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Gamma-3 aka γ-03 [FINISHED]

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Gamma-3 aka γ-03 [FINISHED]

Post by Gamma-3 on Sat Jun 02, 2012 1:32 pm

Name: Gamma-3

Gender: Female

Age: Going literally, the unit itself is 90 years old, having been made shortly after the Dark War. The soul occupying the unit has only been in the unit for less than a year, however.

Race: Murakumo Unit

Appearance: Gamma stands at the (relatively) small height of just 5'1", but she doesn't particularly care that her height isn't all too non-menacing. Tying in with her small height is her equally small weight of just 110, not counting all the super heavy metallic parts of her body. She also has relatively pale skin, not as a result of her not going outside too much, but just because she was built that way. Much like other Murakumo units, she doesn't reveal what she is thinking at all, and she tends to have a rather monotone feel to her.

Next, her actual appearance, that is to say, her eyes and hair. Her eyes are a pure blue color, ironic, considering just what she is in actuality. Something not that pure at all, that is to say. Next, her hair is blonde in color, and long, to the point that it goes down to a little bit past the direct middle of her back. She also possesses a fair few bangs as well. Next, for her clothes, she wears a rather...fanciful looking dress. That is to say, it's fanciful because of the small little bit of fabric that is covering the top of it. The dress itself has a white and blue motif, with the blue mostly used for the edges of the dress. She also has on black tights, and she wars white boots.

clothes example:
another image :D:

Loyalty: Anyone she so happens to view as her father...which might just be anyone that she comes across that has white hair. She is also extremely loyal to herself, however.

Personality: Much like many, many other Murakumo units, she does not really reveal her emotions much. Or at all, really; she's a withdrawn girl, preferring to keep anything she thinks to herself. She does have a bit of an inferiority complex, and yet at the same time, she hates herself. With the former, she feels she is superior to others, that others are superior beings and that she is the best being in the world. However, at the same time, she dislikes herself because of the fact that she knows she has no true purpose, no true goal. In addition to that is the fact that she feels such irrational hatred for herself, as if she had done something irredeemable, but she doesn't know what. That, or she can't figure out what it was she did. She does, however, know that she needs to complete her mission, that mission being to scout the Boundary, to go into it and figure out just what is inside of it.

To that end, she has an obsession with obtaining souls, more specifically, human ones, because her Lux Sanctus: Murakumo is...well, it's gone, and she thinks gaining human souls will cause it to return to her. That, or she would be perfectly willing to just run out and try to nab a functioning Murakumo's Nox Nyctores, unaware that it might just not work for her. She also has an obsession with anyone who has white hair, mistakenly confusing them for the scientist. You see, no matter what the situation might be, the child's soul inside of the unit recognizes the white hair and associates it with her father, as he had white hair.

Lastly, at times, the personality of the young girl who had her soul transferred into the body of the Murakumo unit might break through. This soul is often more polite and direct with people, preferring to speak her mind, and in many respects, can be seen as a direct contrast to Gamma herself. However, this soul is rarely seen due to the fact that Gamma is the dominant one.

Weaponry: She used to use Lux Sanctus: Murakumo, back when she actually had it. Instead of that, she now uses a pseudo Lux Sanctus: Murakumo, although it is not truthfully it. It has the appearance of one, but not the same combat capabilities, nor can it be considered an Artificial Causality Weapon either. It is in truth an Artificial Armagus, though Gamma, in her mind, ignores this fact and just imagines it as a very weak version of her Lux Sanctus. The weapon takes the form of just a single, simple blade, with the hilt tinged a golden color and the blade itself being white, and it offers no sort of armor or anything of the like to her.

Abilities: Given the fact that she IS a Murakumo unit, at least when it comes to the body, she is still highly durable, despite the fact that her Nox Nyctores is not present anymore. She is able to take hits fairly well, all things considered, and she has considerable strength behind her own attacks as well. When she did have her actual Nox Nyctores, she could, in layman's term, shoot laser beams, and was a long-range fighter. That isn't to say that all of her long-range capabilities are gone with her Nox Nyctores, as she is still capable of slashing with her sword and causing a wave of energy to rush towards the opponent or something similar to that. Most of her combat nowadays relies on being up close to the opponent and striking them quickly with her blade.

Being a Murakumo unit, she can still summon blades, despite not having her Nox Nyctores with her. She summons in four blades, which just hover about in the air above her. Their previous long-range capability to fire off attacks from a distance are gone now, but in exchange, they are strong when used in physical combat. Their true strength shines in defense, however, as the blades can be overlaid on top of one another to block an incoming attack, in addition to the fifth blade she wields in her hand. As such, she often uses the four blades for defense, and the one in her hand for offense.

For some of her other abilities, she also often has more data on her opponents than they may realize, owing to her ability to search her database for information on them. In the offchance she doesn't have that information, she'll simply fight the opponent anyway and collect data during the battle before teleporting away. The problem with that is the fact that she just awoke, and therefore, has little data on the state of the world. A note on her teleporting is the fact that she cannot teleport long distances at all; she could probably teleport about halfway across a city the size of the 10th Hierarchical City if she wished too, but that would take up a lot of her energy. And if she "bunny hops", that is, teleports a short distance, stops, then teleports a short distance, and repeats that, she'll still be using up a ton of energy.

History: She was...born, so to speak, many years ago to this day; 90 some years ago, in fact, in some lab after the destruction of the Black Beast. She was one of the lucky few that was created to go into the Boundary, and when she came back, her emotions would be sealed, so she could be used as a weapon against others. That part went off great, without a hitch in fact, but the problem came after some continued use of her. Her systems were breaking down, however, as they were not really designed for durability, and as they struggled to continue working, they damaged other parts of her system. She was unable to do a thing about this, and could only return to base; soon after she arrived, she had sustained so much damage to the point that she was automatically forced to shut down, lest any more damage happen to her. Unfortunately, damage to her soul had already been done. The scientists tried everything they could think of to repair her. They did manage to get her to re-activate, but they never did solve the problem of her system's durability being low. They decided to "temporarily", in their own words, shut her down, and she was no longer present. Well, she was, but only a very tiny portion of her soul remained, and so she remained dormant. They tried numerous experiments to awaken her, but eventually, they just gave up on her; they were completely unaware that her data observation capabilities were still fully functional, and that she heard everything they said of her after they gave up on her. Many, many years passed, with herself being pretty much buried underneath what would later become the 14th Hierarchical City of Nozuchi.

The years passed swifty for her, encased in what pretty much amounted to dirt, until something...changed. Archaeologists had arrived at the site she was buried under, as they had information that this site had previously been used for scientific experiments back during the Dark War. They dug, and dug, and dug some more, until they finally came upon the lab, and herself. A scientist was called in to take a look at her, a scientist who had an ailing daughter with no cure for her illness. This scientist was... desperate. He was, as scientists are wont to be, inspired when he wanted to be, and the body of the Murakumo Unit gave him ideas. So it was that he plotted to have his daughter's soul transferred to that of the Murakumo Unit. He wanted both his daughter to actually be completely healthy, even if it was in another body, and he also wanted a weapon of his own, hence why he began work on a pseudo Nox Nyctores. He was...pretty much obsessed with doing this, and he spent all of his money both funding this project and keeping her a secret, which, understandably, ruined him, even though he did not exactly create a pseudo Nox Nyctores.

It took time, a lot of time, and hard work, and a ton of money to keep the secret of the unit from leaking out, but eventually, the money just...ran out, nearing the end of the whole process. He didn't have enough money to pay away spies now, and the NOL soon found out about the Murakumo Unit. Understandably, they wanted to get her back, and they attempted to, on the very day she was awakened. The scientist knew the NOL were coming, and even though he wasn't sure of if she would work or not, he activated her anyway, transferring his daughter's soul into her. She awakened, and due to both being just awakened and the fact that she wasn't completely ready yet, she didn't know friend from foe. When the scientist approached her, she lashed out; even without her combat capabilities up to their regular standard, he was no match for her. The weapon that her "father" had been making was a pseudo Nox Nyctores, but in appearance only. It was in reality just an ordinary Armagus, albeit a strong and artificial one, which she discovered later. After fleeing, she found out her weapon was actually an Armagus, and now she wants to somehow get her actual one back by taking human souls, believing that if she just takes their souls her true weapon will come back to her. Also, despite what the scientist had been hoping, instead of his daughter gaining control of the body, the original soul of the unit just seemed to be nourished by the soul that was transferred into the body.

RP sample: How many years had it been since she had last walked the Earth...? She...she wasn't quite sure. And she wasn't sure where she was either; the only thing she was sure of was the fact that her Nox Nyctores...could not be called such anymore. She could hardly stand to look at it. Her, the greatest being ever, the stupidest being ever. Wait, she had not thought that...did she? The blonde frowned at that, glaring at the ground as if it were its fault. At least her surroundings were nice...a park, somewhere in a city. Kagusutchi...was that its name? Yes, she felt that was the right name. Her last memories...the last thing she remembered was suddenly being aware in an odd city called Nozuchi. She had determined that this city was the best place to go, after gathering data from the occupants of Nozuchi. Apparently the Black Beast was history, no longer on the minds of people, and she...well, she found her only purpose was to regain her true power. What then, what then...? She did not know. She had a feeling that she would be ignorant a lot in the future.

So very much.

What was she to do after that? Again, she didn't possess a clue in the world as to what her goal should be after gaining her true power back, if she could even do that...perhaps she should seek out some scientists. Yes, that might be intelligent. No, no, it was intelligent. She let her blue eyes wander around the area for a moment or two before they froze on one. Particular. Spot. That was...she peered at the drawing, and glanced around quickly; no one was looking. She quickly stood and rushed over to the terrible wanted poster. This man...he looked so ugly, but he had white hair! WHITE HAIR! Not many people had white hair. At least...she didn't remember seeing a bunch of people with white hair just walking around, either here or 90 years ago.

"" she queried of the poster; it, of course, did not answer back. She examined it for a moment or two before trying to, and failing, put it back where it had been. She stared at the fallen poster for a moment or two, then she shook her head and walked away. She was, of course, not aware of the fact that Ragna the Bloodedge could hardly be called her father, wasn't as if there was anyone to tell her that.

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Re: Gamma-3 aka γ-03 [FINISHED]

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 02, 2012 10:43 pm

Apart from the text being a bit stumble-y, I don't see why I should hold it any longer.
Here it goes.




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Re: Gamma-3 aka γ-03 [FINISHED]

Post by Jin Kisaragi on Sun Jun 03, 2012 10:30 am

Apparently a lot of work has been done on that one. Pulling a Murakumo-like off of the ages before the Dark War is not really what I like for an OC, but I am surely the only one doubtful about this character.
But the character overall seems to be well-conceived. Congrats, Gamma, you are now able to play!

Jin Kisaragi

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Re: Gamma-3 aka γ-03 [FINISHED]

Post by Guest on Sun Jun 03, 2012 4:18 pm

With the numbers of mods being now 5, three votes are rquired for the sheet to be approved. Moving it back to where it was for someone else to approve it.


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Re: Gamma-3 aka γ-03 [FINISHED]

Post by Webmaster on Mon Jun 04, 2012 8:34 am

Quite interesting character. Its a shame she`s not in any group, but who knows, maybe Ragna adopts her. (yeah right)
Anyways, its okay for me. (And yes ill be on more often now... sorry bout that.)

Approvals 03

Disapprovals 00


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Re: Gamma-3 aka γ-03 [FINISHED]

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