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Secret Training Room

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Secret Training Room

Post by Relius Clover on Wed Jun 20, 2012 7:34 pm

Description: Hidden from the average passerby and accessed only through the work shop of the Puppeteer Relius Clover, this training facility is reserved for high profile experiments, prototype weapons, and specimens belonging to the Engineering Department. To account for potentially dangerous situations, the walls have been reinforced and a private observation room was installed for the purpose of secretly recording combat data.

The initial test results were well within the expected ranges. Though they were only copies of the originals, they would fufill their purposes quite well. Thankfully the reinforcements made to the training facility had managed to contain the chaos for now. Glancing downwards, Relius remained stoic as a transmission came in over the security intercom. Apparently a fight had broken out between the homonculus and an individual matching Major Kisaragi's description. As if decided by fate it was a perfect oppurtunity to implement the original plan. Rising from his seat, Relius left the observation booth and made his presence known to his creations. "That's enough. Specimen 1, an intruder has arrived and engaged in combat within the Main Hall. Engage him immediately, capture if possible. Destroy if necessary." the puppet master said to the blond haired clone of the former Major himself. Who better to deal with the "fake" Major Kisaragi attacking the Hall than the "true" Jin standing before Clover now? "As for you Specimen 2, seek out the Kaka villege located beneath the city and lay waste to it before returning to base for additional orders. Leave a few tell tale witnesses alive but your highest priority is to remain unseen while entering and leaving this facility. Am I understood?" he asked his creation coldly, his deep voice reverberating through the room. Ragna the Bloodedge was already a wanted man, hounded by the NOL and vigilantes of all shapes and sizes. However, he did have his safe havens and allies to find comfort in. Before destroying the man entirely, the puppetmaster would cripple his connections and resolve to leave him a shell of a man by methodically turning his allies against him one by one.
Relius Clover

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Re: Secret Training Room

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 20, 2012 7:46 pm

Houju was training with Ijari so hard it was really reminescent of a standard Ragna vs. Jin fight. Her brain had memories of how she was supposed to hate Jin, and this showed up in her fighting style.

It had been quite a while and her stamina, even while superior to a normal human, was starting to get worn down when suddenly her creator Relius Clover showed up on the screen and issued his orders: "Lay waste to the Kaka village? That's how lowly a task as can be... but I'll go. This is gonna be easy." She took off her red vest making her much less recognizable, and started to walk out of the building in her usual indolent manner.

------------(Exit to the Kaka village)------------->


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Re: Secret Training Room

Post by Ijari the Sinner on Thu Jun 21, 2012 7:24 pm

The chance to engage the other Major Kisaragi had won him over, he desired something even more from his heart. To engage and defeat his foe, to crush the true Kisaragi beneath him his foot. "The honor is to serve, it will be done." the words came from his lips as he took up the sword he'd been granted and headed towards the main hall, he had an enemy to crush. For the honor of NOL, he would capture Jin Kisaragi.

(Exuent to the Main Hall)~~~~~~~~~>

Ijari the Sinner

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Re: Secret Training Room

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