They would twirl around like a cobra crushing it's pray, soon it would just calm down wrapping around his arms. Soon it came with a great idea, he would use these weapons to look for the Nox Nyctores in this world. And to take his revenge on the people that looked at him differently, soon leaving the area with a smile on his face.

RP sample: A out of rp fight would be cool?

Tai Long

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Re: Tai Long the snake

Post by Webmaster on Fri May 11, 2012 10:40 am

He seems very strong, almost too strong for my tastes... also i didn´t find any information about as to what his Armagus looks like/what it actually does.
As for abilities: "Magic" as you wrote, i assume refers to the effect of the Armagus?
As since there are two types of magic in Blazblue, it can be confusing.


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