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Tsubaki Yayoi [Complete]

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Tsubaki Yayoi [Complete]

Post by Tsubaki Yayoi on Thu May 31, 2012 4:27 am

Name: Tsubaki Yayoi

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Race: Human

Appearance: The girl herself possesses red hair, with the back of it left hanging loose. In the front she has bangs, which she typically wears with sort of bangles in them. Tsubaki also has a relatively normal height of 5'3", with a corresponding weight of 103.6 lbs. She possesses piercing blue eyes, and they rarely reveal whatever it is she might be feeling or thinking. She tends to carry herself with poise and purpose, rarely letting her emotions seep through. When it comes to her clothes, her appearance differs drastically, depending on just what it is she is wearing. While out on a mission, she wears her Wings of Justice uniform, a pure white cloak that is based on an "incorruptible pure white" color theme, in addition to the "eagle eye" mask that all Wings of Justice members have. While in battle, she often wears the "Izayoi" hat. It is an odd looking hat, with an eye in the center of it and two small little flaps off to the side.

Her usual attire changes when in battle as well, to a Japanese style military uniform, alongside black military boots on her feet. When she isn't on a mission, she wears a different white cloak, a little shorter than the one worn when out on a mission. Her hat changes too, from the Izayoi hat to an ordinary white beret, and the boots change from black to white, while she also wears black tights when not on a mission. Finally, her hair is really covered when wearing this outfit, both by her beret and the cloak she wars. Lastly, although she doesn't really wear it anymore, when she was in the Academy, she wore the school uniform, in addition to a small headband in her hair.

Loyalty: First and foremost, as a member of the Yayoi family and as one of the Duodecim, she is completely loyal to NOL, more specifically, she is loyal to the Imperator. She has other ties to her friends from the Academy, like Jin and Noel, but despite all that has occurred, she feels that it would be blasphemy to turn her back on NOL.

Personality: Novus Orbis Librarium, really, one could just use that one organization to describe a lot of Tsubaki's personality. The girl is completely and utterly devoted to the continued existence of the NOL, and will not let anyone interfere with them. Despite this, she usually becomes hesitant when it comes to fighting against her former friends from the Academy, notably Noel and Jin, but if she has to, she will go through with it. In addition to this, as one might expect given her position as First Lieutenant of the Wings of Justice, she has an extremely strong sense of justice, to the point that a lot of her fighting style is based around imagery of justice. However, despite all of this, she is really quite scared of just what the future might have in store for her, because of the many horrible things that have happened already. Some of her better, more normal traits are things such as loyalty.

If you make a friend out of her, you can expect her to have your back, though again, it's important to note that it's easy for her loyalty to NOL and her loyalty for her friends to conflict with one another. She is, despite the fact that she tries not to show her emotions too much, also a very kind girl, and in a sense, she's idealistic too. She wants a place where everyone can be happy. Some of her negative traits though are her jealousy, in particular when it comes to Jin and Noel. She, despite how much she cares about Noel, sees the other, former NOL officer as always getting in her way when it comes to being with Jin. One of Tsubaki's most ardent hopes is that she can be by Jin's side forever and ever, to stand with him and for him to love her.

Weaponry: She uses the Sealed Weapon Izayoi, a weapon that can pretty much steal light, even light from the user of it. It can also mess with things such as radio waves, creating a field from which nothing inside can be observed by Observers. This Ars Margus, Izayoi, that she uses takes the appearance of a quill-like sword, at least its quill-like when it comes to the handle, and a book-like shield, though their shapes are capable of being changed. Both of these weapons, much like her hat, possess an eye, the sword on the hilt and the shield on the open spine section.

Abilities: As mentioned, her weaponry can change shape, from a fencing foil, whip sword, claymore, or even a staff. That is not the extent of her abilities, however. Much of her fighting revolves around using the unique properties of the Izayoi; by charging up, she can use a variety of special moves that employ light-based energy. Her most devastating ability lies in the monstrous combinations her attacks have; a lot of them sync up well together, and she is able to fairly easily switch from one move to the other on a fly. If you let her hit you, it isn't difficult at all to get trapped in a combo of hers. More importantly, she is able to do all of this because of the immense skill she has when it comes to wielding Ars Magus. In addition to all of this, she is an extremely intelligent person, as demonstrated by her high marks at the Academy, and she is capable of assessing the battlefield, further enhancing just how strong she is on it. She also attended the NOL Military Academy from quite a young age, a fact that also honed her skills. Lastly, a further testament to how much skill she has is her placement in the so-called Zero Squadron, the squad that deals with people who defect; a high degree of skills is required to be in this squadron.

History: Tsubaki Yayoi was, obviously, born in the the Yayoi family, one of the twelve members of the Duodecim. For years, the ability of the Yayoi family to produce competent Ars Magus users had been dwindling as a result of inbreeding, since they believed they had to keep their line as pure as possible. Before Tsubaki, there were countless other children, but they all perished as a result of their weak body and immune systems. However, miraculously, Tsubaki managed to survive, and she was treated as if she were the first, and only, daughter of the family. The latter was accurate, but of course, the first was not. Growing up, the child had no friends at all, just her parents, relatives, and tutors; so many tutors. She did not have much free time to herself either; the only free time she managed to really get were the visits to the other families of the Duodecim, during which she often played out in the gardens. It was during the month that her family was to receive visits from the other that she met one of the most important people in her life, Jin Kisaragi.

Much to his chagrin, she at first called him Jinny, and in the end, he promised to her that he would be a big brother to her, and that his soul would be hers if he ever broke that promise. She was much happier after meeting Jin Kisaragi, and it showed in her personality. Though she wasn't as overly exuberant as some children might be, she was much more so than before. She was a dutiful pupil to her tutors, and enjoyed speaking with her parents and relatives, even though she wasn't sure her father's stance when it came to inbreeding was right. The NOL had ordered it, right? She never asked the question, but she was wondering it: Her father, her tutors, everyone had taught her from a young age to obey NOL religiously, and yet, here her father was, not doing what they had asked. She never got an answer to the unasked question, and the years passed by until she joined the military academy. It was there that she made even more friends, and it was there that her bond with Jin strengthened even more. She became the student council president, and she continuously got straight A's in classes. She graduated the Academy before long, earning the rank of First Lieutenant as well as joining the ranks of the Wings of Justice.

She went on missions, and proved her loyalty to NOL, until a certain task was asked of her by Captain Hazama of the Intelligence Division. Or rather, not asked, but ordered; the higher-ups had ordered her to seek out and kill Jin Kisaragi and Noel Vermillion, on the grounds that they had defected. For only the second time in her life, she was confused about what to do, but she followed what her duty was saying and obeyed the task, or at least, she thought she was obeying the task. She took up the treasured Sealed Weapon of the Yayoi family, Izayoi, thinking it was necessary because both Jin and Noel possessed Nox Nyctores class weapons, and headed for Kagasutchi straight away. She fought Noel, and shortly afterward Hazama appeared once more, revealing to her that, because Noel existed, she was regulated into doing assassination tasks. Phantom's messing with her huge jealousy did not help matters in the slightest either, and so, it is no surprise that she approached Jin Kisaragi as well, asking him to back down before her fight with him; she just wanted him to stop and come back with her, but he couldn't. Rejected by even Jin, it is no surprise then that, in the end, she sided with Hazama and the Imperator.

RP sample: The Sealed Weapon Izayoi...she knew of the many risks that surrounded it, most notably the fact that she could die if she relied on it too much. She also knew that there was the chance she might go blind if she used it too much as well...but damn, she just couldn't do anything without the weapons! Jin, and Noel...! They were too strong for her to think of facing them without some kind of power behind her attacks, and besides...besides that, this was her duty. It was her duty to seek them out and destroy them. Or at least, it had been her duty...she had lost to Jin Kisaragi just now. Lost, to him, and now he was gone, after he had urged her to just abandon the weapon entirely. But no...she knew she could never do something as foolish as that, she knew that she never would be able to do something that stupid. So long as her duty existed, she would do everything in her power to see it through to the end. What little power she had, that was dwindling, she knew that; her time was much shorter than it had been before she touched the Izayoi.

The red-haired female stared at the sword she had in her shaking hand; it was shaking because of her intense fight with Jin. She had actually thought she might actually beat the man...what a stupid thought. She shook her head, and then she realized something; she couldn't see. There was...nothing, nothing at all around her; confused and frightened, she looked all around. And then she heard a voice; at first, she wasn't sure who it was at all. Then, it dawned on her just who it was that was speaking to her; the Imperator was speaking to her, telling her that she could be her light, that Tsubaki did not need to see. Was it...true? Perhaps, perhaps not, but all Tsubaki knew was that this would allow her to do her duty even more. She was always doing her duty, even then, and she never questioned it, she never even THOUGHT of questioning it because really, who would think of doing something silly like that?

"I am your sword and shield, Imperator. You...know that I have always been your sword and shield, I have been the NOL's sword and shield." Tsubaki said to the one that changed her fate once more.
Tsubaki Yayoi

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Re: Tsubaki Yayoi [Complete]

Post by Bang Shishigami on Thu May 31, 2012 4:43 am

I like. I like lots. Well done Miss Yayoi.


Bang Shishigami

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Re: Tsubaki Yayoi [Complete]

Post by Guest on Thu May 31, 2012 4:33 pm

That's a role I've very much wanted to be filled again, and the sheet you've been offering us is an excellent one.

Time to do what has to be done.




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Re: Tsubaki Yayoi [Complete]

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