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My OC contest!!!

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My OC contest!!!

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 06, 2012 5:12 pm

Given the numbers of my OCs, I felt like making up a little game with it. Rules are the same as bro's contest: you mark my characters, and let's see who comes out on top! >3

For now, I give no notes.
Aomi: 0/0
Eta-7: 0/0
Shinju: 0/0
Touko: 0/0
Houju: 0/0
Tsutomu: 0/0

Some bonus points will be given in the end. You can ask for anything to take part in the contest.
Here you go, people!


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Re: My OC contest!!!

Post by Jin Kisaragi on Wed Jun 06, 2012 5:55 pm

Okay, let's get started.

Aomi: 2/10 - I'm not giving a note lower than that, but for me, someone with no reasoning, no sympathy, no emotion, and who acts way more powerful than she should be (and she really seems to be your pet) deserves no point beyond the two mandatory ones. She's almost defined to be as annoying as RJ, if that can help you measure.

Eta-7: 4/10 - She cries and angsts way too much. It's like her only purpose here is crying. Also, when she get miracle excuses from Kokonoe, I know something is off.

Shinju: 3/10 - I hate her guts. Jin wouldn't be this if he were a girl; she's just another emotionless, i-like-noone annoying one (in this case a mimic as opposed to Aomi's wannabe-boss state). Looks like a mashup between Aomi (who I already dislike) and Ragna's take on Jeanne (or even Reiei), who was already there and potentially serving the "doubtful NOL officer" role way better than Shinju.

Touko 4/10 - Too bad you chose the fanservicey approach and an image of Noel in a dubious outfit as an avatar for our team-up. I would have preferred you do try the badass way, because now... That and her attitude being that of a fakely shy manipulative bitch is becoming an annoyance. Too bad.

Houju: 6/10 - You're trying to replicate Majamu or something? She does the job bad because she has absolutely no hidden depths to calm the hate generated by her "shattering everything" antics. Thank you for showing me a thing about how I could change Maju: less hair-trigger, less violence, more detachment. Because Houju has none of those three points. And once again the "angry NOL officer" part could have been done way better. Due to massive misunderstandings, I'm giving a 2 bonus points because apparently she's not that bad. I actually had a small segment of fun. No wonder she now gets double the points of Shinju.

Tsutomu: 8/10 - I was asking for a relationship for Jin Denzuki and... well, I went away and came back... That guy is definitely awesome. He's already a very broad yet complete character design. I feared at the beginning for that relationship with Rachel, but you managed to take an extremely good approach to this. I see relations to him everywhere: harsh mentor to Reiei, and some bitchslaps for Maju and Jin. Way to go! (*gives cake*)
Jin Kisaragi
Jin Kisaragi

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Re: My OC contest!!!

Post by Tamurai Shukumei on Wed Jun 06, 2012 8:39 pm

Aomi: 3/10 - World destroyer mentality meets the approximation of seithr refinement, what is the result? An emotionless and yet oddly emotioned artificial human, it is to say what I will say is I am at a crossroads. I think she will do something still, though who am I to say? I can only speculate.

Eta-7: 6/10 - Here we have someone I find to be cute, in a strange adorable way she is a little more than meets the eye. What's the ultimate goal? Heh something I think will be different, if anything it seems to be held by quite a shadow. I look forward to seeing more. She started out the descendance of madness for Tam, what more could I ask?

Shinju: 5/10 - Chilly icy-demeanor meets a very stern mindset, curse all else and undying loyalty to NOL. This is what I get when I see Shinju. She has personality, but its for me too hidden by the icy ironside that she shows so far. No doubt there is plenty of time to grow, she will show more; I am hopeful for the change and growth she will have. Let's hope she can shake some of that ice queen effect off.

Touko: 6/10 - Call it a hunch, but I think there's much more to Touko than meets the eye. Perhaps she's just a fan service pretty bounty hunter who makes use of her charms and looks to try and find help to capture tough cases? I can see these qualities, but call me an optimist as I still believe there is something greater here. Let's see it out, she is a pinch shallow, I'd call it rich-girl syndrome and perhaps she wants out of that. Only her development will tell.

Houju: 6/10 - Here we have someone I look intently forward to seeing in action, dunno what about it seems that it offers a great amount of excitement. A bite offa Ragna? I think there's more, she's his clone, but no doubt there's a whole lot more going on in that head of hers. I want to see it roar!

Tsutomu: 8/10 - Here is my fave amongst your characters, a good amount of aged-air about him, confident to near arrogance, but rounded by a humble attitude of a servant while being an experienced combatant. Layers upon layers, while I haven't seen enough for my deeper judgment; what I've seen so far he's pretty durn good. Nice.

Tamurai Shukumei

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Re: My OC contest!!!

Post by Ragna the Bloodedge on Sat Jun 09, 2012 7:17 pm

Aomi: 4/10 - Very Nu-like. Very very Nu-like. Not a bad thing on it's own but the cute cybergirl that shifts between adorable and emotionless death machine get's old after a while.

Eta-7: 7/10 - Pretty well conceived character. Differs from the murakumo cliche very nicely. Seemed pointless to me at first but she's grown on me over time.

Shinju: 4/10 - Genderbent Jn. Pretty much all I ever got from her. Suppose I'm missing the point a bit.

Touko: 6/10 - Not spectacular, not bad. Middle of the road approach so nothing really stands out to sway my opinion one way or another.

Houju: 5/10 - Genderbent Ragna. Haven't seen much of her outside of cbox shenanigans which don't tell me much. It's Ragna with female anatomy, not much to say.

Tsutomu: 4/10 - Not memorable enough.
Ragna the Bloodedge
Ragna the Bloodedge

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Re: My OC contest!!!

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 09, 2012 11:16 pm

In a circular room, six people were sat at their shadowed seats, around a round table with a hole in the middle that was large enough to host one or two other persons.
And said persons hovered down from the ceiling: A blonde little girl with waist-long blonde hair and plain blue eyes, accompanied by the renowned scientist from Sector Seven, Kokonoe.

"Welcome, you six. This is 'Be the Best!' presented to you by Noel Vermillion and myself, Kokonoe. Maybe you don't know what you're here for. Here's the thing. Apparently there are some guy over there that decided to hold a little contest to see which one of you would end on top, sort of a popularity poll. I don't even understand why he does that-
"HE got bored." Mu was actually the predominant soul at the moment, and she had interrupted Kokonoe without a thought.
"Right so now, let's introduce the candidates. First is Aomi."

"..." The blue-headed NOL Unit didn't say so much as a word to greet the crowd, Kokonoe, or anyone else when the spotlight revealed her.
"Aomi is the new homunculus created by Yûki Terumi to avoid losing to Ragna the Bloodedge anymore. She has no other purpose than to serve her masters and accomplish the Imperator's wish to destroy this world to create a new one."
"Correct." The self-proclaimed 'little sister of the Murakumos' opened her mouth only to make sure nothing said about her was a lie.
"Alright. Let the spots light up on the next contestant: Eta-7!"
"Kyaaa!" Eta let the surprise overcome her. The light was too bright for her to handle just now, so she covered her eyes for a while.
"Eta is just one part of what inhabits this body designed to copy a Murakumo. Two souls of actual Murakumos live in there, one harmless, Lambda, and one injured, Eta. Her goal is to bring both the NOL and Sector Seven down because their mere existence means pain for everyone."
"Could you tone down the light a bit, please?" Her plead was attended to as the light softened a bit, and she could get back to a more normal pose, smiling to the audience. "I hope I have more points than I think I have..." her speaking sounded optimistic, to contrast with her extremely pessimistic nature she was hiding behind her words.
"Alright. Now let's turn to the next one: Shinju Shimotsuki."
"..." The spotlight revealed that she only had left a bored glance to the NOL part of the audience that was moderately cheering for her.
"Shinju's living with the legacy of what she saw of Jin Kisaragi: namely his war prowess and his work over play behaviour. She fights for order, and has for primary objective to raise through ranks as fast as possible to gain influence, and eventually change the NOL's high-graded officers for more trustworthy ones."
"I am glad this will not get known in the canon arc." The NOL crowd was cheering for her, hoping for much more than the grateful look she gave them.
"Alright, let's go on to our 4th contestant: Touko Kazashi!"
"Hi everybody! I do hope I'm gonna be on top of everyone once this show is over!" She was waving widely to the public that was cheering for her more than it had cheered for any contestant so far.
"Touko is a traditional vigilante, hunting criminals and entrusting them to the Librarium for money. Although she is a bit more sensitive about her duty, only using her sword to arrest people that she proved guilty to herself. She is also a noble princess, but that's something noone can really notice."
"Hey!" Touko interrupted her cheerful waving to manifest her discontent at the fact that Mu said noone knows she's a princess, because she still held pride in her ascendancy. Regardless, she soon didn't pay it no more mind and got back to smiling to the public.
"Mhm. Second-to-last contestant: Houju Nettsuki!"
The spotlight revealed a somewhat broad girl, that shared most of Ragna the Bloodedge's traits, her left eye being blue and not green as the only obvious clue to tell them apart.
"What's this thing for anyway..?" While she had her share of supporters, it seemed hollow compared to Touko's fanbase.
"Houju's a clone of Ragna, made specifically by Yûki Terumi and Relius Clover to assassinate him. While she's got her goal seeded inside her mind, she's still desiring of a normal life full of free time."
"Yup. Can't spend all my life workin', it would be boring." with her words, her supporters were burning with excitement, the few of them ardently cheering for her.
"Now on to our last contestant! Tsutomu Hibi!"
"Hi there people! Here is the explo-""No. Just no. You're not here to introduce yourself like Bang Shishigami." The crowd booed Kokonoe for preventing Tsutomu from saluting them as he'd have wanted to, but she didn't care.
"Tsutomu is a scientist born before the Dark War, with little talent in wielding magic. He has created powerful war weapons before the Black Beast's appearance, and left in hermitage for 80 years after his lab has been attacked. He's now living in atonement for his past lust over power by serving under Rachel Alucard and restricting his own power by using no real weapon."
"Well yeah. I'm also into impressive stuff and show-off and have wrestling as a hobby. It's fun." The smirk on his face was actually his sincerest smile, and he waved modestly to the crowd to great effect: they were cheering for him very loudly.

"Okay now that our contestants are all introduced, let's go on to our current results, which is roughly worth half the possible amount of voting."
"Except if one counts the voice of this show."
"Our contestant that for now got the least point is..."

The spotlights shut down. Only one was spinning around, lighting one after the other the six persons sitting around the table, only to shut down after a while.

The spotlight designated the current least liked character: "Aomi. You've been a hate magnet apparently... with the voters only giving you 9 points out of 30."
"Aomi does not care about the meaningless." The crowd was silent, like she approved of the treatment that was given to the emotionless homunculus girl.
"I'm not sure you realize what awaits you, but for all we care... let's move on."
"In 5th position is Shinju Shimotsuki with 12 points."
"The voters have been exigent I see... or were they only in a bad mood...?" In the crowd were only some nods and little chatter.
"Well you've got to realize putting up such a huge façade is not gonna get you liked by everybody."
"4th position is for Touko Kazashi with 16 points."
"Just above average. At least I made it to it." Massive complaining in the crowds showed that they thought the vigilante girl would be much higher on the rankings. Touko herself didn't seem to are much, being correct was fine even if she much preferred the top ranks.
"Well you've been scoring pretty standard. One of the voters doesn't like you, but the others showed that your presence is not just by chance."

"Now who falls at the bottom of the podium?"
Drumrolls started to resonate to the crowd's ears to get the suspense to build up while the scene darkened.
"3rd position is... there's an ex-aequo for the third place and the second place with 17 points." The crowd suddenly held their breath.
"Hohoho! Didn't expect that one. This show's climax is now..." The drumrolls sounded louder and louder, the room being now engulfed into the darkness, the spinning spotlight being the only thing alight before it faded as well... "Who's our 20-points fan favourite..?"

The only man in the room stood up in victory when three spotlights designed him as the most liked character of the moment.
"Tsutomu scores the victory with his 20 points, being liked very much by two voters out of three, and only blamed of his current lack of canon actions by the third one."
"If that wasn't unexpected..." Tsutomu was enjoying his victory, celebrating with the crowd.
"Tough luck for Eta-7 and Houju Nettsuki, who fail to claim the first place, but still manage a honourable score of 17 points."
"I didn't think I'd have the average. It's an achievement in itself for me."
"Second with barely above the average? Are the judges bashing on us or what? Even the best one has only like 13.5/20. I call bullsh-"

"But the show is not finished yet! Here come the bonus!"
The crowd silenced all of a sudden while the current scores showed on the screen:
1- Tsutomu: 20
2- Eta-7: 17
3- Houju Nettsuki: 17
4- Touko Kazashi: 16
5- Shinju Shimotsuki: 12
6- Aomi: 9

"First bonus is the creator's bonus, that acts like the fourth judge of the show." The crowd cheered, seeing the points progressively growing, giving soon the following results:
1- Tsutomu: 27
2- Houju Nettsuki: 25
3- Eta-7: 24
4- Touko Kazashi: 23
5- Shinju Shimotsuki: 20
6- Aomi: 15

"From now on, bonuses do not count the creator's notes.
Next bonuses do are the highest notes: 3 points for the highest single mark, and three points for the highest low mark."

"Benefiters of these bonuses are... Tsutomu and Houju Nettsuki! Tsutomu gets the single best mark with 8/10 and Houju got no mark below 5/10. Three points for each one of them!" The screen displays:
1- Tsutomu: 30
2- Houju Nettsuki: 28
3- Eta-7: 24
4- Touko Kazashi: 23
5- Shinju Shimotsuki: 20
6- Aomi: 15

"The 3-point regularity bonus goes to the one whose highest and lowest marks are the closest and to the one with the less global variance."
"Who will get those points..? Houju Nettsuki!"
1- Houju Nettsuki: 31
2- Tsutomu: 30
3- Eta-7: 24
4- Touko Kazashi: 23
5- Shinju Shimotsuki: 20
6- Aomi: 15

"Next bonuses are the 4-point character uniqueness bonus and the 2-point storyline purposefulness bonus."
"Who will gain these bonuses..? Touko Kazashi for the uniqueness, and Shinju Shimotsuki for the storyline purposefulness!"
1- Houju Nettsuki: 31
2- Tsutomu: 30
3- Touko Kazashi: 27
4- Eta-7: 24
5- Shinju Shimotsuki: 22
6- Aomi: 15

"The last bonus is the 5-point development bonus, accorded to the character that has developed the most."
"This is a tough bonus. But given the little time people had to really develop, I'm not sure it will mean much. Let's see who gets it...? And it is...! Eta-7!"
1- Houju Nettsuki: 31
2- Tsutomu: 30
3- Eta-7: 29
4- Touko Kazashi: 27
5- Shinju Shimotsuki: 22
6- Aomi: 15

"Our winner is Houju Nettsuki! You gain the right to... well nothing, but you earn that wonderful cup that you'll have to give me back at the end of this show!!! As for our last-ranking contestant Aomi, well, she earns... this." Kokonoe pushed a button just near her, that opened a trap hole just under Aomi's feet, causing the homunculus to fall into it like a rag doll.

"Now is the interview of our contestants!" Noel returned to her normal self, and picked the mike to rush towards the contestants. "So, Miss Shimotsuki, something to say about your 5th place, please?"
"It's no surprise. I don't ask for popularity. Respect for me and my actions is enough." The fairly tall Captain woman had answered calmly and swiftly to the smaller interviewer, allowing her to ask for another person's impressions.
"Miss Kazashi, I... guess you expected a higher place than the 4th one?"
"I got the originality award, which means I'm the most original right? It means that I'm better as an OC than all of the others, doesn't it?"
"Not really..." The green-eyed blonde was a bit embarrassed by the other one's guts, but she didn't ask for more and went on to the third-ranker.
"Eta, you look pleased by your third place."
"If people would have asked me if I hoped this before the show began, I would have answered them 'No way!'. So it is really a pleasing feeling to see I can rank this high."
"Yeah! ... Now viewers, let's see the our 2nd-placed favourite Tsutomu." She rushed her way trough the crowd to see him:
"Mr. Tsutomu! You must be a bit disappointed to see the 1st place slip through your hands at the most importunate time.?"
"Life taught me to never rejoice too much. Of course it's a bit sad for me, but I couldn't claim my right to win while being out for so little time. And we're still celebrating for another's victory."
"Of course we are." With a smile, Noel left Tsutomu to enjoy the crowd.
"Now it's time to interview our top-ranker Houju Nettsuki. How does it feel having the first place here and now, knowing you're the second-to-last created character?"
"Dunno. 'guess looking like Ragna the f**ing Bloodedge weighs its own, or something like this. 's still cool to see that you can be a favourite as soon as you appear, 'makes you feel cool."
"This was Noel Vermillion for the interviews!" With a wink, she gave the microphone to the cameraman to enjoy the celebration by herself.

Hours had passed and the crowd had left. Kokonoe approached Houju to achieve the show's closure.
"Now hand back the-
BAM! Houju had knocked Kokonoe out in one hit of the cup in the head: "Renegade for life."


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Re: My OC contest!!!

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